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Sausages, thank you, foreign anymore. Moving on my life, hey, sorry, foreign. I got everything Little Things. One time you know who you are this is you know I'm Gon na Keep On Again hey. What'S up everyone, it's Dom the tastemaker and welcome back to my Channel today. You guys I'm doing a review for Arabella hair and today I'm reviewing this amazing 28 inch unit. You guys you guys already know. This is definitely my kind of vibe. Okay. I am like two Geeks right now. I'M too happy. I absolutely love this unit. It is a no-brainer, I'm not sure, on the wave pattern, but I would say this is probably like a deep wave unit and what I did today, because I knew I did. I knew first off that I was gon na put it in the middle part, because that's just that's just me. We already know that. Okay, I'm a middle part kind of girl - and I was like since I'm gon na - do a middle part. I'M gon na go a little bit crazy on the baby hairs and especially like when I have curly units, like I love doing like really crazy, outlandish baby hairs on them, because it just gives it that extra oomph and if you're, not into baby hairs. You can definitely do a baby hair, free, look and that'll be just fine, but this is what I came with. Okay and this this side, you know - and she just she's just doing what she needs to do, and this is how it turned out - and I used a new product on my hair that I actually got for free from Evan New York. So I'm going to show you guys what this new product is. You guys can just see what I use for my baby. This is the product. This is called um style to finish, curl paste by ebb and New York, and it's for sculpting and molding, and it says it's Brazilian avocado and Manuka honey. I doubt that there is manuka, honey or avocado in here, because the product is literally clear, like it's basically like a big old thing of edge control. If you will yeah it's just like it's clear, you can't even see now it looks like it's white but yeah. It'S just a clear product: it's like a clear molding thing: it just gives edge control Vibes and it's like greasy a little bit yeah. That'S what I use today to do my baby hairs and it actually works really good. I do like the product, it definitely gives the same kind of vibe. You would get if you were to use like hair gel or something like that, and then of course you guys know. I use my mini pink flat iron and, if you guys wonder where that flat iron is from, it is a product that I sell on my website right now, I'm out of stock of like everything I am going to be doing like a full restock of my Entire store but yeah you guys this is the vibe. This is the you know, wave pattern. I really really like this and that's what I that's why I know this is a deep wave because I just said wave pattern because a curl in a way there's two different things: okay, so this is what the ends are. Looking like. I love love. Love, love, love, love, love this, it's just so fire and it's just some really really good quality hair. I really do like this, and I know a lot of you guys, like this kind of hair on me as well, any time that I ever like have a sale or anything. You guys love these types of units. You guys live for the Deep wave. The early you know that kind of either loose way the water wave anything with a wave. You guys love, and I love too so you know we definitely have something in common when it comes to that now. As far as a parting space on this one, I want to say that this is a 13x4 lace, frontal unit. As far as The Parting space on the side, this is what it's giving on the side of the track start back here. So you actually get a little bit more space on the side than you know. Other companies give because you guys know a lot of other companies. They give you like just enough to do your baby hair on the side and that's it. So I do like the fact that you do get a nice amount of space and, yes, you know I did bleach the knots on here. So I bleach the knots, but I did not pluck this unit, you guys. I didn't pluck it because, when I bleached the knots on it, when you got you guys saw like when I was holding it up, you guys can kind of see it already had its own little Vibe going. So I was like I don't really feel like. I need to pluck it I could have plucked it if I just wanted to be a perfectionist about it, but I still think that it looks good, even though I didn't pluck it at all, and then this is what this side is. Looking like you see what I mean like, I didn't pluck it and look how it looks like when you pull the hair back. You know, so that's why I'm like I didn't need to plug it, even right here like in the front. So I don't know if this unit is pre-cleft or not, so I'm not going to say that it's pre-plucked, but I'm gon na just tell you that you don't have to pluck it. If you don't want to. I literally just bleached the knots in this unit, and that was it but yeah. This is what I used to correct my part, because you guys saw it definitely over bleached it. This is the Clairol rule, corrector pen. I will link this down below for you guys, because I swear by this product. I love this product. It just gets it just honestly gets the job done every time. This is a 28 inch. As far as the density, I would say, this is 180 density to 200 density. It'S definitely on the full side, but not too full. It'S like literally the perfect density for me like because I don't like when I get a thin unit like that is like the worst and I know like a lot of companies. Do that because they want to save money like when they send us these free units. But I love it when a company is just like no I'm gon na make sure I send you a bomb unit so that you're happy - and you know I'm saying you can let the girls know that we got that good good and that's definitely what's going on And, as you guys can see, this is actually the second unit that I reviewed from Arabella like within the past like week or two and Arabella just has some bomb units like I'm, actually surprised, I'm like Arabella, like you, letting the girls know what time it is Because girl, I'm like okay, I'm definitely looking into y'all I'm dead, like listen. If you're looking for a good quality unit, I don't even need to say anymore, go ahead and click on that link down below because they have so many fire units. And if, if anything, just like look on my channel and see like the other videos that I've done for them and the other units are just as fire like it's just they just get it, you know so anyway, let's stand up so you guys can see, but This hair is hitting on me, so I'm stepping back. So this way the hair hits on me in the front beautiful curl pattern, like I said, like look at the curl pattern. Yes, it's definitely giving okay. Definitely long like I said it's a 28 inch and I am 5'2 for reference. That'S what it looks like in the back. Okay, so she's long, just like how I like it, you guys know. This is definitely my vibe, it's just already giving summertime Vibes. That'S why I put this maxi dress on with it. It'S definitely given vacation like okay, it's getting high, it's giving everything needs to give like, especially if you want to put your hair back, and you want to show the girls like what's up, okay and if you guys are interested in checking this unit out for yourself, You guys already know what to do check on that description box down below for direct link to this unit, along with all the details to this hair. If there was something that I didn't cover in today's video and you still have a question - drop a comment down below and I'll get to you as soon as I can. I want to give a big thank you to our sponsor Arabella hair for sitting over this unit because girl this is it got me it like she and her move like sharing her mood like I'm in my mood with this one, like I'm really feeling like so, But yeah, I love this unit, shout out to Arabella for sponsoring today's video shout out to all of y'all for showing me so much love and support whether you are new, whether you are a returning girl. I just appreciate you, and I don't see all of you beautiful people in my next one bye,

Cynthia Patton: This is so pretty! My absolute favorite wave/curl pattern!! Ok, after you wash your unit, do you brush it out while wet, or just air dry without brushing/combing? I still can’t get my units to dry out fluffy like yours !!

Bee_JeweleDD: Can you name that Clariol product you used please?❤

Carla White: Beautiful as always

RitaBugg Thomas: SLAYED‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Carl Vitko: Always gourgeous❤❤❤❤❤❤

Shirley Bien-aime: Love this

Sheena H: Gorgeous, but the link is not to this particular unit.

Sammy Da Goat: Terrific Wig Beautiful Thumbnail Lovely Face

Queenizzygetbusy: ❤

Queenizzygetbusy: Meh gyal

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