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Foreign yeah, so this is it. It came in these kids but you're seeing right here. This is how it came packaged. You guys know if it's your first time. Maybe you don't know this, but if it's not your first time, if you're an OG, you know that I always review hair from Love Me hair yeah. I love their hair. I love the quality of their hair. I like the texture. I, like everything about their hair and the one I'll be revealing today is not left out. It'S glueless weak four by four this week and it's lose weight. To be precise. The hair is Big, loose wave, glueless 4x4 closure week, so, coaches before we even start. If you love it here, if you like it here, why not hit on that subscribe button and that Bell icon with all that being said, let's head into the unboxing of this week, so I'm going to remove this so this this is it in here. You can see this uh, so there are some goodies inside inside the Box. There'S this dust bag see that you can store your wigs with your wig. Okay after I use you see this bag here. Love me, hair. There are some things inside. I have earrings okay and I have Edge brush and there is a heaven pair with my dress, with my top. Let'S look at this, so those are the goodies that came with the hair, no more other thing. Okay, also guys. Also, there is a wig cap that came with it. This is two pairs, two pairs so guys this is the hair. You see there's a net on it. Let'S remove these look at this, this so lovely, so lovely. You don't need to do much with this see this look at the the lace, and you see that see part already designed for you, so you just need to wear this cut the lace, the excess lace from it, and that is all and inside the wig see There comes that came with it about four Combs. Then there is inbuilt strap. Then there is adjustable inbuilt strap. So this will enable you to hold the wig family to your head. Okay, look at the inside see this. This is lovely, so we don't need to do much. We don't need to do much guys, there's also a lace at the back say this short lace, so guys. This is easy. You see the part, so I'm going to cut the excess lace. Foreign go back into Define the part, so I'm going to cut the excess lace from it is glueless, so I'm going to use little gel flies, yeah! Yeah! That'S why? I only literally you see it's glueless! Okay, we keep moving like the river goes peace to open. My heart then blend the front, see here since it's glueless, you don't need to do any of that thing. Foreign down down, no more I've been trying my best for a while trying to please so I will leave the details on the description box. If you're interested, you can check that out, the hair is so gorgeous. You don't need to do anything. It'S glueless you just pop this on and you're good to go and um I'll check. If there's any discount code, I will definitely leave it on the description box. You guys know how we do it so that is it don't forget. The hair is from Love Me hair and it's big loose glueless four by four lace: wig, okay, all right all right gorgeous! Please, before you go, if you like it here, why not hit on that subscribe button and that Bell icon and I will see you guys in my next one today - remember ciao Rockstar playing songs on My Guitar

Senpai Bey: Absolutely love this tutorial ! It was so easy to follow and great for beginners like me . Omg deffo

Marta Mille: Wow I love everything about this wig, the shorts is on point and I love how you style it on, you’re looking gorgeous sis ❤

Yusuf parlak: You on point with the short hair style is everything. Slay every time

Marta Mille: Wig package is on point and there are lot of goodies inside

Avanti Wingate: Perfect for summer Love the waves its giving boss lady

Emre Çetinkaya: This video is really phenomenal and inspiring to everyone who inspires uplifting others and themselves .continue to thrive in greatness and success .

MUHAMMED 2: It’s beautiful hair and it also looks very good on you the length is everything.

Ugur editss: This is so stunning and so are you

Day12: WoW it’s gorgeous. I need this hair now

Carissa Beckman: So Beautiful ❤

Mihriban Salar: So beautiful

Ömer Melik: So pretty

Emreuras Akilli: WoW ! beautifully

KARA PNTER: Firstly i love you , secondly please can you do an update makeup tutorial

johnson jackson: Wow great

ömer yilmaz: What size of wig cap did you get ?

Ytobaa: I love this how do you hold up girl ??

azat ozdemir:

Linda long: Best of the best the queen of wigs perferto

Sercan Saha 4551: You are so beautiful.

Deniz: This hair is a winner.

teresa gold: ❤❤❤

Oyun Delisi: Hey do you sleep with the wig ? Or you reapply the glue every day ?

Bilal efe Yiğit: Love the whole style You no longer wear lashes a ?

Jessica Johnson: ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Dora williams: Nope

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