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  • Posted on 01 August, 2021
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Wig styling time, it’s a squiggly hair session.

The curves of the hair matches my curvy body lol and in this video I’m showing you how I restyle a wig from my collection into something much more fabulous and current.

You’ll need a wig (obviously), hair spray (I love using Got2B), Floral Pins (mine are from Spotlight), Alligator? Clips and a whole lot of patience.

The hair looks stunning and matches my outfit adorned with zip ties beautifully.

Happy watching!

Victoria Mykles xx

I am genetically blessed, but i'm also victoria michaels and i am bringing you another youtube tutorial. This one is a wig styling tutorial on how to make this hair yourself every time for the last. I know a couple of months and then i've been looking over at my wig wall. I see this wig and it drives me nuts. It is such an eyesore. I don't know why. I styled it like this. It is so ugly it burns my retinas, whatever they're called the eyeballs, and i've decided today's youtube tutorial. I'M going to restart it with something much more fabulous than this, because i hate this and i would never wear it. Aren'T. Are you oh? How dare you come in here? Looking like this you're, an embarrassment, you should be embarrassed and ashamed, we've got it pinned down and we're going to deconstruct you and now we brush it out brush brush down. Now i'm going to straighten this i'm going to be using ceramic heated tones. I know a lot of people say you can't use them on synthetic hair and then you should use steam, but you can so long as you're, not an idiot. You don't have it on a super high temperature. Do you girl, fresh off the press? You got one lovely luscious straight and noisy wig. We need to put the hair up into a ponytail or the top half of the hair into a ponytail and we're going to do that with a brush and elastics. So if anyone has ever wondered where the whole genetically blessed tagline comes from, i'm a truth-teller, so it's more of a fact: that's why i've said it. It'S almost done. Sometimes i'll go down to my local shopping centre when i'm not locked down, and i see two hideous parents - and i think, my goodness their children are gon na just have an uphill battle. Those poor things come from a genetically challenged, pool and they're gon na be hideous. It sucks to be then the key to making all of those beautiful, curls and swirls is a mixture of floral pins, they're kind of like pins that double the length and clips alligator clips they're called alligator clips. I think they're called alligator clips clips with the ponytail. We need to split it in half front portion. We are just going to flip it out of the way for now and we're going to work on the back. Half we're going to split the back half again into half and the front half of the back half is going to be put with the front half of the whole thing and with back half we're now going to split it in half again. But this time going. This way, yeah taking your teasing brush easy and we're trying to spread the hair out. So it's as wide as possible, smooth as possible, but also structurally able to hold itself it's pretty firm, actually like i'm not really having to hold that. What we're going to do is we're going to start laying it down so taking a clip you're going to push that at the back just to hold the back in there yeah i'm taking the hair, pulling it up when we're up there. We'Re now going to put a clip where i want, like sure, yeah and then we're going to come back around we're going to bring the hair back down in the other direction. We'Re going to start putting the floral pins in just to map out where we want. The curl to move around one kind of on this side to push that part of the curl going this way and this one's to pull this kind of part of the curl this way and then go back down. I'M gon na have to put it on to take put the pins in to take away not gon na lie it's very fiddly and time-consuming, but it's perfect so long as it turns out now when you get to the end, to keep all the hairs together. I like to take my fingers and twirl it, so it kind of all bunches it up together and then you just sort of manipulate it into shape and finish it off with some pins push the last pin right in so that the end of it holds the Hair down right because there's not obviously just having a little bit of metal, isn't going to do the job that isn't looking too bad so far, so we're going to do the same thing to the opposite side and try and make the match. As you can see, we've got both sides pretty much into place. Our first two curls, so the trick to making them stand up a little bit more, is to actually just physically get in there and spread the hair out a little bit yeah and to spray them with hairspray and then just kind of hold it you're going to Split the remaining here that we've got into the front and the back half with the back portion you're going to split that into two evenly and then all that front here is going to go over it yeah and then just clip it back out of the way. With the front half you're going to just repeat the process, so we're going to tease it and lay it into a new curl. I guess it's looking very good spread that hair out we're going to use a alligator clip just to put the other way and i'm going to use another floral, pin right there and lock in our next curl. Now we're going to take we're going back and twirl. It and pull it around and push it in so now we've got to start pulling it up and spraying again all righty we're now doing the back yeah factor now with the portion that we've flipped over all i'm gon na do is smooth it out and then Just blend it into the hair, that's down there i mean you could probably do like some kind of cool swirl or something can't be bothered. I think it looks fine and, as you can see as long as it's nice and smooth, you can just blend it in because the hair underneath looks the same all right. Finally, we are going to just tidy it up, get rid of those loose little struggles and then i'm going to take my hair dryer and some hair spray braid down. So it's very strong well set, and now we can take out pens, pens and clips real carefully. Let'S try her on stunning by george she's wearing a beautiful hair piece. I love it. Don'T you yes, do you like the outfit i made to go with it. It'S amazing and i made the earrings too myself. They say michaels, true to brand true brand. True to the brain, if you enjoy the video make sure you like it share it subscribe, it comment on it and come and connect with me on other media channels. So instagram is victoria, underscore michaels tick. Tock is victoria. Michael zero and facebook is victoria michael's queen. What do you think thank you for watching i'll see you very soon.

AlexCarrillo: I just recently started to style my wigs on my own and your videos have helped me A LOT! Thank you

Victoria Wondersnatch: I've been searching for this tutorial for months! Thank you! You should bedazzle those swirls!!

Mars Gemini: You're so talented and I love your videos. Can you show us dolls how to style space buns on a lace front wig? ✨

PEPPEPIG666: Thank you for this ❤️

Brett Williams-Brown: Love it

Laila Marciano: Im obsessed with drag hair videos and I'm so glad I found you! #Subbed

Jeffy weffy: Definitely gonna take inspiration from this!!

Juicy G: Amazing

CHRISTIAN KOTEVSKI: This is the tutorial that i wanted

Bimba Deluxe: Amazing

Mario Mendez: love this

jonathan proulx: how do you make them really solid so it won't move or undo itself when moving or dancing?

kiyoji kanehara: This video made me subscribe!!

Abraham Longoria Rodríguez: where do I find those extra long pins? I can't find them anywhere

倖田加奈: XDD love that U SHAME UR WIG XDDDD

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