Omg! *Just Wear And Go* Super Thick Glueless Kinky Curly Wig! Ft. Wavymy Hair

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Style: Glueless 13x4 HD Lace Front Wig

Length: 26 inch

Density: 180%

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Guys just imagine receiving our wig, and all you have to do - is just put it on your head, so that will be my like guys. You'Ll see in this, the lace came cut already. I never had to do anything like this watch how it does melting so so so so good and you know when you dream in a second off I next day I never go to this miracle, and that is how easy it is. However, you want, but if you're not interested in this, everything is style it to the I have to try and palm hairstyle discount code. I hope you'll enjoyed this and let's get into this video, because you are gon na see how I look at the end. Okay, back up with your mind, one time inspire me different things: blowing mama crazy, just use your buckets before you go to work before me, studio all right guys, so, first of all, is the packaging they're definitely upgraded. It'S kids saying what it's supposed to give. I received some press songs, it's so cute. I cannot wait to wear them. I also received this little wave in my thank you card pick up them one time they are so sweet, you'll check them out everything in my description box. I also received this wig cap, which I used well, I already have one I forget um, I also received a nice Edge brush and purple is my favorite color, and that is it, but the wig I received from them is a 26 inch you're, seeing it the Texture is kinky, curly and well yeah, you see, that is, it is HG and the part in the space is 13 by four and all you already know it is clueless, so you don't have no work to do this. Is me unpackaged it? You will see how it come, please came cut already and stuff, so I'm not sticking it out and all I'll do is just apply my makeup, and that is it well. I cannot wait to go out to this week to be honest and it wakes. So I don't shopping anyways, they wakes so thick and full, like literally everything, okay avoid supposed to give like you'll see in this. It have elastic band to the back and yeah. I just want to say big up with your mind: don't forget everything will be in my description box and I really hope you all enjoy this video don't forget to check out my description box also check out my Instagram pretty betsias and check away with my website, Because they them does have a real good deuterizer. What I said, anyways love, you all love you baby man, you all don't know how it is wet! British. Where are you here? You have a nice time Pizza. You have a nice guy, my stars, my size. We could be friends, but I wan na really know that would be really close. No code, foreign foreign foreign, no code, um. I love them one time all right. So what I said

Chris Tolbert: Bree you are doing a great job on the upload

Alteryou Hair : Wow~sooo thick wig!

Sanjay Reid: Nice wig

It'sSia👻: Heyy

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