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BEEOS 360 SKINLIKE Real HD Full Frontal Lace Wig, Body Wave 12A Unprocessed Human Hair Wigs Natural Hairline Surrounded 150% Density Bleached Knots and Pre Plucked with Baby Hair 16 Inch

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Welcome back to my youtube channel, so yeah today we're back with another her tutorial. You know i haven't done this up in a minute in a hot little minute, but today we getting into it today. I got this package from b low hair um from amazon. So we're gon na do a unboxing right now, so we both can you know this is my first time seeing a product and let's do this? Okay, they packaging. All nice, nice, nice fancy! I love it! Okay! I never had one like this, but let's see okay. Okay, so i come up in a 360 wig. I think this right here is a 16 inch. You know we're gon na do some smooth and swifty. It comes with an elastic band um. I think that's a headband, really, nice really nice. I never had a company. That'S in all of this um we got the wig cap. Damn these nails me oh yeah, and i got also this. This is the company right here shop with your girl and this up on the back. You got the instructions, everything that you need to know how to take her to her. Okay. I never had one of these. Neither yeah, okay i'll, see y'all, i see y'all, let's get into it, let's get into it, not that it gave me the last thing you, you know: ain't no company ever sending you a lesson honey. You got ta, go to the beauty supply to go, get there. So, let's get into the her already before i take the her net off to her already so. Okay! Oh, oh! That'S what i love! That'S what i love! Okay - and this right here is a 360. really nice got the elastic band right here to keep you in touch girl. Child hmm, put that is life. Okay, uh, y'all, y'all know i'm not. I'M not gon na explain everything, but what i am gon na do is show y'all everything, so my first product that i'm gon na use well, i first wiped my hair with this because i just took off a different wig like literally right before i started this Video make sure y'all wipe the front of y'all hair. With this put up on your wig cap. You know and y'all know that i keep. I don't cut my wig cap, like i don't put it over my ears over my eyes over my face. I just keep that hoe like this, so you gon na go in with your ghost bind. You know ever since i used ghostbum last time and it had my flatter than the i'm done using anything else. Another okay, you're gon na go in you're gon na. Do a few dots around your head and you're gon na do three layers of it so yeah and if y'all are hearing something outside it's because their window is open and close coming by come on, dang don't be doing that i'll be doing that right now. I hate when it be like little extra glue around it. So now, if i can, i cannot wear okay, but you go in three dots. I take any comb that i got and i smear that thing up and yeah this one of my favorite favorite favorite things to do is do my hair. I love it. Okay, yeah, now that i didn't need my three layers, i'm about to go in and i'm about to just lay this baby down and when i go in, i like to go in and just take like a comb that i got or some and just take it And just press it down up in that product yeah. I know this random hella random, but if you're watching this video make sure that you like comment and subscribe, you know your girl does this like when it really comes to this hershey. I can get up on her and do this for y'all every single day. Every single day, because i love every single weekend, i'm changing my hair, like i just love like the idea of just being able to do that, like you, just can change your hair whenever you want and just be a different person and then after i get done Doing that i just go in press the line down. That'S the thing all the way down! Yeah, look at that and that's even before i cut the lace off like that's so beautiful. So then, after that, i'm gon na go in with this right here and i'm gon na just spray that all the way around and then i'm gon na take my elastic band and i'm gon na just take it right up in the front of her. I'M about to just let this sit up on her for a little couple of minutes and then i'm gon na get back with y'all yeah. It'S giving me review time. Okay, let's see. Oh, this was choking the out of me. Okay, let's see look at that. Oh, my god, stop playing with her. That'S stop stop playing with her. This got me ready to pose ready to. You know clean clean up on the beach about to get into just cutting this slice off, and just i like to just do the little lines right here: okay and when i'm cutting it. I like to not go too far up to the lace, but not but not too far, back okay, and when i say that i mean like that's good for me right here and i just like to just go in and cut that baby. Just like that. Oh yeah, i'm low-key, obsessed, i'm low-key, obsessed high key obsessed. Okay, do the same thing up on this side. Oh my god. This is so beautiful. Stop playing - and i like to make my part first off the extent that then i can figure out where my um, where my edges is going to be, it won't be like kind of horror game to just you know, make the edges or whatever yeah i like, That it really doesn't even look like i'm gon na, have to put a whole lot of makeup up on my part, to get it to look like anything like and after i get my part, i figure out where i'm gon na have my baby edges at it. Okay, that that is where my agent is gon na, be then, after that i just kinda, just put my hair up. If you got one of these got this from dollar tree too. So if you need anything really really really really, i suggest that you go to dollar tree and just go. Look because dollar tree really got some good ass. Okay, then that's when i just wrapped that thing up like that, and i only really just do my friend i don't really care about my back cuz is that cool then that's when i just like to just go in go in with my makeup just so i Can give it that dramatic just like it's really really skin, even though right now, i feel like with this this her look at that already it's like honey. You don't even need my makeup, but okay, not but hey, and i just go along with that, like that. Try not to get it up onto her, but sometimes you do okay, and i like to put a little bit along the front just like that, and then that's when i like to go in one more time. Take this just go along from where i just stick, and then i like to take my elastic band again and just put it up on there. Then that's when i play the weight gain. If you want like a faster result, you can take your blow dryer. Then you just go in and you just look like that: okay and then just take it back off and you should be literally good. Okay, i make my part and then that's when i go in with my wax. Take that - and i like to put that wax up on her then go in. Take my hot comb and go up in her. When i say i just started, i just started you really using the wax, but when i say that thing work so good, so good y'all, if y'all don't have y'all wax boy. Please please please, please, please. I recommend that y'all get y'all. He had he about to make me big boy, but yeah yeah. That'S this side compared to this side, okay, we bought them stored up on the other side. Yeah. This hurt is so beautiful, like it got me just like kind of just feeling, like i don't know like, i don't know it just, but it's like a good. Oh no, like i love to like take pictures and like have my clamp up in my hair and just like it just got me feeling like so beautiful, i'm over here, like low-key, the bane like. Do you want to make your layers, or do you just want to leave it alone and just rock out work out that way? I'Ma just take my foundation, i'm gon na just go in up on that porch and i'm telling y'all doing wigs. It'S really really is a illusion. Like yeah, i know i say this up on every last one of my videos. It'S just a illusion. You just got ta kind of learn how to kind of make it look real like make it look how you want it to look like. Basically, it's an art, it's an art, and i'm telling you like, i didn't feel like anybody can do it because i never done hair. I never like other than mine like i'll, be telling people this all the time. I literally never got up on anybody else's head and done theirs, which i would love. I would love to do somebody else's hair like if any of my people out there never want me to do their hair. The only thing that you would have to do is just get your wig and i do everything else, but i would want to try up on somebody, but now we finna go in and cut some baby edges and when i cut them, i like to go over A little bit under the eyebrow, i don't like for my edges to be little, so i go and you start off kinda long and then that's when you go shorter, like go push your things over. If that makes sense, if you understand me, you understand me the girls who's gon na get it gon na, get it and the girls who don't you still gon na, get it you still gon na, get it either way so yeah, i don't know for all of My girls, my girls, they know what they doing my girls, who don't know what they doing i'm wrong for all of us, because we all had to start somewhere. Okay, do the same thing. I don't know i got ta watch out cause. They look like my baby hair just but with your baby edges, you you, let these be long and you select them babies down. So, okay, like this, oh okay, hey get away! Thank you holding up the way you just keep doing it until it finally stays in place, and sometimes when i can't get it to completely stay up in place. I just spray a little bit and then, wherever the end is i put that product up on it and do it like that? The girl's gon na love this okay, you do the same thing. I just did that one all the way around, and sometimes it takes practice so don't get discouraged, don't get. Don'T think that you can't do it the way that i'm doing it because honey you could do whatever you put your mind to, and i don't really like for mine to lay down, so i just keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. I, like the monster, really really really kind of look like this yeah. I do my baby edges like this every single time, no matter if it's weave my red hair or what i do not care, i love for them to just look so extra and different, and just so extra and different, so yeah yeah. This is the finishing look. Oh, my god, i'm so obsessed um. I was gon na cut the hair, but i'm gon na leave her alone. The hair look just so beautiful to me, like this, just open my clamp with the little curls in the back um. I really do love this her and i recommend it to everybody honestly, like look look at it like and it's giving skin like. I love that, but this is the end of the video. If you stay to the end of the video, make sure you like comment and subscribe, and your girl will be back soon real freaking soon, hopefully soon i get to do like a color. You know some spicy i've been thinking like black mixed with a little bit of gray. You know, but we're going to keep that for another time and yeah like i'm out.

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