Chi Chi Is Stepping On Necks! Afro Kinky Glueless 5-Min Slay! | Mary K. Bella Ft. @Curls Curls

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Wig: ChiChi 13*4.5 Lace Front Wig

Curl Pattern: Afro Kinky (4b/4c)

Length: 20"

Cap: small

✅13*4.5 Big Lace Part

✅Afro Curls

✅Natural and popping style

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~ Mary K. Bella~

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If you've ever wanted to try curls, curls, wig and didn't know if it was going to align with your jacket, pocket pocket, be the appropriate time in your life: hey, cousins, hey! It'S your girl, Mary Kay, coming to you with a slay today, Let the church say subscribe, hey turn, hey y'all come on in the room. Come on in the room, come on, come on, come on in here and sat down somewhere. You know what I'm bringing you something today, because I was like I'm Feeling frootabulous Fabulous and I want something a little bit more kinky than my own natural hair. I'M feeling real freestyle like let it throw and go. That'S that's what I'm feeling in my spirit, huh y'all got ta, learn to listen to y'all spirit. Sometimes that's a word for somebody, I'm bringing you a wig from curls curls called chichi change. We had one and I look bright. Let'S, let's try that right there. Okay, that's better, sometimes I'll, be real bright out of sight change. So yes, Miss Chichi is like a 4b4c sort of curl pattern and that's if y'all pay attention to the curl patterns, because really it doesn't matter back here - that's probably about 3C. This is my mama backhand right here off in the middle. That'S my daddy's side! That'S the Jones side right there! Ah we're bringing you miss Chichi! Now I love the name. Come on Chichi come on Chichi, okay, it's a 13 by 4.5! Now, what does that mean? For you parting space, really it's that 4.5 - that I concern myself with what that means for you is. You are going to have 4.5 inches of parting space, going right, hey now, for those of you who uh are new to my channel. Welcome. I, like good old, ignorant Parts. I like real long ignorant Moses Parts. Okay for those of you, who've been here before y'all ain't new to this y'all. True to this, you already know what time it is, so my favorite parts are going to be the six inch Parts. Okay, now standard parting space is about four inches. That'Ll, give you a nice average part y'all, not a little baby part it'll. Give you a nice average part you can. You can really do something with four inches. They giving you a little bit extra than that they giving you 4.5 huh they're, giving you 4.5. So your part can stay alive. Okay, that's what they're doing it's Afro kinky, like I said 4b4c. My cap is small. You have to take your theology, so I'm really going for just free afro-e style. So I'm not going to be spraying down here. Well, I might I don't know, but I'm not going to be really defining curls like that is what I'm saying. I'M not doing that. That'S not what I got this for I'm going for a look because believe it or not a lot of people don't be feeling like doing all that. A lot of people don't and they'd be like. Can you show a wig without us having to do all that spraying down brushing it out? Some people don't want to do all that and I so get it because guess what we don't always have time for that. Even when we do we don't so, I totally understand okay, so we're just going to put Chichi on and see what what what what's popping with these good old Kinky Curls they having a Black Friday sale y'all. This is their largest discount of the Year y'all curls curls, Lucky Spin will spin to win a free wig. Every live show during Black Friday will send out a free gift. You have opportunities to win a free wig with the spin wheel. You have huge discounts, make sure that you follow them on Instagram, so don't miss out if you've ever wanted to try curls curls, where big and didn't know if it was going to align with your jacket pocket now might be the appropriate time in your life. This is the package sauce packaged sauce packaged sauce pack package sauce. We all know curls curls. They are very consistent when you receive their wig you're, also going to receive this instruction manual, and this these are just tips. These are just tips on how to take care of the wig how to maintain the wig on The Daily, because y'all know this is really high quality human hair. Okay, they tend to send you extra wig Combs bam. If you would like to sew those on for some extra security, maybe you about to go on vacation you're gon na get ignit on top of igne. He want a little bit of extra secure attack. Sometimes you need them extra garbage. Yes, come on Chichi. I just feel like I'm about to be super spicy, just because the name is Chichi. This is a nice kinky curl. Here we go here. We go with the curl pattern. The hair is nice and soft, but it's not silky soft. It'S not supposed to be silky. Soft but baby, yes, it feels good and thick. It feels healthy. You guys here are the ends bam. Oh, we finna. We, we bout to throw we bout to live that fro life. Is the cap right there and, as you can see, this is the 4.5 inches of parting space going back. You can kind of come off to the side, but you can't come off to the side with pride, because then you're gon na run right into this little comb right here stay off up in here. If you want to go to the side, okay, but it does come with an elastic, strap bam for your convenience. We have comb comb comb and we have an adjustable strap. Oh there's also lace back here. If you want to do like a ponytail or something y'all, I never talk about that lace and I feel like maybe I should start. I don't know why, though I just end up snatching it off. To be honest, I don't uh, so this is their lace. Now their lace has always been nice and really high def. You guys um, it's it's nice, it's nice, it's nice! So you see those knots and it's very it doesn't look bad. You guys! You can just see them. It just says what it is. If that bothers you, you know there are tinting sprays there, but if you want those knots and those little lace holes to like disappear, you got to use that perfect line twist. It just says what it is. There are products that you can use to get the job done to where it's like. You know it disguises them. You know nicely unless somebody right up on your head prophesying or something they prophesying and they got you right up on the top of the head and while they prophesying they're, looking at your lace grids now, if they doing that now you got to question that whole Prophecy, if they focused on your your lace grip, you got the question if they even got the power like that because see if you focusing on my wig grip, I don't. I don't know that God is really talking through you. I think. That'S probably you you're you've. Probably been talking to my mom about some stuff, and now you don't came up here talking about God, told me to tell you - and I don't know if he told you to focus on my lace, wig grits, so I I'ma just have to determine if you was Just you talking to Mama and if they prophesied and they look at your wig grid, you might just have to just pray on it afterwards and then just say God. If that wasn't real, just just swipe it away from my life. She don't she don't got no power like that, and maybe next time send somebody else over there, because I don't even think she was focused on it right. I don't think she got the whole message right and got ta do got ta send somebody else over there because everybody don't be. He said somebody else over there. The lace looks really good. I don't really have any complaints about this lace, I'm just about to throw this on in style and profile, I'm about to style them profile, I'm about to style them profile. If you have any questions, let me know make sure you look in the description box. Don'T forget about their Black Friday sales baby baby? This is the largest sale of the year. So now might be. The time now might be the time hit that subscribe button. So you can join the family and join the plan. You know you want to you know you want to see some of y'all be talking about cousin, this cousin that and y'all, not cousins. You got ta you friends with the family and we love y'all. You'Ll trust me. We do love y'all, but you can't come to the family reunion like that uh no, but you can hit that subscribe button and you can become a cousin and then bam you in there like swimwear period now, let's style, Miss chichi foreign. Thank you, foreign

shayla nickerson: When your eyes crossed and you said unless they right up on yo head prophesying I hit the floor. You always keep us weak and then wigs slayed. Thanks cuzzin

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Taylohr Alexis: This wig is so pretty a twist out in this *chef’s kiss* you slay every time cousin ! ❤️

Pyt G: Yes Ma'am, Cousin! That's how you rock this. It's just so beautiful! Tfs

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Natalie 'MsCrzySxyCool' Harris: Hey HEY Hey Cousin-Sister ♥️ I had to take a deep inhale after you fabulized Miss Chi Chi. I don't have to worry about growing my hair out(too much work). By the way, I do remember the Chi Chi's restaurant. Never ate there but I always wanted to try their fried ice cream.

Jamaican Beauty: Hey cuz!! We see that natural beat . Love a good afro. Hope your enjoying time with the fam and you're good.

Angela Truly: You can't part to the side with pride. omgosh I forgot about chi chi restaurant. Thanks for that explanation of the lace in the back. I am relatively new to wigs and I had no idea. I think everyone just ✂️ it off lol in their videos. Thanks. You look great!

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G: Oooo that wig is gorgeous . It looks so hard to style

De Ma: Love the look on you Cuzzin! Can you do a close up video on how you actual cut those ear tabs off?? U worked it again like magic! Peace & Blessings

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ExtraAFNailz 219: Not gonna lie cousin, you made it more appealing when you did this low maintenance option but bay bay...out the pack, you did that!

Charlene Brooks: Do you have a tutorial on how to use the grid concealer? I went to your Amazon page and purchased it but I’m afraid to mess up my wig and apply it wrong

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nichole c.: she’s byke!!! ❤

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Tann Smith: guh, you did THAT! woo but boo on the small cap size..crap

Penny Romer: Whenyou can to this Kinky wig can you do other hairstyles with it Cousin

Noemi Castrillo-Jones:

Cynthia Johnson: Why you didn't use the stuff you usually do for knots

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D.R. Robinson: nicre..but how would you put all of that up in a pony tail???

Shauntrice W: The prophesying do be real don't it?

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