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Everyone welcome back to my channel and, if you're new here welcome, this video is going to be kind of like a storytime just going to let you guys know the reason why I bought extension and kind of like the past with my hair about two years ago. My hair was down to my waist. It was like brown, but it was very easily lightened by the Sun. So I guess my hair was really like fragile. I really wanted to go white like that's what I wanted to do. I went through about six sessions of bleaching. I only had my hair white for about two three weeks. I know I was in the shower and I was washing my hair and I noticed that my hair was rubbery and stringy falling off when I told it all that bleaching completely ruins my hair. That'S how I lost my length, so I started freaking out and then I went ahead and went to CVS with my roommate and we bought brown box hair dark. I don't remember which one I don't care. I went ahead and I dyed my hair brown. The first time we failed because it came out like a beige, it was like the weirdest beige I've ever seen in my life and then I came out of the bathroom crying. I had a full-on meltdown, we went back to CVS and I bought a darker Brown. I threw it on my hair, then I went to California. When I came back, I went to straighten my hair and my hair was like straw. It was literally a broom like I just completely freaked out. I went straight to the hair salon. I just told her hey chop my hair off. I didn't even want to talk about it. I was just like just cut it off because I cut it off up to my shoulders. It was a huge change for me. I had never had short hair ever that. I could remember my hair was always super long. My friend was actually sitting with me at the salon she looks over at me when they take the towel off. She'S like wow. Your hair is really short, my heart just sink. I was like no, it's not. Oh. My hand bm7, my hair was already short and I bleached again it's a sickness, I'm pretty sure it's a sickness. My hair was purple for a while and then it faded to pink men. I discovered Manic Panic, which my friend told me about dark my hair red. It faded really really quickly. That'S when I discovered arctic fox, I post a lot about it on my Instagram, because it has helped me grow my hair back, it's very moisturizing as soon as I my hair and I wash it off my hair super healthy and the shine is back, probably the Best semi permanent hair dye I have ever tried, I went on and I wanted something a little bit lighter and brighter and that's where I'm at right now. I went ahead through on aquamarine. So that's where I'm at right now, it's kind of blue in some parts and it's kind of greenish in some parts, already I've washed it about four or five times. I'Ve also been trimming it regularly. But right now my roots have grown in a lot. I'M just working on growing it back, and that takes me to the reason why I went ahead and bought hair extensions. They looked up. Reviews on different brands of hair extensions Bellamy was probably the top-rated that I found. This is what the box looks like. I love that it's called Khaleesi because I am totally obsessed with Sheamus prone and even like I can't a freak. This is what the facts says: I'm going to go straight into what is in the box. You get your extension here. It clicks just like that. To close them in get the little pouch to store them or your travel bag in case you're going to travel, you also get the little braided headband. I did get the extensions in platinum, blonde fees. I do not know what color I am going to throw on them yet and you get Extension, you have your tester and you have your actual extensions. I got the Bellamy Khaleesi 280 grams 20 inch in the color 80, which is platinum blonde. There is no yellow undertones whatsoever, which is perfect for dyeing I'm going to go ahead and open the tester. The tester is usually for you to find out if the color that you have bought matches your natural or color that you have at the moment. So there's this two clip weft there's like no yellow undertone whatsoever, while being really soft shine. I cannot wait to throw colors, I'm probably going to go ahead and die the tester first. I know that you can't even send it back if the testers already died, but I have no intention of returning me super-excited. I will make another video as soon as I am able to dye these and I'm going to do what kind of like an install video to show you guys how I will put them in and all of that later, on, not saying that I hate short hair. It'S just I want to have the option of having long hair whenever I want. I do take a lot of pictures for Instagram and I do a lot of like promoting for brands and stuff like that. So I wanted you know, change my look of a baked potato when I need, because I do go a little bit crazy if you've tried spelling me leave me a comment down below leave me a color that you think that I should dye my hair and the Extensions, if you enjoyed this video drop a like so forget, to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one. Thank you.

Aaron Stieve: You're hair is so so dope! I love how your eyeshadow matches it!

Ashley Akemi: So much hair bleach lol

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