Clip In Hair Extensions | Googoohair Try-On + Review

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Goo Goo Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair Length: 22inch

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Omber (2/6/18)

Hair Weight: 120 grams

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Now, let's get into the hair y'all, because just looking at this hair, yeah hey, you guys welcome back to the channel. So in today's video I'm gon na do a hair video. This is kind of going to be a review on some hair that was sent over to me. I did receive some hair from GoGo hair extensions, so we're gon na just jump into reviewing that I'm kind of gon na go along as I review with you guys, because this is like my first time, opening the box and all that good jazz. So we're just gon na go ahead and jump right into this video. If you are new here, my name is Leilani and if you love the content, make sure to subscribe, give your girl a thumbs up and leave a comment if you're feeling this video. So, let's jump right into it, so go go. Hair extension sent me over this box. This is a hundred percent Remy human hair and opted for the clip-ins. So something quick and easy. You know you guys, because I've done it all. I'Ve done the front tools. The the extensions the clipping you know what I haven't done, a tape in though or those micro links. I haven't done that, but I do want to try the micro links, but I can say I've tried everything pretty much else and my first experience with um hair was clippings and they were just some standard. I want to say, like 18 inch clip-ins and they were the same color as my hair, so when they reached out to me, I opted for a more like kind of like ombre effect. So here we go when you open the box, the hair comes in this. It has a cute, little quote: it says changeable life at your fingertips, so that's cute, and then they give you a hair, clip the hair stuff just falling out and I'm two extra clip-ins. And then this is a book and I'm assuming that this probably has yeah. Like how to style, hair clip and instructions, care and styling tips, and all that good stuff length chart um so yeah, that's pretty neat! Now, let's get into the hair y'all, because just looking at this hair foreign, so anyway, the hair comes like this right. The hair came in this little sack right now there has been clip. I have had clip-ins before where um I felt like it was a more so this was just one order of like what you'll get and it's pretty thick. So don't get me wrong. I feel, like you know, just looking at it. I feel like it's not gon na be enough, but we'll see and the reason why I say that is only because of what I'm seeing like. I would expect like two of these because I kind of like voluptuous like thick or whatever, but what I can say is it's pretty thick. I did get the size it's 18 through 22., so I did want something long um to add to my hair so and then I kind of wanted it to be like um. The tips be light and kind of like that ashy blonde. So anyway, the thickness of this is pretty good, and I say that because when I put my hair in a ponytail um, I have really thick hair. Judging from my ponytail um, and this one is about the same um thickness. So we're just going to add these clip-ins in. Let me get some scissors and take this off. I know that it's an it's most likely enough hair, so I'm going to unravel these clips, so you guys can kind of see these are cute. Oh, this is gon na look good um, so I'll. Let you guys know how many pieces - and it did come with like a little cover over it like a net to keep everything nice and secure, but I won't need that. So let me lay out my pieces as I'm unraveling everything I feel like this is going to be more than enough. I usually like to wear my hair um where's, my comb middle part. I used to love a side part y'all. I kind of still do, but I straightened out my natural hair um and I probably could have straightened out a little straighter, but it was just like whatever like. Let'S just get something done for the video right so um. Let me kind of come up and scoot up. I will stand up a little bit more once I put because this is my natural hair, so I'm gon na add the clip-ins into my natural hair and then we'll just see like what it's giving, because I want to wear a middle part. Like that's been my thing use my go-to and my hair is straight. I love me in middle part, bone straight, but I also do like some voluptuous, like kind of like. Let me see curl flip, whatever some body in there, but if this is not thick enough, I probably won't give it no put no curls in it. I just wear straight so we'll see what is given once I put it in. Hopefully it's thick enough for it to be down, put it like that which I think it is but um. Hopefully it's it's given that, because baby, if not we're gon na, do some sum up and some down, but I'm kind of loving, I'm just messing with my regular hair and it's like. Oh, she is she's giving I'm gon na use this clip because I don't feel I'm too lazy to go grab some other Clips, so I'm gon na start parting, my hair and just adding the Clips in and then we're gon na see. What'S going on, it's your standard, pop-up and then once you place it down, you can pop it back this way. So I don't think I parted enough in the back. This one is probably a little too long or big. Let me see I want this more. So a little bit up, let's just see, let's just see: oh no! This is perfect. Okay, so I made a part. This is not to give you a full head of hair. This is more so like just to add some length, literally you're, not adding. This is just to add some lint you're not going to be adding nothing more than just land, not no body, not no thickness. I mean it's going to be thicker because it's more hair. So so far it's just giving me some length and it's looking good. It'S blending, it's not bad. Let'S keep adding and I was like when I had some clips before I would well I had more Clips, so I was able to the equipment that I had previously came in here as well and I had more pieces. I believe so. I was able to I felt like I was able to thickness and do more, but then with those like the thicker, it is the more you're here. If you don't want that real thick. Look. You like, like I, sound like a bone straight, so if you, when it comes to having like really thick Clips, your hair got to be straight because then you're, adding more about more volume to your hair and girl. If you're going for a bounce tray, look you're gon na be like what in the world. Okay, let me get my Big Brush comb so so far. This is what we looking like. I can't really see the separation of my hair and and the extensions they're looking good and I only put two pieces in and I'm liking it so far. So this is where we at so yeah. I'M gon na see my microphone. Who cares, but it falls. Actually. This is really these are this hair extensions is really long, so it falls right here so far, um, probably like a couple inches past the boobs. So that's cute, that's good! So these other pieces are. This is actually the biggest one. So that's why I waited to put this up. I only have I have two in so far, so I'm gon na go up one more and then I'm gon na add the other small pieces to the sides. Looking good, I still like it and we haven't even like finished all of it. So that's a plus for me already just saying those were the three pieces and just with those three pieces, let me brush it in so y'all can see as I'm going through it. What it's giving so just with those three pieces. This is what is looking like so far, and that's just with those three pieces. It added some length and some color at the tip. My ponytail is a lot thicker, but it's all at the tip of the hair. Now you see so the ponytail is thicker, but it's all at the tip. So it comes with seven. I have two small ones right here and then I have two sizes right here. So one thing I can say is the sizes are really are pretty consistent. Um. You get like two pieces are probably the same. The two that I put in the back one big one to go like all the way around, and then you have these um this two lengths of these and then two of these. So what I'm probably gon na do with the with the rest of it is I'm probably going to add this to the side. Yeah, that's what we're gon na do we're gon na add the rest to the sides. This piece right here, I think I'm gon na party one more time and go up one just go up a little bit more because I don't want it to be all in the back. I still want it to be in the front and then same with this eye. All the clippings are in the hair is feeling Fuller and I can show y'all what it looks like now. That was a really quick and if you want to just leave it here, you definitely can. This is how it's looking so with all of the hair. Oh, it's looking so good. This is how it looks and it falls like right here. Let me go up just some more so y'all can see. I think honestly, I probably will just stop here just to give it some badazz. I probably should just bump it, I'm thinking if I should like bump it, instead of just wearing it like straight down. So, let's just see how that how that'll look I'm gon na turn on my um, I think it's babyless or BaByliss Pro titanium. This is so bomb. So I use this to straighten my natural hair. I just love the ceramic plates on there. It goes to 450. So - and I think I got this one from - I want to say Ulta or Sally's, one of the other, but it gets hot super fast and it doesn't burn your hair, like I have other plates that can get super hot and I only like using them on My fake hair, but with this one it can get really hot and it doesn't burn your real hair. So if I find it I'll link it below for y'all, so you guys can check that out because that's a really good flat iron. Now I don't think I want to do. I'M not bumping all of this, I'm just going to take like little pieces and then flip. It back give it some body and then that's that just to see how it's going to look. So, let's just go backwards and I'm using my flat iron because I was going to use like um a curler, but I'm not I'm not in the mood to do all of that. I just want to give it a little. A little Style see we just giving it a little something and then I'm gon na take. Let'S see how that's that's all I'm doing, because I'm gon na comb that out and yeah. So that's all we're doing. We just flipping the hair so to have a little style to it. I remember and then that's another piece so yeah I remember when I did not know how to curl with a flat iron like what who does that who used a flat ironic hair like where and when, but I actually like doing it with the flat iron. More than the curler but oh y'all have bought this curler. The white one forgot what it's called the T3 or whatever the case may be, but and it's super expensive because I didn't have. I had a cheap curler, but I had like no really really good, curler and yeah. We got to see what that's giving y'all. We have to see what that is, giving I'll, probably do a video on that curler, because I'm really not that good with curlers. To be honest, like I'm really not that's why I think the flat iron is a little more easier when I just want to do like something like a loose curl type of thing like I'm doing right now, but that T3 is so nice. I love how it's all white. Is it the T3? I got ta. Look, I don't know if I'm saying it right but anyway, and then one more piece on this side before we comb it up. No well. Actually I got ta. Do the other side too, and then we can come on lash y'all, like sometimes I beat my lashes, be everywhere. I got ta start putting them on better when I get on camera because my lashes should be doing their own thing. I really don't care um, because I used strip lashes and I just would I used to stick them on really really good, but I haven't been wearing them for a while. So when you stop wearing them, it's just like, but I never had the individual ones. Maybe one day I'll get some individuals just for the F of it, but me like this trip, because I like take my stuff off at night. I don't want to wear all that um and then, like I'm left-handed. So I it's easier for me to do that side than it is to do this eye. So I'm trying to think if I went in wait hold on y'all. I got ta think okay, so I just curled it, and this is what it's looking like curled and then we're just going to brush through it and and that's going to be that I'm just gon na brush it out. And so let me sit back. Okay, go! Go hair, you know if I was going somewhere. I probably would would um put some hairspray on this, but okay go go here. Y'All did y'all thing with these little extensions bodies, it's cute. This is giving I like it. So, yes, that is it. Do I recommend these extensions heck? Yes, like girl, go get you some. I will leave their link in the description and I will leave the link to the color that I got in the description and yeah girl. I mean I did say like At first like seven pieces like seven pieces, but these seven pieces is giving they're giving them body, especially when you curl it. It'S just like flag, full body, okay, but yeah. I hope y'all did enjoy this video. These hair extensions are bum, I really like them so copy some and yeah. If you like this video, do give it a thumbs up. Leave me a comment and subscribe: babes I'll catch y'all in the next one.

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