Cornrow Braids: The Potective Style Lie.

Cornrow braids is a hairstyle. This braiding hairstyle is not about protecting hair. Protection and hair should never be associated with each nor used exchangably.

The truth lies in this video. Watch and learn. Please drop a topic you would like for me to cover in the chat.



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Hey what's happening, good people welcome to my YouTube channel. It'S me your homegirl adocha Wright, with a cool video about cornrow, braids or any braids. For that matter, not being protective hairstyles, I know y'all like say what all right. So here's what I have to say for real, never fear, because hair help is here on this channel, because that's what I do I help y'alls out, provided you do one thing and one thing only, and that is please be kind online, for this is a no Hair shaming Zone also, if you like this stuff, go ahead on and hit that like button and subscribe to the channel at the end of this video, I have two bonus tips. So stick around. It'S only about 10 minutes and I promise I got you faded. So you know when it comes to these protective styles, I'm telling you guys. You'Ve got to be careful out here in these YouTube streets because there's one group who has one thing to say that I agree, and here it is called looking for the hero she watch Channel Zero, go check them out right here on YouTube, all right. Here'S what she has to say about protective styles, I'm telling you to good protective hairstyles that helped me to grow my hair from this to this. So if you're interested you yeah, that was your life. Do you believe this? What about this? You remember what I said: a good protective style is a style that takes low manipulation to put in and low manipulation to take out so box. Braids is like something that you should try. It actually grows hair very, very well. So try box braids, he books. It'S not true, that's a lie that was a lie, found he's a liar all right guys. So rather it's growing your hair or if it's low manipulation, whatever she's talking about. I guarantee you she's, not a cosmetologist. Braiding is manipulation. There'S no such thing as low or little or no manipulation. When it comes to braiding hair, you have to intertwine three braids, whether you're going to add hair to it or some yarn or whatever you're going to manipulate the hair. So please, for the love of your beautiful afro, textured hair, stop believing this crazy stuff. These people are only about likes and getting some representation. In the meantime, you guys are going to be duped and out of a lot of money and, of course, no hair. Cornrow braid styles have been around since before Christ. Okay, so no manipulation don't believe that your hair is going to grow for free, because it's hormonal activity, no braiding, nothing. You can do with any hairstyle. That'S going to make your hair grow. I cannot reiterate enough. These are hairstyles, not natural, hairstyles, protective hairstyles growing out hairstyles wig hairstyles. These are hair styles. These are hairstyles that require manipulation. You can use products to help buffer the manipulations such as that grease. On the back of my hand, that's going to work pretty good, but when it comes to braiding hair, there are so many techniques. So many different ways that you can do this too tight too loose you, the consumer, you're, going to have to use your outside or inside voice to speak up for your hair. All techniques are not the same this one here, it's not so good. It'S a little bit too tight, so you're going to have to do your due diligence as a consumer and speak up and do a little bit more research as to who knows what they are doing. Okay, here's another hairstyle: these are you like your Warrior, braids again Guys. These are simply hairstyles. That still requires what maintenance, where you don't have to get up and comb your hair out. You still have to maintain these braided styles, regardless all right, hair care and hair styling are about these three things here: the right products, the right tools and the right technique. If you've been following me, you're going to hear me say this over and over again ain't. Nothing changed to a chicken wing, so use the right products who cares? Whose name is on it as long as it's the right kind, the technique make sure that the person is parting, the hair, properly prepping the hair properly. It varies from person to person, but just make sure that your braider being your mom, your cousin, your professional hair stylist. They have to have the right technique and how do you know when it's done right? It feels good yeah, so braiding hair should not hurt in any capacity. I repeat: braiding hair should not hurt in any capacity and when you finish off that cornrow braid make sure that you or your braider or whoever is doing some clean braiding at the end. To not tangle the hair every day spread your hair with a nice hair protectant to keep the braids nice and intact also loosen the the debris that will accumulate on the scalp secure those Ends by twirling them around. You can also comb them and if you have curly hair, you can just comb that hair and twirl the ends and that braid will stay intact. You can use a rubber band if you want to, but if you have curly hair a rubber band, it ain't gon na help, it'll stay. If they know what they're doing the braids will stay. Okay, but if you want to you, can secure the ends with a rubber band, that's totally up to you. Some people have it some people, don't all right so again, keep it simple when it comes to braiding your hair and understand these are not. I repeat: these are not protective hairstyles all right. Another thing you want to make sure that's taking place when you get your hair braided. Is you want to make sure that, at the nape that your braider is not braiding the hair too tight? This is why the whole notion of low or no manipulation it's hog wash. You are going to manipulate that hair people have a tendency to pull tight, sometimes not on purpose or for some reason, some people associate tight hairstyles with neat. It'S not true. Tight hairstyles does not mean the hairstyle is neat, it just means it's too tight. I know y'all like who really letosha yeah, so you don't have to have a tight braid in order for the hair to be neat, you just need to know how to do what go ahead say it braid, the damn hair. That'S right! If you know how to braid hair, then you won't have to worry about um, the hair being too tight. Your customers will understand the technique notice, I'm bringing my fingers in as to not tug and pull at the nape of her scalp, because this feels very uncomfortable. So don't be popping people upside the head talking about some sit still so again, you can spray your hair. I love satin Tain for all braids styles, just to keep the hair nice and neat all right at night. You want to tie your hair down when you spray that satin tame it has some artificial synthetic ingredients. That'S going to help. Keep that hair intact and those artificial synthetic ingredients are, of course, what small and molecular weight watch out for using food products on the hair. So tie those braids down all right. Some of you guys may have seen this uh. What is this? This Bonnet video floating around on social media come on y'all come on come on, come on. It'S that part right. There do not put a bonnet on those braids. I repeat: do not put a body on those braids now, if you have those long braids and you want to sleep well at night - well, yeah! So if your braids are long like this yeah put the Bonnet, so you can have a good night's sleep. But if you have regular braids leave that body along and tie the hair down all right, okay, I'm about to wrap this up. So here's my bonus tip number one. When you get ready to take a shower. I know y'all love to sing, but do not put that shower. Cap on you can sing but do not put on the shower cap, and I know you guys are like no I've been using my shower cap forever. I don't care, stop it. Judy. Do not put the shower cap on your hair when you have braids, please don't do this. The shower cap would lock in the moisture, and your hair will swell underneath that cap your braids will become frazzled and when you take that cap off this is what your hair is going to look like. I know you like quit playing no seriously, I'm not playing your hair is going to poof up and when it dry it's just going to be brittle. So ditch the shower cap. What should you do? Instead? That'S right just put a towel on top. So if you have tied your hair down just put a towel on top or just leave it alone, just leave the Bonnet. If you have that long, one on or if you have your hair tied down just leave it on and ditch the plastic cap. Please please please, please, please, please all right bonus, tip number two, I know y'all like girl, get a key Lola, you be keeping it 100 all right. Here'S my bonus tip number two. When it comes to slaying the edges all right, this is the secret. It'S not so much the product, it's how you use that comb. If the comb is being used like this, stop it stop it. This is why you need to come and see a professional. These videos are not going to help you. You need to come and see a professional hair stylist a licensed one, all these terms like loctition and braiders them. Folks, ain't got no education so but anywho, it's all about the technique, so don't lie that calm flat when you comb your hair, because you're going to pull it out and remember, tightness is not what neatness just braid the hair effectively ain't. Nobody got time for that. That'S why everybody got time for all this Conan. We have to stop this stuff. Please visit your licensed, educated cosmetologist, who understands that cornrow braids are hairstyles. We have been braiding hair in salons, since they mandated them all right. Do not fall for the hype of um protective hairstyles, because it's no such thing do you have fun with your hair, whether it's crochet box, it doesn't matter, you can do all of it. Just don't do it under the guise that you are protecting your hair. If you really really really really, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to protect my hair? Here'S, the answer. Male or female, just put a hat on it kind of like success. You know a condom hat you get it. Okay, all right! I know you like girl about yeah, it's just that simple put a hat on your head and that will put protect your hair from the elements welcome back today. I am talking about my new favorite protective style for guaranteed maximum hair growth and minimum breaking people say about black hair. I ain't gon na laugh. She was cute, but she said some crazy stuff. Listen here. I want you guys to be careful out here on these YouTube streets. These videos are merely they're truly for inspiration. Don'T take these folks literally guys, listen to your licensed cosmetologist, who knows more than just a hairstyle okay check out my documentary, The Narrative and thank you. So much for watching all right, I hope by now you guys are like I don't know about the protective hairstyles

HrhSophia TheFirst: I have seen shoulder to mid-back length since the Panarama and not doing anything to my hair for days sometimes a week. I wash and set, then wrap and leave it wrapped or in a low bun. Keeping the ends moisturized and the scalp clean is the only protection I use.

Esther T. Jones: Unfortunately I cannot tie my hair down overnight else I get migraines

Nyokabi: Do you recommend washing hair when you have braids?

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