Klaiyi Hair One Month Review

This is my one month review of the Klaiyi Hair Silk Straight Lace Front Wig

Wig Details:

26 inches

13x6 frontal

180% density

Link: https://www.klaiyihair.com/collections...

Hey youtube: it's josephdez here and i am back with another update on my kalei hairs, so i ordered this hair back in june, so i've had it about a month in some weeks, um and i'm gon na give my review of it so far. Um, i just want to come and jump on camera real, quick, because i was just laying in my bed scrolling on my phone and i was like. Why is my hair acting like this? So so i got out of bed and just used this little small comb and just kind of started. I don't with the comb this small, i don't go from the top down. I start from the bottom and just comb my way down and that's what i did on this side and then i wanted to show you guys the contrast of this side. So this is what the hair is doing to me. All i did was lay down on my back and scroll on my phone. I have i literally i went to the grocery store. I don't know what kind of i there is not a you don't do that much of the grocery store. I am pushing around a cart. I am picking out my lemons and my kale and and i check out and i go to my car, but i i you would think i would have run a marathon. You would think i was playing soccer today. That is not the case. No, my my my my hair on the side because i didn't glue um the whole wig. I just did it like the front part, so my ear taps are not down as you can see, but i'm just this was just for today, but as you can see, the hair is like just like a mess like it's all tangled back here. It'S all tangled back here on my neck, i'm it's just like every couple of minutes. You have to comb this hair out for it to act right, it's like any movement. It starts acting funny, so i have to comb from the bottom. I feel like with my my raw hair. I don't have to do this, but this hair - it looks nice, i'm not gon na lie. It looks nice. This is some hair that you buy to take a photo shoot. It'S cheap. You take a picture, get into some photos with it, and then you can put it aside for the next photo shoot. This is not everyday hair. I would definitely not wear this to work because it's just by the end of the day, it's gon na be a mess, so, let's comb it out jesus christ, i just don't understand how it's getting so naughty and i'm doing literally nothing. This is my rest day like all throughout the week. See look, look at this look at this. It'S a knot right here and i'm like i don't want to rip through it come on now. Okay, like i was saying all this week, i have been working out and i do not wear my wigs during the week. I do like a little turban, little head wrap and some nice earrings when i do get on my zoom cloths for work and then on. The weekends is when i put on my wig. Mainly sundays is when i put on my wig and like take some instagram pictures. Dress up just feel like a human again, because this culvert got us in the house all day every day and i just feel baggly and i just want to look cute for once. So this hair is like just it's just not good, it's not good. I washed this hair and i conditioned it in fabric softener because, although they say this is human hair, it's like it's blended, it's human hair and there's definitely fibers. You can see the fibers in it they're like red. Some of them are gray like silvery, it's just not all human hair in this, so um yeah, it's just a lot of shedding after combing everything out getting some hairs. I know there's hairs on the carpet which i will clean up after this video amen. But anyway, though, as you can see after i combed out everything, it's like smooth and pretty like butter, look at it just running my fingers right through it, but i don't know what happens it's like. Whatever movement, i don't know if it's like the heat from my body, the heat from my neck. It'S like i will. I could go downstairs and like wash some dishes and like just do or like vacuum the floor and then my hair will just be a knotted mess. So right now it's nice and pretty and silky and soft and oh jesus christ, i'm taking this off and then this side that i combed earlier. It'S all right. Another earring gone no earrings. This video, i guess um. I don't really like this hair. It'S it's cute! Something you could take a picture in something you could like, maybe maybe go to an event in maybe if you all you're doing to sit down but girl, it's like a lot of maintenance, because it's just tangling, i'm not sure. If it's, because my hair is so long that it's tangling so much usually with like longer lengths, maybe trying to like fill it in with lots of fillers, so i don't know if the shorter lengths, maybe the 10 or 12 inches might have be actually all human Hair, i don't know, i see that clay hair offers their 10a raw version virgin hair girl, i'm interested in trying it out, but i don't want to waste my money on hair that i'm not sure is virgin. I mean raw hair. When i know there are raw hair companies out there, but the raw hair companies are, you know it's a pretty penny you're gon na get two bundles for 300 and you're like wait, i need a whole hairstyle, that's going to be another 3 400. On top. It'S just a lot of money and for those of us on a budget myself, i don't want to spend that much money, but it's like. I also want good hair. It'S you know it's pros and cons to all of this, so this hair. It'S it's. Definitely not! My favorite hair, but if i'm going somewhere - and i want my long 26 barbie hair and i want to give length and body and movement - i will put this wig on, but this as an everyday. Let'S go to work. No, no! I'M interested in getting the raw hair, but like 18 inches, i don't know if i want it this long again, but i'm thinking about getting the 18 inches and making my first frontal wig. I'Ve never made a frontal wig in my life, so i'm interested in just like buying some cheap hair and just playing with it. So and then i want to do like uh, like i don't know like black roots, but then the tips will be like different colors of like pink purple, teal and blue. That'S that's the idea i have in my head. I'Ve done it on a look some hair before, but the hair got old and have to throw it away. So i want to recreate that look with the clay hair um. I want to try the bra here at the 10a top tier it's their premium hair. I want to try and see what it's giving i've seen like. Maybe two or three videos on youtube. You know talking about the raw hair, i'm not sure like a lot of people, not a lot of people have tried it um. So i'm like hmm and the people that tried it that were talking about it. They didn't really give like a good, thorough analysis of the hair like i wanted to see the move in it play in it, they their their reviews, just weren't, giving me enough. So maybe i'll buy it and renew it for y'all i mean review it for y'all, so y'all will know um before you buy, but i'm interested. Oh, look. I need to stop slinging my hair because you can see all of this. All of this is not glued down jesus, but if i don't do that, my hair looks nice to an extent. I need to cut this baby hair because this it's not cute um, i'm still getting used to this whole frontal. Look um, i'm gon na get up close, so y'all can see what the frontal is giving it's just not. Today i didn't do a bald cap. None of that. I really just put the got to be glue on my hairline and then just laid my hair down. I used the new spray today, so i didn't. I use the new spray and it's just not what i'm used to, but overall i'm like if farther far away from the camera. It looks good and up close, it just looks a hot mess. I'M gon na show you, like my, i put a hair tie on and everything and it just would not secure down. So it's whatever right now. If i just leave it like this, nobody can tell, and if i'm all the way back here, nobody can tell so um yeah. Overall, i would give this hair right now, like it's like a five. It'S like a five because without moving if it were to stay on a mannequin head all day, it would be giving me life like it's the length. Is there the like the movement, the body, the shininess of the hair is beautiful, but it's long, but it just tangles it tangles and sheds. Oh my gosh baby hairs. Oh look! Look! I'M so tired of this. I need to cut the baby hairs like for real gross yeah, but the hair just tangles too much it tangles way too much, and it may be because it's the summer time and it's just hot and this hair is not meant for high heat mind you. I um i use the flat iron on this hair and i have a flat iron that goes up to 450 degrees and when i first started doing it, i kept it low like four yeah. It was like 390 or 400 degrees on the hair, and it was really good. Then i bumped it up to like 450, when i got towards the top of my hair to flat iron it, and i noticed that the hair was not behaving like you could tell the fibers were like melting, so i was like okay. Let me turn down the heat, so if you're gon na flat iron, this hair keep it at 400 or below. That'S just my, you know: advice, um, yeah. This hair is okay. You get what you pay for sis like i've, paid 700 for raw hair, and it still lasts me to this day. Still last and i paid, maybe it was like close to 300 for this hair. So you know you get what you pay for. I would you know if i'm paying 300, i would want some hair that does not tangle on me. So right now, it's not handling, but it's just like it's just not it's not it's, not the raw hair that i'm used to. I haven't worn like regular virgin hair in a minute, so maybe i just got ta get used to this. I don't know i'm rambling a little bit but um yeah um. This is my review of the hair. Maybe i'll come back in a couple of weeks and give you guys an overview of the hair again when i conditioned the hair in the um fabric softener, it was like butter, it behaved just so well when i put fabric softener on it, and i've heard other Youtubers put fabric softener on their hair um, especially like like synthetic hair or human hair blend hair, putting fabric softener will just like man, it's so good. So it's like. Why spend all that money for conditioners? And it's not really doing anything when you could use fabric softener, so i use fabric softener and like half conditioner, to condition this hair and it smells really good for one and um yeah. It was easy to comb through in the um, when i like hope when i washed it. It was easy to comb through when i put the fabric softener on it. I don't know what it did, but it just made my hair act like it had some scents. So, ah, this is all i have to say about this hair. So far, if i didn't answer any questions you had, please leave them in the comment section below. Please, like this video and subscribe to my channel, so you can get some more updates from this hair and other things that i post on this on this channel y'all. So i'm out of words, i'm done talking. Thank you guys for watching. I will see you next time: bye,

Brandy Lashay: You get what you pay for. Honestly I think the hair is passable definitely not a long term option. ❤️

Tay Lee: They used to actually have good hair before they got popular. Their deep wave was my go-to in highschool lol

Naomi Firo: Y’all I’m here to report 2 years later and everything she says is still true. I have the reddish brown kinky straight- it’s sooooo beautiful but all I do is detangle it. Klaiyi are liars. Ain’t nothing human about this. Charging semi human prices for synthetic hair!! It has to be. I was like what is wrong with this hair after only a month. Not an everyday wig at all. Be forewarned ‍‍‍

T Scott: Just what I needed to see! Thank you! I value quality over excuses Klaiyi! I saw their blurb at the end of the comments.

EJ: i will forever be a virgin synthetic wearer lol i have abandoned the need for human hair that was prayed on by gods i'm unfamiliar with. no thank you my heart has been broken so many times by human hair. so has my wallet. i know what expect with synthetic wigs....honestly i can get them to last longer lol

Sheila E. Ternity: Oh man, you wouldn't believe what I went through w my kinky from them. Only had it 1 month and the 1st wash it got so tangled eventhough I tried layer by layer

Alisha Parker: Awe that stinks I actually was gonna try them. Thank u for being honest. Man some these yt’ers r liars. Period Thank u for this Edit: I subbed Question I need a long straight unit what do u suggest any synthetic long ones tht don’t tangle”As Bad”

Krystal Monique: I have some hair in my cart as we speak. I’m going to be passing and will NOT be purchasing from them. Thank you for your honest review

B free: Yes, the two wigs I got were cute in the boxes lol but then after putting them on they are super thin and now have the weft showing:/ mine also got tangled

Apple Shaw: Definitely human hair blend I ordered A t part wig from this company & the 1st week it curled really pretty but the ends of the hair turned A different texture like a synthetic wig smh long story short I filed a dispute against them with my bank only satisfaction I got Never Again...

Sydney Coleman: I thought it was me I had the nerve to do their Jerry curl and it was fine for about 2 months. The knots had me pulling out so much hair. I would not recommend their hair for investment. I ended up biking the hair last week but scared to put it back on.

KIMCHI DOLL: I ordered hair from Klaiyi and the lace was basically invisible but the hair quality went down after a month.

StudPillows: God I wish I saw this before ordering. This hair is half plastic, half red string, and possibly half human. I should have know it was bad when it would leave little bits of melted hair in my straightener! Like I only had it on 350-400! The worst birds nest I've ever purchased.

Betty Crocker: I know this is old but I just ordered from them. I wouldn’t lay down without something protecting the hair nor would I use that type of comb. Most times we always hear the bad and not the good. I’m hoping my wig is good

Arie G.: I have a wig from them & I definitely have ALOT to say about it ‍♀️

Klaiyi Hair: Hi, honey. I found your video by accident today, and have watched it from the beginning to the end. Thanks for your order and support of Klaiyi Hair. The hair looks pretty and soft even though you have had her for one month. Sorry for the tangling and shedding you have shown for us, for a 26inch of 100%human hair wig, the tangling and shedding are acceptable considering in such a hot season. Even our real hair with a long length, if we don't make it a ponytail, the hair will be tangling because of sweating or constant exercise. She looks soft and silk after you combing, and needs to be well maintained as your real hair due to she is 100% human hair without any synthetic fiber or things like that. You can burn the shedding hair and make a test about it. When you burn it, it turns to a lump of gray as the real hair and the heat-resistance temperature is 350-400. Hope it may help. Thank you.

Kendra Joseph: I ordered from them two years ago it was the Brazilian curly and I had it in for two weeks and it kept knotting in the back and I would never lay directly on my hair I had a bonnet on it still tangle and knots

AshCake: Girrll, I ordered a straight transparent closure. They sent me a brown closure. When I posted a review they removed it I even emailed them about my closure, nevered got an answer.

Maggy776: So you really in my head cause I just seen this on a best reviewed, now look at this

Erin Avery: Thank you for the honest review

Flwls Barbie: Thanks for your honesty

Mambo Sandy Deleon: I just received my hair today and she is so on point about the red fibers, and sliver in mine, I will not do this again When The package came to my door it just felt off, I have to make it work now,, It is 9A Grade Jerry Curly Hair 180%/150 density . Well ladies there's that.

Chanel Life: I ordered it because i seen good reviews but when my hair came out the box it was shedding bad

Tay Tay: I wish I seen this before I ordered

SaraPussycatDoll: They are absolutely horrible at customer service but honestly the three of the 4 wigs that I did have I’ve had them for months with proper cleaning and taking care of them but there is one wig I got out of the set that bitch just broke down like a hard day

Gypsy Jane: what would you suggest for everyday hair?

Dabarbbbb💖: i ordered some bundles like 3 weeks ago and it had been a week and didnt come yet, so i emailed them and they said they dont have deep wave in stock any more, so they sid they would send body wave and it's still not here..

Vegas: Did you install it with a sew in or do you take it off daily

Kim Henry: My hair looks nothing like the picture. I purchased 2 wigs that look way shorter than the lengths described . Waste of $230.

Miranda Edwards: It must be human hair blend for it to be knotting up do bad.

Symone C: You look just like Caresha omg

simone Williams: I have a Klaiyi wig not the best quality hair, will not last long and waste of money you're better off going to salon and getting a wig specially made for you.

RENNI MONYA: Gir- for one she talm bout oop two strands when she literally tugging on the hair lol then gone say its so supposed to be free part just hot combing to your liking it’s not that deepbut good review

Sparkles Landry: Thsnks I won’t be ordering

Tamara L. Bayson: Worst hair in the world. Super thin I was scared when the wind would blow literally.

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