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Color TT4/R.PINK

Special Color & Mix Blue / Green / Purple Mix, Red / Burgundy Mix, Blonde Mix

Crimp Curly

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Foreign, what's up, y'all, welcome back to everyone's YouTube channel, I'm Aaliyah here and today I have another Bobby boss: first class hair wear and go unit. Um this unit is a capture, a new look each day. Okay, it has a five uh, four inch, uh deep part. I feel, like that's accurate, so far um. They said this becomes a natural baby hair in special colors. I don't see any baby hair, but I'm gon na show y'all in a little bit once we get into the winter talk. So they say that this wig is made with an HD, transparent lace. The style is MF, mlf913 Fifi, that's the style, and then the color that I have is tt4 are pink. I think that's like a rose gold pink. I don't. I don't know that's what this, but this unit is available in one one B: uh 1v30 f1b green red latte pearls. She are pink and orange, so yeah. So that's pretty much all this that says about this wig. That said that their special colors available, like I just stated, and then it has baby, hair and safe heat style, so just to get into this a little bit. I really like the color I like, because I like pink, so I like the color, but I feel like um. I I tried to hot comb this side to make it a little bit more flatter, but this side did not want to cooperate, so I would say, probably take your time and go through layer by layer on the hair to make it a little bit more flat. Um I, like the part, the first three plus is really good. As soon as I added the adhesively do. What I need to do, I feel like that was decent um. I feel like it's definitely big head friendly, but I'm not seeing those baby hairs and the hairline is plucked a little bit. You could probably use a little bit more plucking if you want like a really natural coming out the scalp type of look so yeah, like I said it's big hair for me for sure on both sides, I didn't have to pull all the way down y'all, but Yeah, so that's pretty much all that's it! It'S big head friendly! This is not gon na, be the type of unit that's going to uh shed Prime detangle because of the curls, but it's not going to shed at all. It might share honestly because of the color. That'S usually what uh some of the wigs do. They only do that because of the color. Another thing that I would say, y'all is do not fully if you were to get this unit, do not fully brush it out. If you like how the curls fall right now, so I think it is supposed to be like a bang. Look, two two small pieces in the front and the other two small other pieces on the side. Um I feel like that's cute or whatever, like I said, see it's getting getting a little bit of in just a little bit. So that's why I wouldn't say just don't keep running your hands through the curls. That'S one thing, or probably you know it's layered. So just be really careful with how you run your hands through the hair or whatever so yeah. I'M gon na show the back to see what y'all working with there's not too much. I can really say about this unit um. I just wish that um they made the tracks a little bit more flatter because on the stock car it looks like hunts is coming straight off the scalp, but mine ain't. Doing that I need mines to do that. It'S doing it a little bit, but it ain't doing it 100. You know, and if you pick about your wigs - and I know that might be something that that may not you know, push you to get this unit but other than that. It'S still a nice unit. Hair is really really soft and bouncy. I like that um, I'm sure the back of uh Seafood to see what y'all working with is smart ass, it's Destiny, since it's a curly wig, so it's really uh big or whatever. It'S not really big but, like I said brush it out more then it'll get bigger, it's definitely big head friendly, so um. The cap feels really nice on my head as well, and it's also available in other colors. So maybe, if you get the 1B or the black, you know you wouldn't have to worry about it being sold um all right. You wouldn't have to worry about the colors, not matching, because you're getting just a simple 1B is that's why I said I just don't like the mixed mixture, I'm not really a fan of that so yeah yeah. That'S pretty much! All that there is to say about Fifi um, I hope y'all enjoyed this video, don't forget to like comment and give us a subscribe and uh yeah. I'M alien, I'm out in this wig will be linked in the caption bye.


Nelle Nelle: It has way more volume than the stockcard, which isn't bad. But it's a noticeable difference. Makes me wonder how the curls react to water/moisture I love the colour and shape but I feel like the curls look dry. Idk if I'd buy it though bcuz they slacked on a lot. -advertised baby hair but no baby hair -the curl bang was uneven/not present -lace part didn't lay flat even with heat It's a cutie that takes work. They've gotta tighten up on quality control.

Alisha Parker: It’s pretty on you. If it was shaped a lil on the sides it would look like u dyed ur natural hair

PINKUNICORN: Buying now.. my favorite color

Melissa Virtuous Kay: Love the color❤️❤️

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