Trying Out Beauty Works Clip In Extensions First Time (With Super Blunt Hair)

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I wanted to get clip in extensions for such a long time and I am really glad I finally got them. im sure I will find loads of cute ways to make them wuuurk, but anyway, if you have tried them and have any tips it would be so helpful if you could leave a comment!

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Welcome to today's video i am wearing extensions. Who am i basically i'm trying the beauty works, double hair set, i think they're 20 inch and i'm just gon na try them for the first time. I just received the package yesterday. This video is not sponsored. I just did it out of my own accord, because i wanted extension, i know before i bought them. I watched loads of videos to actually see what they look like on people and people's reactions. So this is mine, i'm not going to say anything, but this is what they look like if you are interested in seeing my reaction to them. Watch the video right. So this is a beauty, works, luxury, hair extensions, it's a double hair set and i got the color raven. It'S cut quite blunt because i find when i have short hair. It just looks better. It looks a bit like more thicker when it's cut like this, so i think it's going to be a bit of a challenge to blend the extensions, but i've watched a couple of videos on how people do them. I can just clip them in normally and i'm going to try that, but i also seen a girl who does another method. So if it doesn't work, i'm going to try that method and see if that one works, but she had a lot shorter hair than i did so. Let'S just see i feel like this is dinner. Dinner served i'm kind of scared. So long, oh my god, it looks like a great match, maybe maybe my hair's a little bit darker right now, but i know it's gon na fade. So this is real hair from what i'm aware. So you can curl it and you can straighten it. So it says that i need to backcomb each section at the root and spray a little bit of hairspray before clipping in the extensions into place, and then you can style it with heat up to 180 degrees celsius. I think it's just like normal hair right. So there's one four piece set: oh another four piece set and then a three piece: there's two one pieces: that's cool and a three piece. So two three pieces, two four pieces and two one pieces: okay, i'm gon na do the the lowest piece first i'll put it on the brush at the hairspray on the brush yeah i'll. Do a three i've got long, hair, okay, right so didn't blend. Actually, i mean, obviously you can see my hair here, but we'll see if we can work around it right. So let's do the next piece. So i'm just going to go like directly above that maybe like here yeah that looks good right. Okay, so let's do the four now see that's so close to my head. I don't know if that's right, it's so thick, which is so good, but i'm just wondering about these little pieces of my hair okay. So i don't think the four is gon na fit up here. Actually, i think i'm wrong. Okay, we'll do a four so thick. I actually can't believe how thick it is. This is the three. So that's the last long clip that i have in the set. So that's basically most of the hair put in my head now, i'm going to put in the little ones at the side and see if that helps. If it doesn't help i'm going to try the other method and see, if that's better, for me, maybe i'll, do it like here that actually covers a lot. Oh, my goodness, it's just these little tiny pieces, but i look. I look like the old mia okay, so i'm gon na take these all out and then we're gon na put them back in and try the other way and if it doesn't work i'll put them back this way. I can't believe how powerful extensions make me feel. Basically, what this girl did was she partitioned her hair wherever she parts it. So i don't really know where i part mine, because i'm supposed to have curtain bangs and also a fringe but whatever so she took a section so that that would cover the the top of the head. So she said it was like in a little in almost like a u-shape yeah. That was what hers look like and she did two ponytails. So i'll split, my hair, exactly down the middle or something similar and just tie it into little pigtails. Okay, like that, so go with the three. I don't know: okay and then let's do a four we'll do another four, a little bit higher up. So i'll just show you what i'm doing just above the last one. How does this work? Okay? This is the last long piece i have so we'll put that right up the top. I think that's what she did right up against the where we're gon na hide it and then we'll let the hair down see when i let my natural hair down that i think that looks better than the last time. To be honest, okay, the height is so well. Do it here so like here, oh wow, i feel like a new person wow okay, so in all realness having blunt hair, isn't the most ideal with clippings, but i think it's manageable, like it's easy to cover. I can just flick it like this and hope. No one really notices so lengthwise. This is where they're at so they are the 20 inch double hair set length on me. They just fall just here, which is exactly where i wanted them to be. To be honest, my overall opinion is just i'm shocked. I'M shocked that clip-ins can look this good, but this has really made me have faith in cliffins i paid 240 on the website shipping. This blew my mind. I ordered them on wednesday, wednesday at one o'clock before i went to work. They came the next day like the next day. That never happens because i live in ireland full on 24 hours later and i just paid for the the cheapest shipping that they had, which was eight euro. I think i went for this color because i see it a lot on youtube and i've seen people use this color and looking at other colors of the brown that were on the website, they looked a bit more cool toned and my hair is naturally a bit Red, so it's a perfect match and i feel so hot, which is just the main. The main point of this whole video is to basically transform myself into my heart self. I know before i bought them. I watched a couple of youtube videos just because i was curious and i think, when you're spending money on something it's kind of helpful to see people's actual opinions, only thing i'll say is maybe for a person that has really blunt hair. It might not be perfect like me, but i'm still working with it and from this distance. I think it looks great, but honestly, i think that's it. For me, i've got no other tips. I don't know how to maintain them. I don't know what to do with them. I know you can curl them and style them so maybe another day i'm going to try and curl them, but for now i'm just happy that i've tried them and i know that they suit me and i'm happy with my purchase. So that's kind of the whole point of this video and i think the second method that i tried is definitely better than the first one. We can still see little bits, but i'm gon na get over that. But thank you so much for watching, and i hope that you enjoyed the video so grateful for you and if you decide to get extensions or if you tried these ones. Let me know in the comments, because i'd be really interested to see what you think. Also so much love and we will see you in the next video

Ellie Bryant: I have this trouble blending my extensions I found if I tip my head forward and pop a 3 weft in the nape of my neck the other way once the hair is flipped back because the hair extensions are at the bottom your natural hair won’t be seen ... hope that makes sense it’s hard to explain without showing looks so lush tho

grey dolphin: do you still wear them ? would you recommend ?

Clara Gibbons: oooh mami

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