Affordable Seamless Clip - In Hair Extensions Review/Tutorial | Ft. Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo Seamless Clip - In Hair Extensions Review! Ft. Goo Goo Hair

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Double Drawn 160g Clip in Hair Extensions (10pieces)

Hair in the video:

Hair Color: Natural Black (1B)

Hair Length: 22 inches

Hot Selling Collection:

Discount Code: Nikeisha15 for 15% off

--Double Drawn (hair thick from root to tip)

--100% Remy Human Hair

--Heat safe and holds curls

--Perfect for all hair type

Goo Goo Double Drawn Clip in Hair Extensions are the perfect choice for those who don't want to maintain permanent extensions but want long hair. Get Versatile Hair In an Instant! You can curl, straighten, Wash, Style and brush. Takes Less Than 3 Minutes To Attach!!! Take your look to another level with our Clip-In extensions that last and behave just like your own hair.

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Hey y'all, welcome and welcome back to another video, it's nikisha cherelle here I already know what's up what's popping so anyways y'all, as you can see by the title and thumbnail, you already know that I am doing a hair review. It'S my first ever hair review and I'm really excited because I love hair. I love to like get my hair done. I love to try different styles, a whole bunch of stuff like that, so yeah we're just gon na get right into this video. I ain't gon na do too much talking but yeah, so the hair company that sent me these clip-ins right here is the Go, Go Hair Extensions company right here it says, go: go basically they reached out to me and asked if I would like to do a Review on their hair, you know, I know what I said. I said yep because baby I love hair before we get into this video. Please make sure you like comment and subscribe, make sure you hit that notification Bell. My social medias will either be on the screen. They'Ll, just pop up on the screen right there or or they'll, be in the link in the description below so make sure y'all follow me on my social media and what I've got. Are these um seamless clip-ins? So here is the pack that the clip-ins come in right here, so we're going to open that in a second, but they also sent some more stuff, so they have like a little manual. I think this is, it Go, Go Hair and then I guess it's telling you how to install the clip in stuff like that, but I kind of have a different way of trying to install my clipping but not a different way. But you know I just clip my hair in anyway. I guess I could say. Then it came with this scrunchie in the box right here, I'm just crunchy so cute. You know it's cute, it's different and then we also have the little clamp. So when you are um doing different sections in your hair, you just clamp the rest of your hair up, so none of that would get in your way and then we also have this silk little pouch right here. You don't have anything in it but yeah. I guess I can just put you know anything in here. If I would like it's the first time I open the hair, because I'm kind of like Curious and anxious you know to open this hair and see. I got 22 inch. 1B. 160 gram density. I think it is if I'm wrong I'll pop it up on the screen and tell y'all the exact what I got and stuff. But I know this is 22 inch, um, 1B hair, so yeah, you know we got the Lynette on it. It came with like extra little clamps right here came like an extra clamp. If, like I guess, if one break or something it's really nice, okay, are we gon na? Take this off yeah I'll, be excited, I'm excited! Look at it! Oh my gosh yeah. Oh, my gosh, it's so soft like this is so soft. I'M not gon na lie to y'all like this feels amazing, like oh, my goodness. This is amazing. This feels so good y'all like I'm, not even alive, they feel good and it's bouncy. It'S kind of wavy. Oh my gosh, this is so good y'all kind of excited because it's like I'm excited because I'm like okay y'all. So now I think you're ready to part my hair, so we're just gon na go to the back right here. I'M gon na part it and then I'm gon na use the clamp that they gave me to clamp the rest of my hair up. So let me show y'all, let me see, let me see, y'all, never really did my hair on camera before so this is new or whatever, but we'll be okay. So let's clamp this part up right here. I don't know if it's clumping all of it, because I needed to clamp hold up. Let me redo the clap, okay yeah. So now I am about to clip my first one in um. So basically you have the two right here. This is what I'm going to start with. This is what I want to start with right here and then we're just gon na clamp them in so to open, clip-ins. You really just pop it open like that and just slide it in your hair, so yeah you're gon na get ready to cut these in Gallup nervous, I'm not nervous, but it's just like I'm excited you know, so we got to make it a little thick right. There, because you don't want it to like slip out. You know you got real real soft hair and it's kind of slippery like you need to um. Okay, let's clip it in I'm trying to show y'all the back. I'M gon na try my best to show you how to back okay, so we got that we got our first one in y'all. We got our first one. So basically, if you just want to comb it out like that, that was our first clipping y'all and it was the one with the two um Clips on it and also y'all I'm gon na. Let y'all know how convenient clippings are there, so they're, much more affordable, they're very convenient to just get up put your clip ends in and go like it's so easy. Y'All like clippings are really really convenient, really convenient. So I already have my next section part parted right here, so how I know like what um, which one to use for my um for the section I'm going in y'all know what I mean. So basically I just parted and I um lined the weft. I line it up with my part to make sure okay. Yes, this is like the perfect fit all right y'all, so we got the next one in and you know I'ma just comb it a little bit and so get you some clippings girl, because all right y'all. So now that I have my next one in I am just going to take this clamp out. This clamp right here that they gave us is, is really really convenient too y'all like it's like it. You know, if you didn't, have a clamp, just clamp it up. That'S really good, like I'm glad Jason did too okay. So now we've been apart, the next section of our hair, okay y'all. So for the next section, I'm going to use one with the three Clips right here, just gon na open it like this and we're going to clip it in I'm gon na do three on each side. So I'm gon na use this um this one and then I'm gon na use the other one to put three in. If you know what I mean, look got ta look up for you and just like that, and then on the other side I am going to do the same thing with the three of them all right, Charles, so now so look we have this part party right Here so um trying to get it like good Twitter part is at least a little straight. You don't want it too quick. I take the four piece right here and this part of my head, like this part right here, so if y'all saw that okay yeah so yeah, I put that one in so what I do I just go as I go. I like comb it out and stuff. So yeah, I am doing the middle part. I am going to like re-flattern the top of my hair to make sure everything is laid down slate and everything like that. You already know so yeah, okay, y'all, so, like I said, the hair is really really good. But honestly I wish I had like more Clips. You know what I'm saying so I can just you know, um using more and stuff like that, and you know clip is they're really easy to play with, like you can move them around put them whatever you would like and stuff like that. So that's the real! That'S the good thing about it, but honestly I just wish I had a little bit more Clips to put in my hair, so I can maneuver with it a bit more but yeah y'all. These clips are really good. So now I'm going to go in with these two right here I did say this is going to be in fast motion, but I just have to let y'all know that I'm gon na go in with the two clips right here and then I'm going to put It in like the middle I'm gon na, put one right here: wait, no, not on the side hold up. I put in the wrong spot. Let'S take this clip right here as well with the two clips and then put it next to the clip that I clipped right there y'all know what I mean okay, so we got those two clips in right. There now we're gon na go in with the one piece clips and like clip them, like you know, on the sides and stuff like that, so yeah y'all we getting there we getting there, I'm getting excited we're just gon na party make sure that it's all good Um, I'm gon na go in with my one piece clips right here and start clipping them on like the size and stuff, so y'all clippings are so easy to just clip in and just do oh, my gosh, like it's so easy and so convenient very convenient. I'M just gon na hands right there on this side, so now we're just going to actually lay my hair down, so I'm gon na let my hair down and I'm gon na plug up the flat arms. Let'S do a middle part because we gon na give middle parts today, y'all midsole part I actually like middle parts. I actually like middle points, um, don't mind my little short hair y'all. Actually I know, but it's okay, so yeah we're gon na go with middle part. Y'All I'll be right back when I'm getting ready to flat iron, it um, maybe sweater and smoking, so it does like flat iron and stuff. It'S really good at that we got ta find out my hair too. Usually I put my hair like behind like this because, like I really just like it like that, I like putting my hair behind and then let me go and wait a little bit of edge control and like slick it a little bit. You know not too much because I didn't previously flat iron, my actual hair um prior to doing this video so yeah. I want to put too much heat on it, but yeah. I really just do that and then like slick it behind my ear. You know probably Stone out but yeah. I really like this hair y'all. It'S really soft. It'S some really really good hair, but yeah. I'M gon na make sure my actual hair lays down, and you know you know so - yeah we just gon na flat iron, really like the ends of the um clip in and then we're gon na flatter some of my hair to make it like even flatter than What it is yeah, I'm getting my shirt and everything I don't really like flat iron, hair and stuff like that. So I really like this hair y'all like it's getting it's giving okay. So this part is straight. So basically, I'm just gon na go in to my leave out right here and I'm going to make that a little flatter. You know get it get it right, get it right. Y'All foreign, I got ta show y'all the ends of the hair in straight, but obviously it's probably like a little got a little curl in it because it's been folded up. So I'm no biggie, though so yeah. If y'all enjoyed this video. Please please let me know I really enjoyed this video. I enjoyed doing it like it's my first hair review and so far so good like it's really good. I really do love this hair y'all. So if you are thinking about buying this hair person is hair um. I definitely recommend you to like buy it, because it's really really good hair like it is go, go hair it'll, be on the title right there and it'll be linked in my description box below make sure you check the description to see um what type of hair I got and stuff like that, so that'll all be linked in the description below, so I would definitely recommend you get this hair. It'S giving real classy girl, look um you're real classy yeah. I didn't do too much with the edges. I didn't do too much like you know. I just clicked it in, and here we go like this is an on-the-go look like you, don't have to do too much, it's very convenient, very affordable and y'all just get into it. Get into the clipping clip in is what's gon na be out now, because I'm telling you I'm telling you let the lace fronts go get into clip-ins. You know what I'm saying, because it's so much better. Like trust me, I've been awful. I'Ve been off wigs for the longest now so y'all trust me trust me. These yeah definitely but anyways y'all, make sure y'all like comment and subscribe and make sure you hit that how I upload - and yes, you will see these clip-ins in my next video because I will be wearing them because they that good yeah period, anyways, yeah y'all, so Bye

Emily Appell: Thank you for posting this!! I just bought the exact same extension and I’ve never worn clip ins so I was scared about how to install, but this video helped me 10/10!!❤️❤️

I Am Girly Thingz: Thanks!

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