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In this hair tutorial I will be showing you how I installed this 5x5 lace closure wig. I loved that this wig was already coloured with these blonde 613 streaks!! I will have all the details about this wig down below. Please be sure to like this video if you enjoyed it, leave a comment down below so we can interact & if you are not already subscribed please hit that subscribe button below.

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Hair Info: 5*5 Transparent Lace Black with blonde 613 straight wig 24 inches 180 density

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Hey Honeys welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, my name is schneid and in today's video I'm going to be showing you how I installed this highlighted closure wig. So if you're interested in seeing how I got this look continue watching. So I just wanted to shout out ashy Mary hair company for sending over this package, I'm just showing you guys what I received. So I got this little mini curling iron. Then I got some eyelashes: an edge control, brush a wig cap, a melt band, a razor and, of course, the wig itself. So this was a black wig. It had some 613 streaks in it and yeah. This is how it looked so they sent over a 5x5 transparent lace, closure wig, so I'm just showing you guys, the inside of the wig. It had two combs at the side, one combat the back. Of course it had the adjustable band and I'm just showing you guys how the lace looked on my skin so yeah. This is how it was looking. The color was super nice and we're gon na get straight into this install. So this is the wig I already braided my hair back into six straight braids. You want to make sure your hair is nice and flat. Then I'm gon na go ahead and put on my wig cap next I'll, be taking my concealer and my makeup brush and I'm just going to brush it over the top portion of my wig cap, where the lace for the closure will sit and I'm also going To use that same brush and put some concealer also on the back of the lace of the closure wig as well. So I'm going to take the back comb and I'm going to stick it in the back portion of my head right in the middle and pull the wig up. You want to make sure the wick is sitting right. I then went ahead and combed the hair back and also use my hot comb to make sure everything is slicked back, because I will be using my adhesive spray to spray the wig down. So I want to make sure all the hairs were out the way foreign. So I am going in with my ebb and adhesive spray and I'm just spraying it on the hairline and once I finish spraying it I'm going in with my melt band and I'm going to tie it down that way. It can dry and as I wait for it to dry, I'm going to go ahead and flat iron. This hair, I went in with my argan oil spray and I just sprayed it all over and then I'm going in with my flat iron. This is the now titanium Bayless flat iron. I believe it's a 3000 and I'm going to straighten the hair. Thank you, foreign foreign, I'm going in with my piercedure wax stick and I'm just putting it all over the top portion and I'm going to use my hot comb and comb it that way. It lays flatter the wig was already flat, but just to make it lay a little bit flatter and look more neat. I did go in with the wax stick. So that's exactly what you see me doing now. Thank you. Now I'm just going to go ahead and comb out the hairline because of course it is stiff from the adhesive and then I'm going to cut off the extra lace. So I like to make a slit and then use my Razor to razor off the extra lace. Once I remove the extra lace I'm going in with my Tresemme holding spray and I'm just going to spray it on the hairline and then I'm going to put my melt band back on and dry it so because I figured the wig could be even flatter. I went in and parted it like in the middle on each side and used my wax stick to just make it flatter or feel much flatter, and it did make a difference. So I did the same thing on the opposite side, foreign with my flat iron and I'm just straightening the ends once again and once I've done that, like I'm, basically just combing the hair to make sure everything is in place. I did not go ahead and add any baby hairs this time around, like I just wanted to. I just wanted this to be a quick and easy hairstyle for you guys to see so once I was done, I just went and sprayed my gloss spray, and then I sprayed some oil sheen, and that was basically it for this hairstyle. So I hope you guys liked this look shout out to Ash Mary hair company for sending over this wig. It was super easy, definitely beginner friendly guys, so make sure you go ahead. Get yourself one of these closure, wigs. All the details will be down in my description box below, so you can go ahead and check them out. So, once again, thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I'll see you guys in the next one don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like

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