Blonde 13X6 Lace Frontal Wig For $50| Ft. Divatress

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I know my hip, my my channel was like a lot of weight reviews, but that's like me, so this is the wind straight out the box. I didn't pluck the part or the hair line. I get already came pre plucked and here I'm just cutting off the lace, so we can apply her make sure I actually cut off just a little bit too much of the lace usually like a little bit on, but I didn't this time I, but it still Worked out so once I got done laying it down, I actually put on a scarf while I straightened the hair, so the front could lay now you know something like marinate or whatever. I call it and I did, even though this is synthetic, I did Flatiron it and I put it on 200. It can go up to the heat I mean the haircut would stand up to, I think 425, but no 200 just to be on the safe side, and I also didn't want the hair to be super straight anyway. I just kind of wanted to loosen the waves. If that makes sense - and this is me like doing a little baby ears cuz my little black baby here - is just sticking through, so I have to do like a hey y'all. What'S that no wait? No me! No color new me way cool, no airline, no meat. So we got a quick super cute super fine, simply French, so we're doing superficial way review. This wig is from the bunch Isis our appreciates offer reaching out someone and offering us a me some weights to review, because no that's kind of. Like my thing, that's my specialty. That'S the only way you know I was put on this earth was to review eggs wow. That was in touch start number one. So this specific wig was from it's from the brand. It'S a wig, so you know what that means. It'S a beauty supply way you can. I think I would have so many to get this one, that beauty supplies the color is obviously a 613. If you know here, if you know anything, you even know 6:13. This is a 613 line. Platinum. You hear your. It is a lace front, so the lace goes from ear to ear and it stops from here. It'S called an S lace. I don't really know what that means. Frontal s, lace define. I have no idea what that means. It'S a wreck. It'S like a regular lace front, though, like I don't I don't know this thing. I don't know what that is. Maybe I should have looked into it, but I have no idea what that is. The hairline was actually hand-knotted. It says it on the thing and you can also flat iron it and curly / curly. Originally the wig came like this and when I got it, I knew like. Oh, this is gon na, be so cute brushed out. You know, and I'm saying I cannot wait to brush those outs and I was brushing it and I still kind of like wanted it, just a touch looser, so I did Flatiron it. I put it on like 200 degrees. I could have went up a little more, but I you know I was being like super extra step. It'S super super careful super action. Super is super careful. What am I talking about um, but super covers. It is careful. I cannot talk because I did not wanna, you know: singe the wig, the lace frontal area is 13 inches and then it goes back 6 inches, but it only goes back to 6 inches in this area, so it kind of does like like one of those. So it's like one of these, that's like the lace, so the lace isn't it's only like this much like don't lace on the side like as you get to the middle, it gets bigger. The inch on this way is the solid 32 inches love that if you look in the pictures with a little cattle pocket, if you look, I pick this wake up. Everything will be in the description. You know you see my little black hair is peeking through, but that's only because my baby shirts are a little too overzealous and they're like just always what want it to be their way. But it's not always like that. You know I didn't even plug the hair in line, though that's the that's the crazy part, so it came SuperDuper extremely natural. I didn't plug at all came perfect. I love this and you know what I want to do. I want to try, since this isn't 100 % human hair. I want to try like they got the mess method to where you color, like synthetic hair, but you like do like a different way. Obviously, because it's antenna, you can't just put like regular hair dye over it, you got to put like a special kind of thing. I don't know, but I want to try that. So let me know if y'all want to see that I wan na kinda, like that. This side mm-hmm, what like rainbow pink, Oh a pink, would be cute, but I really like this one I can tell. I think this. This is my color. This is definitely the color that I wasn't meant to be born with, but I'm actually part with, like dusting ugly nasty sandy brown hair. So again this week is from goober tresses. I still want to say thank you guys for reaching out. I have this wig and then I also have another whip cream that I will be revealing in my next video. It'S definitely different from this one, but I still think y'all would like it. My next one is different. Is it super cute? Is super fun and fresh? It'S super fun and fresh yeah. This hair is super duper long. It'S SuperDuper long! If I don't like pick it up, innocence I'll be sitting on it, but it's so cute synthetic lace front how to customize it. So you can look like a doll and like comment and subscribe and follow me on all my other social medias. Everything is Kimani snapchat Young Money, Instagram, kimanni and Twitter kimanni, says stall off see all of my next video, Oh Nicky, is that shoe

Taylor Chaise: Omg this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Just Ary: I love this wig ❤️ Does this wig shed or tangle a lot ? Especially now that you colored it ? Keep me posted. Thanks

Alex Wright: Sheblonde went from 2 $ lookin wig to my entire bank history lookin wig i'm getting it

𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓴𝓲 💎: Girl i love your hair videos

Paris Symoné: New hairline new me ‍♀️ You did this!

Tamareana: Do a tutorial on how you make sweatsuits

TAM DOLL: You are so adorable I wanna try that color so bad but I’m scared lol I never went full blond

Brandy Newton: Luv this lace

It’s Just Tammy: "i know my channel is like a lot of wig reviews but thats like ME" lmfao lemme just hit that subscribe button then

Erika Shipman: How long did the hair last and was the tangling bad ?

Alia Winston: Yasss sis looks great you should try to ombré color it

Phat Girl City: Can you try some more of the other companies with the natural headline like outre and sensational ?

Dayna Bledsoe: Cute wig

Caroline Joseph: girl this looks good, how is it holding up? like is it shedding ode? are the tracks visible?

Dayna Bledsoe: I like the curls

Savannah .S: Whattttt I’m madd late .This was cute ass wig I love it so much I’m sorry I didn’t buy back then

Flxnlex: You’re so cute, so I think I want this color but I’m scared, is it a yellowish blonde? Usually 613 looks yellow but this on you looks more like an ash blonde and I love it

Katie123: 1:55 had me dying

Chil Winter: Your videos be fun funny love it

six eight six: New hairline lol. That wig is bae

V C: New hairline new me

jaynia gray: can you link the outfit?

lana lana: Do you think you could dye this??

Kiya: How long did it take to come?

Savannah Powe: Can you do a video on dying the hair

Justice Mccain: What’s the name of this wig ??

It's My Life Daralynn: I'm here checking out your older videos.

Laila Richard: The link doesn’t have 613

lana lana: Can I dye this wig please wanna see if it could color befor i buy it. And love your videos

ThisFashionista: The s is Swiss lace

Kiana Newsome: What’s the actual name of her

Liloua: Wig Name is divine in 613

Davinaa2.0: Dose the wig tangle a lot ? And is it really shiny ??

Laila Richard: Is it a y’all texture ?

Jordan F: where is your sweatsuit from girl ?

Oi, Izalu!: Girl u so cute ❤

Courtney Rose: How come it’s not on the website ??

Chingabell X: Name of this wig

Porsche Walker: Hey boo I keep looking at dis video was dat wig more of a ashblonde color? caus i clare it don't look like dat regular 613 units come in. unless yo lighting dulled it down.

stacy longwebb: Giirrrrrlll, yaaaaaassss...!

M.I.A Mari: Intro Beatttt please!?

Chyna Doll: Was your super thin in the back cause I got the 613 it is super thin

Chil Winter: Friend u gotta sell me that dey aint got nomo 613

KAYCEE TV: You fineeee! ...& s lace is Swiss lace

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