Relaxed Hair Wash Day With Plex Breakage Defense System

In this video, I share with you my relaxed hair wash day featuring the Creme of Nature Plex Breakage Defense System.

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Hi GUYS Welcome and welcome back to my channel. In this video. I will be reviewing the Creme of Nature, Plex Breakage, Defense, Shampoo and Conditioner.. The Plex Breakage System is formulated to help you with four main things. 1. to penetrate the internal structure of your hair. To reinforce it from the inside out. 2. helps fill fragile strands 3.. Maintain your hair in between chemical processes., 4., Perfect, strengthening tool for color-treated. relaxed, transitioning and natural hair.. From observing my hair, I realized that I needed to incorporate protein or bond-building shampoo and conditioner, and I chose the Plex Defense System to do this.. I have been using it for the last for weeks and my hair has decreased in breakage.. While you will always experience breakage because you handle your hair on a daily basis, but this system has prevented my hair or prevented my hair from going through premature breakage.. This means my hair gets really thin and really damaged, and then it breaks off.. This defense system has helped my hair to be full thick and strong for the last three weeks.. I start by rinsing my hair, getting it wet and shampooing my hair twice with the system.. It'S very moisturizing, even though it is a bond-building treatment, its very moisturizing.. It helps you from over-processing your hair with protein/bond-building treatments, because this is just perfectly formulated with moisture. Once I am through with my shampooing I go in with the conditioner.. I love the consistency of the conditioner. It is thick but not too thick, and it is not light where you have to use a whole lot.. The slip of this conditioner is really good.. I am releasing my own Caster Oil. On February 20th., I always add caster oil to my conditioners, no matter what conditioner I am using. So wanted to. Let you guys know this here on Youtube., Just before adding the conditioner, I check my scalp to ensure that the shampoo is washed out properly and then I go ahead and section my hair to add the conditioner. To ensure that your conditioner is applied to your hair. Evenly and all of the different sections of your hair are covered. I would recommend that you section your hair.. I am adding the conditioner to my roots because I do have new growth at this time, so I only condition my roots when I have new growth.. I am about 8 -10 weeks post relaxer., Adding the conditioner to my roots, to assist with the line of demarcation.. The line of demarcation is where your relaxed hair meets your natural hair and that's a very fragile section of your hair. So you wan na ensure that whatever products that you are using are actually placed on that line, so you can strengthen it. A bond-building treatment perfect for the line of demarcation.. Once I am done, adding the conditioner to my hair, I go back through and I lightly detangle it.. I don't want to go in with rinsing this out or even conditioning this with tangles, because that just allows you to rip your hair out when styling it or when you're actually drying it.. So I go through and lightly detangle. This conditioner has a lot of slip. So you would not have to worry about having enough to detangle your hair.. So I repeat this step for the next four sections and once I'm done I'm going to cover up with my steam cap or plastic cap. And if you are at home - and you don't have any of the above. Use a plastic bag or you go straight under your dryer., I deep condition my hair for 20-25 minutes, depending on what I needed to be doing for the day. But today I went conditions for 30 minutes because I have not deep conditioned my hair with this conditioner for the last two weeks.. The rinsing process is very important. You want to ensure that every single drop of the conditioner or any product that you are using is rinsed thoroughly from your hair., Because that can allow your hair to be sticky and weighed down in the styling process. A tip for washing your hair in the sink. If you look straight down in my drain, you may realize that that is a weird-looking drain., It's not actually a drain.. It is actually a sink strainer.. So if my hair sheds it's going to shed., It catches it. It's time for leave-In. This is the Creme of Nature Protein leave-In.. I will be blow-drying my hair, so I am using a spray leave-in and not a cream leave-in.. I use cream leave-ins when air drying. Definitely want to use a heat protectant when blow-drying your hair. So I use the Tressemme heat protectant. If you are using a heat. Protectant. Do not use heat in your hair., I added the heat protectant and then I blow dry in sections., Similar to how I section when applying my conditioner.. This is how my hair looks with just the shampoo conditioner and heat protectant.. I really love how this conditioner makes my hair feel the thickness the texture of my relaxed hair.. My relaxed hair is bone straight.. If you look closely at my hair, you can see that it is very thick., It's very textured and that's just the strength and the thickness that this bond-builder added to my hair.. My strands are healthy and it's all about length retention now, so once you've done your bond-building it's time for moisture retention.. Now I am going to moisturize my hair because, while it looks so nice and luxurious - and I want to it to let it flow in the wind, No Healthy hair needs to be moisturized.. So I'm going to be added my Mizani Moisture Treatment.. I don't have to use oil with this moisturizer. I tend to use it a lot.. The consistency of this moisturizer is not too light and not too thick, but you have to take care not to use too much because it can weigh your hair down.. As you can see, my hair is literally flowing in the wind., It's not weighed down, and it's moisturized.. You have to pick the moisturizer for the thickness of your hair.. If you have thin hair, I would not recommend this moisturizer.. Once the moisture is added, you go ahead and style. Never use moisturizer before heat., Thanks for watching go ahead and watch my other videos on the screen right, now. Comment like and share, and I will see you the next one:

Latonya Bruno: I bought this Creme of nature Flex system about a month ago. I love it my hair has gotten thicker

0tismadaline: There is no best feeling like,a successful wash day great sharing sweetheart ❤

Z Faith: Your hair has grown

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