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Hi guys, I am back with another video on today's video is another week review and today's wig is from Eula hair. So before we get into the wig, let's get into the goodies that they give you in the bag all right. So they give you a rats. Who'S comb - these are always needed. Love love, love! They give you some lashes. Oh, these are long boy wow. Those are very cute, though, did they give you this wig grip? These come in handy man, a lot like saying you don't want to lay your wig or whatever say you don't want to lay your wig. You put this on and it grips the wig. I'M actually gon na wear this now, because the wig we trying on today. Oh, it is very snug, very snug, but not so like snug. That is uncomfortable, you know, and they give you just a card saying thank you and here's all their socials on the back and obviously they give you a wig cap I like when they give me wig caps that match me or close to me. At least you know cute, and then they give you hair instructions, do's and don'ts, that's pretty neat and what to use kind of style? Hey! That'S really neat! So this week we got is pretty long, so I have a 24 inch straight. Bang wig! You guys I'm gon na be Nicki Minaj of it here. Oh, this is when you want to be a baddie, just real, quick, just real, quick, just real, quick okay. So, let's get into the Cap Construction like I said this is 24 inches bang wig! You can see the bangs this hair is super. Super duper soft. I love it. I love how soft it is so the Cap Construction. We got obviously no lace, because it's a bank wait. We don't need lace, so we have a headband adjustable headband at that. I like that, that's really good. We have two Combs on the side and we have a comb in the back with also the adjustable straps, which is really good, really good and a lot of people and this wig doesn't have any lace. So the top just look like that: okay put this bad boy on! Oh honestly, I don't even think I needed the wig gripper. Oh my goodies whoa! This hair is long. Okay, I don't need the wig gripper, I'm gon na! Take it off. I don't need it. I don't need that. Oh oh, These are cute. I like the bangs, the bangs are cute all right. Let me just adjust real quick. This is so cute. I look. I look so cute. Look like some anime type of girl, but this is how long it is guys. True delay. It literally comes my butt is right here, so it could have. Just above my butt, that's crazy! I don't think I've ever had a wig this month before. I don't think I ever had a wig this long. The hair is really soft. Like I said, and I love the bangs on this wig is - is really cute all right, so I'm just gon na flat iron it just to get the little peeks out. Let'S start with the bangs: oh his hair is really soft. You guys, I don't usually okay, so these bangs are cute. I really like them um. I know a lot of people. Don'T like the thick. I got ta like scoot that back a little bit, it's a little weird. I know a lot of people don't like to stick. You know blunt straight wigs um. I do sometimes only with longer hair. I like it like how this is like longer hair. It'S really cute and I really like it um, but I do love me and wispy Bang. I will say that I look like what's her face from New Girl CC from New Girl, I'm CeCe now from New Girl. It has this weird cut piece right here, I'm pretty sure I don't know where that's supposed to be like. I said this hair is really freaking soft and it takes heat very well how cute that is y'all and it just flows all together. I love it. So I'm just gon na flatter on this and, like I said, I've never had any hair this long well, let me say any straight hair this long. Oh, that looks this is a bust down bust down, as they would say. This is what the this is. What the girly rappers be wearing yeah bust down, okay, so cute, but, like I said, I never had any hair this long before straight hair this long, but it's so soft. Look at it! Oh I love this already. I I love it. I feel so cute. I feel like a little like I Wan na Hold on, I feel like it would be cute with some little piggy tails, I'm going for the full anime effect s that is adorbs, that is adorbs. That is a door. This is adorable, oh, that is so cute. Oh, I love it. I love it that is so cute, like I said, I feel like a little anime person. Okay, like I said this hair is downside to my butt. As you can see, I got ta stand on my tippy toes a little bit to even get in and frame and then the front it is comes to right here. The hair is really soft and this is a definitely a throw on and you go type of wig if you're running two minutes late for work, two minutes late for school, this hair, is it just throw it on and go literally throw it on you all. I do is flat iron, it throw on and go, and it's a cute length too look at this. This is the back cute. If you guys need this, throw on wig, go to Eula hair and get you some everything about. This wig will be in the description box down below like comment subscribe and thanks for watching bye.

Lady Dee Smith: The wig looks really good on you ❤️

creepy-kitty: Hey girl nice look can't wait to see more updates later in but obviously no rush

ben Collison: Beautiful it's looks so good on you ❤❤

Mya: So pretty <3

Tiffany Hudnell: Love your hair

mirrNzak: should let your bf rate all the wigs

oddly Faye: My hair used to be that long. Till I turn 18 -21 kept it short.

Chris Tolbert: Mona'e nice job on the upload

Shannon Thomas: ❤

Pld P.l.d: right

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