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√ 100% Human Hair





√ Busy day, unplanned meeting, any other occasions you might need this!

Just throw it on & you're ready to go, done in 10 seconds!


Hair Length - 16 Inch

Hair Density - 130%

Cap Size - Size 2

Hair Color - Natural Hair Color


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How does this wig look? This is so awful and full and soft, like what hey guys, welcome back to my channel, how you all doing so in today's video i'm going to be unboxing and trying out this week from my first week. So these are the things that came in the box and this is the head up till the morning. I know that your mind sing along you got me elevated, like i hit the ball double. Oh seven, mana james bond me wanna, so guys after watching this wig. This is what it looks like, so this is a spray bottle with water and i'm going to add my living conditioner inside of this water, and then i use it to moisturize the hair. Okay perfect up on me, but my name really can't stress up on me. I really wan na kiss man foreign so guys, i'm just using my fingers to finger detangle the hair after i apply my moisturizer hmm. This wig is so fun. I think i have to quote from the banks, because i cannot see, i think you have to like fold this so guys instead of cutting the bands, because i really don't like the way it's looking like this, so i'm going to fold this over like it's like This so i'm going to just fold it okay and then i'm going to use bobby pins. So all i'm doing right now is i'm using the bobby pins to hold their band together. Okay, so yeah! Here we have the wig. I still feel like it's too long. Maybe okay, maybe i can pull the headband backward. Yeah like this is better. Who is this girl so guys? What do you think about this headband wig is so so so easy to install? How does this wig look? This is so awful and full and soft like what my first wig whoa. They made it honestly. They know. Ah this week. Let me turn around huh. If i don't turn around, you guys will be hungry. Let me stay. Did you see that? Did you see that? Can you see so guys, i figured out a way to actually wear this um wig without the band showing, so that's, basically what i'll be doing right now, so i just took a piece of hair from the middle. Is this really the middle, not sure i'm just going to mess with the hair like this wow? Can you see that the band is no longer showing, so nobody can even tell that, but my name is so guys which do you prefer? The fact that i covered the band with some of the hair, or would you prefer the band to show for me, i feel like whichever way the hairstyle looks really beautiful, whether you decide to cover it, whether you decide to cover the band or not. The hairstyle looks beautiful and i feel like you can do different styles with this wig, so yeah, and the fact that the wig is very full just makes it a lot much easier to hide the band. If that make any sense. So yeah and let me know in the comment section below which you prefer you prefer it with the band showing or without the band showing. So let me know in the comment section down below yeah this week is giving me african queen vibes. You know so i feel so full and soft and kinky and african and cute and beautiful, and so so so cute. I don't know how to express myself, but i so much love love love this week. It is so easy to install it's very convenient and i just love the fact that i didn't have to do my edges so yeah, and this wig is from my first week, like i said earlier, and i'm going to leave every details of the wig. In my description box below in case, you guys are interested and thank you guys so much for watching this video. Please don't forget to give it a thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe to my channel if you're not yet subscribed. I love you guys and i'll see you all in my next video bye, guys right, foreign

belle_graciaz: Wow the fullness when you covered the band is amazing, I love both, so versatile

Kenya Scott: YESSS when the band covered! I love the fullness! You are too much ooo DIVA!

Vanessa by Design: Oh wow love it looks so natural

Ivie.J_TV: The fullness of this hair

Fatima Turay: Love it

Rita Osasere Isibor: So beautiful ❤❤❤ I love it

Abigail Tetteh: Very beautiful it’s fit you.

Willeneful: You got it...you can do it

DivaNy hair: Gorgeousness ❤️

Fatima Turay: Y looking good

Nanama Eshun: I need some sis

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