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Oh baby, what's good everybody welcome back to your Sweet Escape to Goldie's world, I'm Goldie your host and you're tuned back into another episode for all the people. Who'Ve been here since day, one my ace, boon, Coons! You feel me. We go way back like folks. You already know what it is so make sure y'all leave a like make sure that notification Bell is on make sure y'all subscribe if you haven't yet and yeah another banger. So I was sitting here - and I was thinking of myself myself and myself said huh and myself said girl. You ain't dead, a wig themed video in a minute and I'm like you're right anyway. I got these like real bright lights on me and I'm still trying to learn how to use this new lighting system so bear with me. So I got me some ice water uh, so I don't pass out on camera. I was at the beauty, supply store and I came across this really cute wig. I got it on sale for 35 bucks. First of all, let me tell you all the specs of this wig before I even get into any kind of conversation, because y'all know I can talk and talk and talk. So this brand is called newborn free. It'S the magic lace, curved part, lace, front, wig um. It says curved part like everywhere, so here like five times y'all and I'm gon na be 100 the way it's looking in this picture. That curved part looks like. Oh no they're like stitches to me right now. I ain't gon na lie to y'all, but from what I've seen on the mannequin head, the wig was pretty and I feel like I could work with it. I'M seeing high quality so yeah. I got it in the color fs1b30 and it is iron safe. It says it's safe up to 360 Fahrenheit Fahrenheit 360 Fahrenheit foreign colors one one B, two four, like blonde blue rose gold, caramel red wine, violet, Etc. So let me go ahead and just take this bad boy out the pack. It'S looking good so far. The curls are really tight, but I kind of like the curls to start off like this, because you can kind of work with them. They'Re very bouncy. It looks shinier on camera than what it really is. I feel like it's like a natural Sheen to it like if you were to get like a blowout and get your hair like lightly pressed spread out washing all over your hair. I feel like that's the kind of shine it's given. It'S very full. None of the tracks are showing because y'all know how some of the wigs are a little thin up in the crown, and you can see the tracks, I don't see any tracks, but that part is tight. Okay, do y'all see that it's a side part, but I think you could get away with wearing it in the middle as well. I would say it's a pretty long, wig um. It says it's ear to ear. It has ear to ear lace. It'S like that. Itchy hard scratchy kind of lace, this wig is an older wig. I'Ve seen people reviewing this all the way back to like five years ago. So this is not a new wig, but this is just a little cute wig to wear for the fall. It has two Combs right in the front on the sides of the park. There'S another comb in the nape and it does have adjustable straps. Let'S go ahead and try to swiggle and I'm going to cut this stock card off. Put my wig cap on and we're gon na get to it. Also, I'm sorry if y'all hear any noise in the background they had um first Friday downtown and me living downtown. Sometimes I can get kind of loud outside, so I'm giving Iverson right now and I'm just going to be using a regular wig cap. A brown wig cap fall see what I mean, I'm just about to put a little bit of this edge control. My edges, I'm just about to put a little bit of my foundation on my stocking cap. I know I'ma grab my tweezers and I'm gon na tweeze. This part it's gon na, take too long for me to show the whole thing on camera. Okay, so I just plucked it as much as I well as much as I wanted to, or I felt like y'all could see that the part is a lot more opened up. I don't know if y'all can even tell so now, I'm just gon na add a little bit of powder to it. With my Sigma 36 000 brush. No, I'm playing. You know how they be with my Mac. 622. I don't know I'm just going to put powder uh inside of the actual wig um. Also, I meant to say, um. I ended up abandoning the tweezers and just started kind of taking small hairs. Wrapping around my finger and cool, don't pull too many. At the same time, because it might tear the lace, the reason I had to do that is because the lace is pretty hard. So I felt like the tweezers weren't really aggressive enough, and I'm also going to put some powder at this part of the lace like towards the front here all right, y'all, I'm about to put this wig on I'm looking in the mirror. But I can't really like see all that. Well just yet it's not tight tight, but I think it's just firm because of this adjustment strap. I just clipped, I feel, like the uh lace is very transparent. I like that, but do y'all see it it's very voluminous. I like it, I like a really full wig. I think it looks very natural and it's going to look even more natural once I'm done with it. Let'S see what it looked like in the middle. I haven't even brushed it out yet and I'm already like in love. Another thing I like too is that it doesn't look weird in the middle. You know some curved Parts when you turn it to the like the middle. It starts to look like you can tell it's supposed to be uh side part. I literally feel like I just left the salon and got like my natural hair, like blue out, got a little press. Curls are very tight towards the end, but I feel like they're. They have a lot of plasticity. Is that the right word for this situation? I feel like you can kind of form it to whatever you want it to be, but even if you want to keep it like this, I think this is still cute. It'S very bouncy. Okay y'all, so this lace is like indestructible: I don't know if it's just because it's really hard do y'all like I don't even know how to describe it. I'M gon na have to just use scissors and try to cut it as organically as possible. I feel like I'm not gon na, have to use that much spray, though, because the wig is already pretty snug, so I'm just going to be using that even wonder spray or wonder lace, bong or whatever all right, y'all I'll be back once my makeup and stuff Is done, I'm gon na turn these lights off for now, because it's hot okay y'all, so I just got done doing my makeup. I took my scarf off I'm going to just put a little bit of powder. In my part, I already put some as y'all seen earlier, but just to collect connect it to my forehead. Y'All know what I'm talking about. Y'All know what we be doing, even though it is that hard, itchy lace. I find that it's not really irritating me like. I thought it would trying to make it look as natural as possible, so I have my uh paddle brush here and I'm literally just gon na take each piece. Oh y'all, this is a risk. Does this don't look right, I'm gon na be mad. Do y'all see that flip do y'all see this wow? This is so pretty. I don't want to brush it out too much because then it'll start getting frizzy. I want to leave. You know give some of it time. I guess you can say to loosen up by itself, but, like it looks like it might end up being too short on one side, because I put it in the middle, I might have to like split it up more, that's a little better, I'm just literally taking A paddle brush and flipping it outwards. Do y'all see this. I'M dead. Okay, I'm back alive, do y'all see this. Do y'all see this, I'm sorry what huh we all see. Look how natural this texture is. It'S so soft. It doesn't feel synthetic at all and just in case y'all couldn't see it before. Here'S the color see like the little bits of blonde in there put a part up close okay I'll see the part. I didn't like really secure this as good as I could have, because all the mishaps with the elastic band, I'm sorry but like it's over for all the people who was hating on me. It'S over with I'm dead, it's over with me all right, okay, y'all! So that wraps up the video, sorry there's some air conditioning in the background didn't think I'd be saying that in Ohio in a long time, but it's been a little, I don't know it's been a little warm in my building. This concludes the little review. I hope I answer everything all the specs. I would definitely recommend this wig. I think it's a great wig for the price point. I think it looks very natural. I think it's super cute. It would look good with many different looks. I got some plans for it for upcoming videos, so I'm super excited about that. I'M dead, I'm back alive. I will make sure to leave some links down below um and yeah. That'S that's it! That'S all I see y'all later bye,

π€π¦πšπ«π’πšπ§π§πš : You definetly ate this look up, now I want to buy this wig and I'm supposed to be saving my coin :)

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