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  • Posted on 14 October, 2016
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Hey guys! I got a new wig! Just doing a quick review of the wig for you guys if you're thinking about buying the wig as well. All the information for the wig will be linked down below. This is my second wig and once again, I think I've had pretty good luck with these Aliexpress wigs. Hope you enjoy the video! Comment down below with any questions you have! P.S. I apologize for how bright the video is. You can barely see anything. I changed some settings on the camera and didn't realize how it looked until I sat down to edit a few days later. Hope you understand!

Hair specs:

Lace front


16 inches

Medium cap

Ali Bliss Wig Vendor:

Ali Bliss Yaki Wig:

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Disclaimer: I know my lace was peeking out in the back at one point. I wasn't finished with my wig just yet haha.

Hey guys and welcome to my channel so today I'm going to be talking about this brand new wick that I got like yes is so pretty umm. I got off of Aliexpress, of course, and yeah I'm just gon na. Like start from telling you guys all the deets, so first, this is going to be a 1b wig and I'm not in this color cuz. I was kind of I really honestly. I got bored of my red ombre kind of look that I was doing. I get bored really fast and I go back to even more boring, so it makes no sense. It'S fine. Whatever, like yeah, I was bored, so it's one beat and it's 130 density and what else it's a lace front, wig, 16 inches and like it's really all long 16 inches, so you're not getting gypped, I paid actually like 115 dollars. I think on the app it's a little bit cheaper, so I would definitely use the app on your phone to buy it. So one hundred and fifteen dollars for this 16, probably like an 18-inch, wig and so yeah, it's pretty great, so yeah. I want to start out with the negatives, because there are just a few, so one of the negatives is the smell that it came with. It wasn't as bad as my other wig actually, but I definitely I washed it, and I noticed that it didn't go away as easy as my first week, but maybe it was cuz. I used a different, shampoo and conditioner, I don't know but yeah. So basically, it has a little bit of a smell to it and yeah. Then. The second thing I had an issue with is when I actually washed it, the water had turned black. So that means that there has been chemicals used on it or whatever, and this was like - I have been buying from Aliexpress like hair, wigs for a while now, and that this was like the first time that the water was like actually that dark. So that's another negative, but no so this is like a light. Yaki hair. I wish the lustre was a little bit less. You know because it still has that kind of shine to it that you get from like a Brazilian kind of or like any of the other kind of wig types. And so I got late lat yaki because I don't like how shiny like the hair is sometimes, and it's not as yaki as I wish it was. You can definitely feel it in the texture like even after straightening it, the texture, you can feel, but it still has like that, it's still very shiny, and so that was an issue for me too um. Overall, though it was pretty great. So now I'm gon na, like kind of go into the you know the positives so for the first positive, this is gon na be really weird, but I really like the packaging like it comes in this cute little cute little packaging. It was packaged really nicely. I also got wig caps um. I don't really like this color. It'S too light for me, and so I have a brown wig cap anyway, so I'm not really gon na use this, I'm just gon na, be here just in case. I need it. You know for an emergency or something if I lose my other we kept but yeah, so it came with like a little extra, so that's cool too I'm positive. It costs 115. That'S really cheap. I really love that. Also for the length. Oh my gosh guys like I'm out of control, I stole my tag. I just felt it when I touch my hair. That'S really embarrassing! Lem me: okay, yeah! It'S supposed to be 16, but it's pretty long. This gives you like. I don't know if you can see it goes to the bottom of my boob, so it's like a really good length. I feel like you're, definitely not being chipped in that matter, so that's really good um. I just like. Oh, I really like how like it came. Layered like it, but my other one I got it came, it didn't come layered, so I kind of had to cut like bangs into it. For this, like I, I didn't do that it just automatically came like that. Also, even though you probably can't tell it has baby hairs, I have a little bit of my edges out like, but it can't came with baby hairs. This is my hair yeah, that's my hair. I don't know. I can't really find them right now, but it came with baby hairs and it's all ready. So that was awesome. That was like definitely a huge plus I didn't have to put baby here. Is it myself cuz, I kind of like? I don't really do the whole. You know edges baby, hair thing cuz, I just not what I like, but I have to get darker. I think I did um am I talking about like my lighting for my camera and I don't know whatever um but yeah. I don't really like that, but I like to have kind of shorter years in the front, so it can blend. In with my regular, like my edges, that I keep out as well so yeah um, you know it didn't come with a part which I also love, because I like picking my own part. I, like my side, part to be kind of like further over than like a normal side. Part would be, I think, and I just like it the way I like it. So I'm really glad I was able to do that myself um. I wish I could take this off, but this wig is constructed so well like it's constructed a lot better than the first thing I got Valley express I'll, probably link my first week below so you guys can see. But oh actually I have it right over here. Let me show you so in this way it looks really ratty. Don'T don't judge me. This is my the red one that I died this week. Here'S like the lace and then you can see this like you can totally like. I had an issue. Her hair would come Oh, like come over to this side. It would really suck, but on this wing I have on my head, it was contracted so well. It has it's covered up that part completely. So no hair thing, like you know, going to the other side of the cap and it's just constructed a lot better. The I also had a problem with that wig, where the, where the ear is the ear tabs are. It was a little bit longer, but this one fits my head perfectly. It'S a little bit small, but it it works. You know it really does I don't know. I really like it. I like the way it fits my head. This is a medium cap as well. I forgot to mention that in the beginning, like it's just the regular that you automatically get, because I think I just have like a regular-sized head um, the lace is a little bit white, but I actually like that because I don't know I just do I like It better than like the black, the black cap. It'S really weird my preferences, but whatever this is my second week, so I'm really excited that this one actually came out pretty well as well, like I've been really lucky with Aliexpress cuz. I'Ve heard horror stories so so far I'm really loving this wig. I love the length how long it is I got 16 inches. I mean it. Pretty much looks like like 18 inch, so I mean that's pretty great um and yeah. This is a pretty good buy. I think I'm going to have to wash it again because the smell is still like. It'S lingered a little bit like I mentioned earlier, um, that's about it um! I clearly. You know. I already told you that this wig didn't come with a part, and I did it myself and one of my my other. My first week, video someone commented that my wig that I was wearing my head didn't look like the one that was in the picture of the Aliexpress website. So I am, I think, tomorrow or like two days from now, I'm going to post a video because I already filmed it and everything I'll do just edit it. So I'm gon na post, a video and it's basically gon na show you guys how I took my my hair from looking like you know, just the way you get to this, to make it like just kind of kind of style it, okay guys. So my camera died on me cuz it hates me it's fine um. So I think I was talking about my other video that I'm gon na post about how I get my hair to look like this exactly so yeah that's gon na come out, but anyway back to back deposits. Um so positives also the parting space. They have a pretty good party, it's like something it's like three inches, but I don't really like, like huge parts, so yeah um also the curl, the curls kind of in between, like good and bad like positive and negative, because it I'm really used to with my Other way, I was able to curl it with the flat iron, and this here is actually having kind of trouble, like I don't know, curling it so for the player I'm like the curls aren't as defined as my other week. I think I've been actually if I want to get like nice nicer, curls, I'm going to need to use my curling wand, which I haven't brought out in like months, so it kind of sucks but whatever um but yeah. Overall, it's a pretty good week for the price. It'S really cheap. I would definitely recommend well so far, I would recommend I will update you guys in a month and see how it goes because, with my other wig that I have now, I've had it for about. Since April so like at least like five months, I'm about five or six months, so I've had it for a while and really no problems. I'M just changing just because I feel like I died it and I want to go back to black. So I just bought this wig I'll, so I'm digging in yaki, so yeah, I'm hopefully this week last a long time. Hopefully it lasts like months by the in this month. I'Ll know whether or not this is like a wig, I'm gon na be able to keep so I'll. Keep you guys updated, don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button, so you guys can stay, updated and yeah. I love you guys and that's all I have for this video look out for my other video on how I get my hair like this. I will link it down below when I post it love you guys. Okay, love, you guys! Oh my gosh. Why am I so paddock attending these? I'M okay, love! You guys, thanks for watching bye,

Kandi Rox: Looks fabulous on you, it's 1b colour not natural colour hence the water turning black xx btw how is it holding up 3 months down the line?

SableEllen: Looks great on you (:

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