Gofavor Hair Accessories And Earrings

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Lovely Large Crystal Owl Earrings 5.99

Rhinestone Sunflower Earrings 3.99

Vintage Gold Studded Earrings 3.99

Heart head band 5.99

Ribbon Bow Headband 6.99

Pink Flower Headband 6.99

♡Hair Info glueless-cap-human-hair-wig-straight-16-ls076s

hair color : 2# darkest brown

hair length:16inches

hair textire :silky

cao constiction:glueless

the lace color: medium brown


the wig i received :http://sales.rpgshow.com/glueless-cap-...

all glueless full lace wigs are 90$ offf

all regular full lace wigs are 100$ off

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Hey you guys so really quickly. I wanted to come and do a video, obviously i'm doing a video, but i wanted to share some things with you guys that I got from go favor, calm. It'S a website that sells tons and tons of tons of really cute accessories for like the low low price. So I wanted to share this website with you guys. I got some really cute hair accessories and earrings, and I'm thinking about making my second holiday giveaway. Some of these items, so if you guys like what you see - and you want me to do a giveaway, be sure to thumbs up and also want to, let you guys know that I did do a tutorial on this. Look so be patient. That video should be up really really soon, but um. Let'S get into all of these cute little things, I'm gon na start off with the accessories first. So the first thing I picked out are these really cute owl earrings, and I also got an extra pair of these because I thought you guys would love these because I frickin adore them. So here's a close-up of the owl so adorably, absolutely ridiculously cute, so the Owls are definitely a favorite from the site and i want to say these earrings were like four dollars. I mean really. You cannot beat that with a state that as a freakin steel right there and I just thought these were super adorable, because you know the Owls are kind of hot right now. So I figured you guys will like these as well. So I also picked up these little studs and it kind of look like snowflakes they're, really pretty. They have like nice detailing to them and i want to say they were like three dollars. I'M gon na include all the prices in this video because, like i don't want to be wrong about anything, but yet the second pair with the cute little snowflake looking ones, then i got these black ones with gold. Like I don't know what you call these like. Go little studs on them and there is a close-up of those. I thought these were really cute. You know like when you're weighing your hair back. I thought these would be super adorable, so that was the jury I picked out. I'M now I'm gon na show you guys the headbands, the first one I got. Is this really cute one with the heart on the side of this was absolutely adorable and cute little things like this, I think, will be really adorable for like a Christmas present, except like a girl, a younger girl. I know there's a lot of my gon na, say older women, i'm gon na, say mature. I know there's a lot of mature women that watch my videos and, if you're looking for something to get your daughter like something like this is really cute. At least i like it, i mean they may not like it, but i mean i think this is adorable, for you know younger females, but there's a close-up of the heart on the band. So adorable it's got pearls and dumb, and you know every girl loves pearls and diamonds. So here's the next headband i got his kind of soon, but we have the bow on the side. So i thought that was really nice. He'D be really classy for church or something like, and the last one that i got looks like this is kind of big. It has a bow on the side, and I also chose one of these for you guys as well. If you wanted me to do a tutorial and I would um a tutorial - a giveaway - and i would put this on - but I'm kind of liking - my hair right now - so I don't want to mess it up. But um yeah looks like this really pretty and nice and cute. So that's all the things i received from go favor com. If you guys want to check them out, there will be a link below and if you guys want me to do a giveaway of some of these things be sure to thumbs up as well. And thank you guys so much for watching, and i do believe that is it. I will talk to you guys in another video bye,

Maria G: Omg love the owl earrings and the headbands! Super cute!!

dominicanmorena: OMG!!! I love the change to your eyebrows!!! You thinned them out and they look so much better. Now the focus is more on your pretty face....softened your look as well. Go Nitra!! Oh yeah, all the accessories are cute, especially the owl and sunflower studs, and the heart and flower head bands. I would definitely wear them myself ( even as I am a mature woman) ;)...thnx for sharing

MsMickey1908: Love your hair like that and can't wait for the tutorial. :)

Mstruej: I love how you did your eyeliner. It's not too dramatic it's more natural. I've been waiting for a look like that! So I could put my eyeliner to use! :) Thanks Nitra

sweetcheesepizza: I am in LOVE with those owl earrings!

portia banks: Love the flower headband...so cute

Miss_Jessi1: Those owl earrings are gorgeous and the snow flake earings love them too ... And heart headband too..... by the way your make up looks gorgeous like always :)

Terrin Clark: omg i soooo need that heart headband in my life! Thanks for this vid! im definately gonna order some things from that site.

April Awer: Hey Nitraa love the accesories. Gotta check'em out. tks Doll Baby!

ThePoshMama: I love the owl earrings and last headband you showed! So Kute!

vacutie24: I ordered from gofavor the other day...your video sold me completely. You are wonderful I love your videos so far & you are you beautiful!!! Keep doing you miss lady! lol

koolaidofthegtwins: ur hair is nice like that!! Keep it like that! The style you had before was crazy dope but this fits you so much more!!!

Tomika Johnson: Thanks for the review. I love accessories!

Nece Pooh: i love your style. you always look great and purchase cute things!

TheKandyShoppe: Now you know how I feel about cutesy head bands! =D

Gorgeous Queen: thanks for your toutorials they were very helpful. especially the make up one you did with eyelashes and the diffrent foundation brushes . Thanks so much

jucampy: the owl earrings are so cute girl!!!

Jazmin Gross: can u do an updated eyebrow routine u have the most perfect eyebrows! :) keep u the good work gorgeous

tekia brown: Love the straight hair <3

Suly: i love their jewelry. I'm waiting on a cute pair of hello kitty earrings.

Alexis R.: i just ordered a bunch of cute things, was wondering how long it took to receive?

Tabitha Mcguff: my favorite animal is owls... so i LOVE those earrings!!!

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Taketotheskytladyedoo: I'm a mature woman and I watch your videos, my daughter tell me all the time that I'm an old but hip lady, I'm like what! she so that was good mom. I'm like what ever, I love the black gold stud earrings, I have a ring that would match it.

Carmen Aguirre: I freakin love it when u say "you cannot beat that with a stick!" Lmbo I love u!

ramsarupbhai: Nice selection, pretty face and cute smile! :)

GlamourChica123: Aww ur so awesome & I LOVE the owl earrings :))))

Tammie: how long did it take for you to receive the items from gofavor.com

iesha Renee': LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! xoxo

tolight16: I love that website!...thanks for the video!

Nikki22Baby: Great video I luv all the accessories

ღMarcy T the Princessღ: I <3 You With Straight Hair Ms Ma'am!

Alftonlynn: Omg I'm like so jealous I love the owl earrings but my ears will get nasty if I wear something other than gold or sterling silver! Ughhh huh

Jackie Santos: lovin the straight hair booboo! xx

cottoncandysnowdrop: I like the heart headband. Please wear these headbands in future videos.

MC DUDZ: This would be a great gift!

Star's World: Nice Items loved them all

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alexis salim: how long did it take for your order to come because i ordered some jewlery on tuesday but it hasent came yet :(

EssentialGlam: Looove! Btw what camera do you use?! Such HD (:

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