Long Hair Mistakes To Avoid As A Guy

  • Posted on 07 June, 2020
  • Long Hair
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Hey guys and welcome back for another long hair video.

Video on hair care hacks that will save your hair: https://youtu.be/m0D-tBJDU8I

To join the Man Buns & Manes hair growth community just click here and follow the prompts: https://manbunsandmanes.com/

Today I just wanted to touch base with you on a few common long hair mistakes that some guys tend to make and they are ones you definitely want to avoid either during the hair growth process or even if you already have long hair. Just make sure you are not doing the following.

Number one, is drying your hair with a normal towel and roughing it like this. Stop that. Normal towels are great for absorbing water off your body but they are rough as fword for hair.

Firstly, when your hair is wet it’s super fragile. So if you use a rough material & a rough action on wet fragile hair, what do you think is going to happen? It’s break. And obviously no guy who has long hair or is growing long hair wants that right.

Also, normal towels really rough the cuticle up which for coarse hair types like mine boof it out 30,000 times more than it normally would. So to avoid all of the above, use either a soft microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt and squeeze when you’re drying it. Don’t rough it up haha. Whatever you do.

The 2nd long hair mistake guys make is brushing it when it’s wet.

Again going back to what I said just before, hair is really fragile when it’s wet, so using a brush on it while it’s in that state is one awesome way to ensure your hair doesn’t grow… At all haha. If you absolutely have to, use an extremely large wide tooth comb and gently work your way through the hair. No paddle brushes and no fine tooth combs ok.

Mistake number 3 that guys make about long hair is underestimating the amount of maintenance that’s actually required with the upkeep of long hair. As it grows there’s more of it and when you have the more it the true condition of your hair is a lot more obvious than when it’s short.

The long hair game can be a tough one so make sure you’ve done your homework before you step into the arena haha.

And finally for mistake Number 4, not having a hair goal.

Once you have a goal, you have something to aim for and anchor back to before making an irrational decision to chop it all off. Because honestly, before I got to where my hair is now, I thought for sure long hair just wasn’t for me and it turns out the longer you let it grow, the more it starts to grow on you… literally and figuratively.

So set a goal and join a community where you can get inspired by others who are doing the same. That’s what the man buns and manes Facebook community is for. Everyone in there lifts each other up when they are feeling doubtful and there’s tons of inspiration before and after photos floating around in there that will keep you inspired.

If you’re keen on joining the pride, just visit the link in the description and follow the prompts. So that’s a few of the bigger mistakes you’ll want to avoid with your long hair guys, I hope you got some value from today’s video.

See you next week for another video!

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Hey guys and welcome back for another longhead video in today's video, i did just want to touch base with you on a few common long hair mistakes that some guys tend to make and they're ones that you definitely want to avoid whether you're, either on the growing Out process - or you already have long hair, just make sure you aren't doing the following: okay number: one drying their hair with a normal towel and roughing it like this. Stop that okay, normal towels, are great for absorbing water off your body, but they are rough. As for hair, okay, so firstly, when your hair is wet, it's super fragile. So if you use a rough material with a rough action on wet fragile hair, what do you think is going to happen? It is going to break okay and obviously no guy, who is growing his hair out or has long hair wants that right. Also, a normal towel really roughs up the cuticle. So for coarse hair types like mine, it makes the buff 30 000 times more crazy than it normally would be so to avoid all of the above use, either a soft microfiber towel. Just like this or a cotton t-shirt, and when you're drying it squeeze, don't rough. It up: okay, whatever you do, because that is gon na break your hair, and that is not what we're here for. Okay, don't want you making that mistake and for the third mistake that guys make is brushing the hair when it's wet again going back to what i said before, hair is super fragile when it's wet so using a brush on it. While it's in that state is one awesome way to ensure that your hair doesn't grow at all, hang on i've got props if you absolutely have to use an extremely large wide tooth comb and gently work your way through the hair, okay, no paddle brushes and definitely No fine tooth comb brushes, okay, something huge like this - really gentle and glide it through the hair, okay seriously, because you don't want to be breaking your hair off. A lot of these guys are like. Why is my hair, not growing rough towels, and not using one of these is the reason so mistake. Number four guys make about long hair is underestimating the amount of maintenance, that's actually required with the upkeep of long hair, as your hair grows, the more of it. You can see the more hair there is the easier it is to see the true condition of it compared to when it's short. So if you aren't looking after your hair, properly you're going to be able to tell everyone around, you is going to be able to tell and your hair just isn't going to look its best. If you want to learn more about caring for your hair, i did make a video a few weeks ago about my hair care hacks, that i use daily and weekly and i'm going to leave that either in the description box or in the cards. For you, the long hair game can be a tough one, so make sure you've done your homework before you step into the arena. Okay and finally, for mistake: number five not having a hair goal. Okay, this one is particularly for the hair growers that are watching this. Video having some sort of goal with your with growing your hair is paramount when growing it out, because there's so many different stages and emotions that we feel during the process that it can really get in the way of what we're trying to achieve. In the first place, once you have a goal, you finally have something to aim for and something to anchor into before, making an irrational decision to chop it all off. You know, because, honestly before i got to where my hair is now, i thought for sure that long hair just wasn't for me and it turns out the longer you let it grow the more it starts to grow on you literally and figuratively, so set a goal. Join a community where you can get inspired by others who are doing the same thing as you uh, that's exactly what the man buns and mains facebook community is for everyone in there lifts each other up when they're feeling doubtful and there's tons of inspiration of like Before and after photos floating around, so it's some it's a place that everyone can come and get inspired and also help inspire other people. If you're keen on joining the pride, all you need to do is visit the link in the description box below and follow the prompts, and that brings us to the end of the video that is some of the bigger mistakes that a lot of you guys will Want to avoid with your long hair or even if you're growing it. I hope you found some value out of this video and please remember to hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed it, because it really helps me out in the youtube algorithm and hit the subscribe button, if you're not already subscribed, because i make long hair content, Like this, all the time and i'll see you next monday for another video catch, you later, you

PeePee PooPoo: Can you please add the video you said about in description

Wat n tar nation: I finally grew my hair out to my desired length and style. It’s a bit passed my shoulders and I love it but it needs some maintenance so I’m going to get my hair layered and thinned at the stylist so my long hair can shine and look lush af

BlyatManMike: As a male who's had long hair my entire life, taking care of it cannot possibly be understated, my mum taught me very early on to take great care of my hair, and I am so greatful for that.

Silentcurrents: Thomas thanks for making all these videos. You’ve inspired me during the journey. I’m at 5 1/2 months rn. Hair is awkward as fuck. But I’m learning to enjoy every awkward phase cause it won’t be like this forever. I’m finally growing my hair out the real way. I tried growing it long and then I let my family push me to the point of cutting it. And when this year started i just felt like it was time to reach the long hair goal. Always wanted it. I’m finally Not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. To all my fellow men. DONT GIVE A FUCK about how your hair looks. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll have long locks and I guarantee it’ll all be worth it. FUCK THE HATERS. GROW YOUR HAIR. CHEERS MATES!

Lulu Eddy: Very valuable advice once again Thomas, thank you! I'm only in the very early stages but I'm already putting these tips into action to reap the benefit later! #BuzzcuttoTarzan

Mikeler: What is your opinion on blow drying hair? Most common advice I see says not to do it but I've been seeing some research that suggests actually letting it air dry is worse than blow drying because the hair gets swollen when it's wet and the longer it's wet the worse it is.

Iskaral Pust : Thanks Thomas! I was making literally every one of these mistakes. As a 37-year-old long-haired man, I really need to be more vigilant to keep what I've got as I age!

Mary & Dave: After over 2 1/2 years I had a hair cut (reluctantly) of about 3 inches, after the initial shock (like it will never regain that 3 inch ever ) I was pleasantly surprised that my hair was much better, less tangles. It will be probably another 6 months before a nip it though.

Realists: I'm currently 6 months into growing my hair out. Before that, I had an undercut sort of thing with short hair in the sides and a medium length on the top. After these 6 months, the hair at the top is visibly longer and I can feel it growing fast. But the hair just around the sideburns are growing too damn slow. Is there anything like trimmimg I could do to correct this issue?

syukoshiomy: these tips are honestly super useful for ladies too! i had short hair much of my life and my hair has only gotten longer more recently but your style of presenting is so engaging and fun that i cant help but watch your vids. thanks thomas!!!

Digital Craze: I thought I was the only one who draped my hair up over my pillow at night! Lol! You always give the best advice, and now that you are one of the Long Hair Bunch, you can show us how to keep it looking great! (Btw, you rockin the long hair!)

Mathias Vibeto: I've brushed my hair when it's been wet more times than i can count haha Although i personally think it depend on how rough or easy going you treat your hair in the long run

Donald Blake: Learnt the hard way never cutting it for years... Just wasn't growing... Got shorter in some places and un even and ratty looking. Just had my first trim really didn't want any length cutting off but it looks so much better now and wanting to get regular trims now while still growing it longer

Phoenics 09: Watching videos like these have rlly shown me how much i underestimated the maintenance needed to take care of long hair, thank you for the advice.

Renz Ian: as I'm watching I realize the things I've been doing wrong lately. I've been drying my hair with a regular towel, combing it when it's wet and always tying it. no wonder I've been experiencing hair fall lately. thanks for the tips man, I'll keep that in mind

Will Price: I have been letting my hair grow out from a #3 buzz cut, it's been a year and a half now, and I've still got a few months until it's all the same length at my shoulders. It has been a lot of work but well worth it...I even had a nightmare a few weeks ago that I cut my hair. I can't figure out why, but my hair is much more coarse and frizzy on the sides and behind my ears?

RockBiter: Good video! Thanks. By the way, there are wet combs you can use for wet hair. They have very flexible points and will bend out of the way when there is tention.

Jacob -: My length is about the same as yours, and it’s been looking really messy. Sure enough I click on your video and see I’ve been doing everything wrong lol. Thanks for the tips, I may not cut it after all

Joshua Hubbard: If it’s good for my hair, I don’t really care love the shirt!!!

adamn ?: This is gonna be really helpful. I've been growing my hair since the start of covid and didnt realize how much i was hurting my hair

Mark Miwords: Somebody needs to tell my hair that drying it with a rough towel and combing it when wet will break my hair and prevent it from growing because I've been doing that for almost 2 years since growing it out at the start of Covid and it's well past my shoulders, full and thick.

Roy Babul Rizki: I personally still using a regular towel to dry my hair. I think, its depends on how you dry yours, even though I use the regular tower to drying, I never do it in a rough way. I used to wiped gently my hair with towel, wipe it from the root to the ends, so you not breaking the cuticle pattern. I olso squeeze my hair with towel to absorb the watter. Never rubbing your hair, just squeeze and wipe gently from root to the ends.

Mohammed Abdullah: I used wide tooth comb to detangle my hair with thick waxy conditioner treatments for extra slip and easy, used paddle brush to style and apply products.

Samurai: im gonna be honest, i've always had long hair and I'm in a phase where I'm really not sure what to do with it. I've been really trying some more self improvement I've started working out and trying to just take a lot better care than I used to, but I have problems with my hair, 1 people make me think it looks unattractive, im really trying to make myself look a lot more attractive and for most of my life people have been making fun of my hair calling my a girl or transgender and that kind of stuff, so im not sure what I wanna do with it, I've been trying to find the right hair style and just cant figure it out. and I don't fully wanna cut it just because incase I look really stupid with short hair. so im not sure what to do, any tips?

thegreenmanofnorwich: Try using a satin sleep cap - it massively cuts down split ends. There are brushes for wet hair with really flexible bristles. I don't use them, but they are supposed to be decent.

Peter Havel: Thomas -- just came across your channel (ain't the algorithm grand!) As a man who hasn't had a haircut since 1972(!!!) (I'm 66), the main thing is to NOT care what other people think, or say, or do about your hair... you're living your life for YOU -- not THEM!! #2--Find a shampoo AND conditioner that works for you -- everyone's chemistry is different. #3--Add Biotin to your vitamin regimen -- 10,000mcg -- I began finding my drain full of hair nearly every time I showered. After adding Biotin, I clean the drain MAYBE once a month!! (Or TWO!!) (This tip from YouTuber Brett Maverick, fashion model and health & fitness guru. -- Thanks Brett!!) Best Wishes to all my long-haired brothers out there!!

Jesse Ellis: THOMAS!! I'm new to the channel and i just love your content and your personality! I'm 5 months in and I'm so excited! I love the way you rock your half up half down bun! I cant wait to sport it myself

German: I shaved my sides 2 days ago because I had a huge afro growing and doing it I felt the fresh air in over 7 months and it was odd... but I'm going for that medium between jason momoa and ragnar lothbrock viking look and it makes my head look bigger but my hair looks massively smaller even though it's still 4-5 inches its just a 2016 manbun right more but I dig it, it has a native African feel to it

Luca Lodini: Is keeping my hair wet after a shower (without brushing them or really doing anything) a bad thing? I've watched a couple of video but now I'm confused cause everyone says a different thing. What do you think? PS. Great video, as always!

CANE Chambis: Thanks for the video. I have been growing my hair out for the past 25 months because I live in a Latin American country and may have to destroy a farm and flee the country without going thru immigration and with long hair and a beard, nobody who knows me in the country has pics of me except with very short hair! Never knew how much trouble it was growing it out long. Would notice Latina women using their fingers to comb out their hair so I started doing this. Been using a rough towel but will switch to T-shirt after watching the video.

Kian Walker: glad the only one of these im guilty for is the rough towel one, and ive only done it a few times, most of the time i let it dry mostly on its own

Riverbend1752: Some of these things simply aren't possible if you have curly hair. When you're curly, you have to tie your hair up while sleeping or it'll get extremely frizzy. You also have to brush/comb it wet for the same reason. I'm curly, and I use a satin scrunchie to tie my hair when I sleep. That way there isn't a boatload of tension, and then I wear it down during the day to show off the curls. No point in growing my curly hair out only to hide those curls in a bun.

John Rohrkaste: After towel drying my hair, I apply product, spread it with my hands and then spread it more evenly with wide tooth comb. Is that ok as long as there’s low resistance when combing it?

HOODKAGE JAMES: Thankful for this, I was doing everything you said not to do

Nabranes TwistyPuzzler: If you tie your hair loosely, it’s fine

oscar guijosa: Gotta love being a human being. Our body is literally weak asf from our hair down to any other thing.

Matthew Phillips: What tips do you have for super thick wavy hair that is pretty much unbrushable unless it's wet. Cause if i brush it dry i look like i stuck my finger in a outlet. It's also not really that long yet either.

Jion Jesk: This was still useful for me as a girl, its just hair. Don't understand the for guys thing. Mine is growing out right now. I have a shaven side, trying to grow the other side long. Still keeping a quiff for my bangs though because I like the poof, its more fun. I generally found a way to make it blend with the long hair. Its somewhat like a half mullet.

Kyle Lumsden: Damn wish he'd made this before I started no wonder my hair has slowed down so much

Loaf Of Cats: My routine is simple: 1) I use shampoo without sulfates ; 2) Natural oils (argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil and keratin) ; 3) Always condition my hair once a week ; 4) Detangle ; 5) I just leave the hair grow? ; 6) Regular trims every 2-3 months (although my hair is wavy, so yeah, it's chaotic) ;

Blue Purple: Thomas, I must be honest. I have been following your videos for about 3.5 months, and every now and then I click on a random one of your videos. Well, today I clicked on one of your videos from 2015 and watched almost 4 hours worth of your videos. LOL. I love your videos and love how much they help me. Side note: Will you consider making a video on the curly girl method?

Fabii Särve: Hello there Thomas✌, at the moment I grow out my hair and I’m really hyped. But unfortunately I’ve a receding hairline and that started when I was a lil kid. I got it from my dad and my old brother has it too. That’s why I don’t know if i can wear a man bun because I am afraid of being disappointed if it doesn’t look good. Recently I started using shampoo for that case, maybe some hair will come back. But like I said I’m afraid of it. Maybe there are more people here who have the same fear. Do you have experience with someone who wears a man bun with receding hairline or what’s your opinion about the look? I love your hair and your videos! You are the reason why I keep growing. Have a nice day! Greetings from Germany :)

Plan8plants: I didn't know about the rough towel thing. Thanks for the tip

Destry T: Sleeping in loose braids is also a healthy alternative to keeping it up! And you get to not wake up like Hagrid lol

BG Outdoors: I’m in the “it’s a little past shoulder length but still not long enough to do anything with it yet” stage

Tezan: hey man one question. im growing my hair out, i have always dried my hair with a normal towel and roughing it just as you said lol. And i was wondering why my hair was so weird and why it felt like it was not really healthy at all. And then i watched this video and found out why. So my question is: ¿What do i do with it to make it healthier? ¿Do i need to cut the tips of my hair?

Teo C: hey thanks for the transcription in the description, it's much more accessible and most people don't bother/choose not to

Dylan Schneider: I keep yelling at my mom to quit brushing her hair when wet, but does she listen....no! Also Thomas what did you do when you started to question getting rid of your undercut/growing your hair out?

CptHotsauce: Ive had some breakage and hair loss from I believe brushing my hair in the shower with no a wide tooth comb. My hair feels thinner now. Any tips on how to fix. Will the hair grow back in time?

The Notorious One: I've been doing all of these mistakes all along lmaoo

Martin Kadiev: great video, loved the animations, also great personality kept me engaged the whole way through

Dudley Goodwin: You make such a big ordeal about growing your hair out, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let it grow. As far as sleeping with it at night I just leave it free. I wear a ponytail during the day and take it out at night when I sleep. Doesn't bother me at all. Do buy a hair rake, and make sure you condition your hair after you shampoo it . So guys just relax and let nature do her thing!

Duc Nguyen: Guys, I know it is normal for hair to fall out when growing it out, but I just can't stop thinking about it and every single time I am full of anxiety of becoming bald someday. Any recommendations on my problem? Thanks a lot!

This Is Noah: Dude I remember January 2021-January 2022 was a long mental battle for me, like I learned how thick my hair gets, and how my cowlicks work and then how bad it looked for a year. I’m the end it was worth it

roflmows: easiest way to dry your long hair: give it a gentle squeeze or two in the shower, then just finger-comb it and let it dry naturally. never, EVER comb or brush your hair when it's wet--you'll cause HUGE breakage and split ends. NEVER use a plastic comb or brush. get a nice soft bristle brush, or if you must use plastic, use a simple wide-tooth comb that won't pull your hair. there are a lot of nice natural wood combs for pretty cheap, too. a soft, gentle brush before showering will pull out loose hairs. a soft, gentle brush on non-wash days spreads natural oils over your hair and keeps it soft and healthy.

Steven Duque: It's hard to let your hair down here in the Philippines or countries with hot weather. Facts

Jinaria: I recently got an undercut because I wanted my crown area to be longer then the sides and back when they grow out but I don’t want it to be too much longer then the sides and back

Irfan Md: Hey Thomas, can u show us how much hair u lose when showering and shampooing. So i can calm myself its ok to lose a few if it looks better in the long run. Thank you and love ur videos

Dawson...: I'm watching this video and realizing I make ALL of these mistakes. Guess I need to buy a microfiber towel and a wide tooth comb.

David Corey: i've always had short hair and now i've made the move to not get cuts and let it grow. I think I am in the 5th month of it and i am noticing it feels weird to have so much hair, is that normal?

algol29: as a guy, I thought the purpose of having long hair was because it naturally looks good, and all you need to do is run a comb through it. I shortened my hair, so it isn't as long as yours. Still, the only reason to have it long is for girls... or a girl, preferably.

Michael Spencer: Holy shit I was making every single one of these mistakes. Thanks for the video dude

PanHem: Thx, i instantly loosened my hair, after the first tip, i dont wanna go bald

MichaelM_yan: Yeah my hair reaches my ass at this point and it's true you do get connected to your hair the longer you have it.

Meme Thief: I used to just want long hair and got to the jesus lvl. Then I got it cut down to about 2-3 cm under my shoulders & started doing it up with a heatcomb and now that's my proper style

D. S.: I use a tangle teaser wet brush in the shower. Obviously I don’t use it all the time, only when my hair is really knotted. What really wide tooth combs are good for thick curly hair?

Ali Jassim: Actually my goal is to never cut my hair off ever again :)

Petr Kuráň: I like your videos Tomas, but the biggest mistake is to blow hair, iron and curl my hair with warm air ...

Mufasa2001: I’m in the awkward stage especially since I started at a undercut so it looks like a big fro lol

Dom R.: hi thomas this is the first time in my life im sticking to growing out my hair,i need help bad. btw what a waste of time not growing it earlier ....the thing is i work construction ,so theres sweat, dirt ,smoke dust ,etc in my hair. i need to wash my hair everyday, i use the Nioxin System 1 for Natural Hair with Light Thinning Cleanser Shampoo and Scalp Therapy Conditioner  plus the argan MOROCOON OIL. on towel dry hair or i put it in and just let it dry on its own im not using any leave in conditioner so far. please let me know what i should do to fix up my daily routine after work. please thomas.get back to me. like i said im loving my hair, i just need help to keep it going. thank you i

369 universe: I am bald but when i towel dry my hair ..it doesnt break...

Kartik Thakur: Hey Thomas tell me this When I come out of bathing and my hair are super wet I usually just apply hairband and let them air dry naturally.... Is it okay to wear hairband on wet hair.?? BTW I m on 4 month of my hair growth..

Matthew Newton: How can I get my hair to stop coming out and getting stuck in a knot in the band when I take my bun out, happens everytime.

Wesley: I thought I was doing a good job with taking care of my hair until I got to the part about using a towel and brushing whole my hair is wet... I'll be sure to stop using a regular towel

ItzDG30: I don't have a Facebook. Could I still join the group? Also thank you or the videos, they have helped me out a lot while on the journey to grow my hair out and helped me to decide to grow it out even longer.

Flyin Brian: I've been doing like all of these.

12 Hornet's: I've been growing the hair out for over 4 year's, Maybe need to assess things a bit differently now...

SSBzhum: ⟟ am 18yrs and ⟟ have the back and sides shaved ⟟ like to put it up in ⏃ sort of palm tree and everyone makes fun of it but ⟟ don’t care great video!

Zayyy Yahh: Is it bad to pull on your hair? I do it to get the dead hairs out (if that makes any sense).

Joshua Portman: Very very helpful thank you

derp scythe: I recently started tying my hair back before sleep and thankfully will not do that anymore

Aidan Fontes: I’ve never put my sire tied up while sleeping I always thought that was the most strangest and pain duo thing

Blueface Aight: Love you and you’re videos so much !!!

Sam Kn: Thanks man ! That's helpful!

Goefrei: I just removed my hair tie after watching the first few minutes LOL

Appumia: um heyy .... i am growing my hairs now but it started falling now so i have a question should i keep my hairs up so that they dont fall or let them loose to prevent the hair loss i am facing right now

N3TR: Is brushing hair while in the shower damaging too?

Guio Rey: I love your videos!!!!!! You have beautiful hair yourself!! ❤️

constantdoodle: Lmao I’ve been doing all of these wrong

Albrei Merilles: Ive been sleeping with man bun everyday, my hair become curly and ugly haha, thanks forthis

Boss: Problem is, I'm already in the arena. Been here for some time and boy do I wish I did my homework beforehand. I've been on a spree of learning how to maintain my hair today after having it for almost two years. Why all of a sudden you ask? Well I saw this guy with luxurious hair and beard and was like, "Damn, I want that." So here I am at 6am. Got a *long* road ahead of me

Joy Das: I love to watch your videos but you're little silent... please be more loud..... otherwise I just love your videos and I've joined your FB group also... thanks for giving us courage and help us to make our dream comes true....❤️❤️

Vedant Mathur: Love your hair content bro! Also love the way you put things :) why don't you start your own hair products company... I'd be the first to buy!!

Britt: Your hair is gorgeous! What do you think of wet brushes?

JustWowMan Plays: Question: I have been a hair grower since the start of Covid, unintentionally, but I fucking love it now With no experience prior to Covid, I have been a rough-towel-when-wet dryer AND comber, with no oil products... that's nearly two years of bad habits lol. Does my hair still have hope for a healthy life? I mean, it seems to be growing still, but damn do I have a million split ends that I assume is from my bad habits Help!

Zach Adair: I only wear a bun when I workout and sometimes at work tbh

kid a: Shit I've been with a bun for like 4 years. Got alot still but I will let it down more now. Thanks.

Ni Cola: One question: Does having long hair automatically turn me into Jesus?

Mad Musician: You said to try to brush when wet only with a big comb. Is it big enough if it has 1-2 millimeter diameter teeth and a similar distance apart from each other? Cuz I use that only to quickly redirect it on the side.

John Harrington: I use a do rag when I sleep. Works wonders.

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