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Hair details: 24inch kinky straight v part wig 180 density

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Hey child and welcome back to my channel mother that popped up on in the building with a makeover child looking a little different and I'm gon na tell you how I got here now: listen, Wiggins, hair, y'all y'all! Did your big one with this unit y'all! For this that I'm rocking right here, I honestly think this is my most realistic install today there is no glue, there is no lights, there's no complicated method, honey. This is a V part unit and because it is kinky and texture, that's what made the blend so effortless like, because where does my hair stop and where does this start huh that what the thing Blended on right together? So I'm gon na tell you how I got to this point in the uh video, but I had to give a shout out to Williams hair for sending me this unit now. Y'All know I'm not really the voice of a queen. I like to laugh and keeping with stuff with y'all. I just feel like voiceovers take away a little bit of the personality, but because this is actual tutorial and showing you all how I got these results. Mama got to kind of turn it down a little bit and show y'all how I actually did it and handle some business. So with that being said, let's Roll the beautiful green footage and get this video started so again. Y'All this is a kinky V, part wig. It is a 180 density. I like my hair down to my butt, so this is a 24 4 inch wig. But of course you have the options as far as the length that you, like now, Wiggins hair does have things available to help you on your wig Journey honey. Now, if you are a lace Queen like myself, sometimes not all the time, but sometimes they do have bands to help you do your little seamless installation of the lace wig. They do have wig caps, they have a storage bag and, if you're into accessories such as eyelashes, they do have that now they last you wouldn't really messed up now. If it was, it was given something, but it wasn't giving mothers. So we gon na skip that, but they do have other options available as well. Now when it comes to this unit again, this is a lace free unit um. They do have comb attachments on the sides to help you anchor the units of your head and then, as far as the actual installation, at the top, similar to clip-ins those type of clips. That is what they have to help you. So what I chose to do, because I wanted a side part. I left a little bit of hair out on the side and then right around my perimeter. I did that just so that I can help to have a really nice realistic blend so that it wouldn't just be the wig. It would actually be some some of my hair as well, and so what I did was did a breakdown in the back just so. This thing can lay on down and then I put on a wig cap and then, when I got to my real hair in the front and at the top I did go ahead and do some flat ironing products that I used to help me was this cheap Iron Guard: this is a heat protectant as well as a hairspray, and then I do have a serum from Azure Beauty. I did the chasing method with my real hair, just to make sure the thing listen. I needed this to lay down, so I sprayed my real hair with the Iron Guard and then I put a little bit of the serum and then I did go ahead and flat iron, my real hair, so that I could have more of a realistic look versus Just like the blown out and then it wouldn't be blending and stuff. We had to go ahead and make sure that was right. So once I did have all of my real hair flat iron, I did go ahead and apply the unit to make sure that I had it where I wanted it. I put the comb attachments around my leave out. First, just to make sure that I had a really good positioning and then once the wig was attached to the top of my head, I did go ahead and use the side comb attachments to make sure it was really really anchored and secure to my head now, Because this was a kinky unit, it does come with texture, and so what I have found was for me. I needed to flat iron it to get a more effortless blend. So the same way, I treated my real hair, that's exactly how I treated this unit, so I took some of the chi Iron Guard and I spritzed it especially around the roots because that's where it was the kinkiest and it had the most texture, so I sprayed It really really good, and then I rat tail Chrome that I had and I did the chasing method all the way around. I just made sure I did it in smaller sections to get some of the kink out now, because this hair is naturally kinky, no matter what there still will be some texture, but that is what helps it to look more realistic with my real hair, because they It made the textures match so all around. I just took small sections and it this actually took more time than anything, but I spritzed it really really good with the Iron Guard, and then I used the chasing method, like I said, with the red tail console. Okay, and so, as I am going through and making sure I paid attention to detail, there's a couple things I want to know say: number one um the ends were actually really really good. Sometimes people sing units and they actually need a trim when it comes this. Actually was really really good quality as far as the ends of the hair. As far as shedding goes, I honestly have not seen any shedding at all since I have been wearing it. Um I'll keep my hands y'all know I cannot keep my hands out of this hair and it is actually really really well constructed. There is no hair coming out and then another thing I want to notice is the smell. Now I will say um, it did have a little bit of a smell that I smelled as I was flat ironing it. It was nothing that was off-putted, but that is something that I noticed and I just wanted to make sure I uh told y'all about that. Now again, like I said it wasn't awful and it wasn't stinking or nothing all right, because that that listen, I don't care nothing about no sponsorship. I cancel that thing you understand so after I did um go ahead and do the flat ironing. I ended up pulling out my leave out to try to find and make sure that I covered the tracks. Now it is a really flat unit. So, there's nothing like too bulky that you need to worry about, but I did one make sure that I had a really good cover, and so after I situated my hair, got it into position. That'S when I worked on the blending now. The way you want to blend this unit is actually by taking some of your real hair and some of the wig and flat iron it together by pressing it in together. That is what's going to make it blend. So that's what helps a lot. So, if you're looking forward to that's what you do grab some of your real hair, some of the wig and flat iron, that thing together just to make sure you have a really good blend and once the blend was done, honey from there. All I did was ran and put some with the edge control around the edges because honey them things was giving real real the real, isn't it so I slipped down my edges. I was about to say baby hair, but they they look adolescent to whatever they're giving pre-teen, but after I tied it down. All I did was um put on my makeup and let that dry by the time I was doing my makeup. My hair was ready to go, and this is the end result y'all this wig. This thing is fire. Not only does it press out really really nicely but because of the texture, it holds a curl with Excellence. Let me actually do a curl on camera, with y'all real, quick, just so y'all can see. I prefer a more straight texture. So this is what it's looking like to me and that's what gives it the more realistic look by having to be more kinky than silky, but I know some people would want to see a curl. So let me show y'all that real, quick um take this little section of hair and I'm putting a little bit of hairspray on it just to give it some hold. Then I got my good old fhi. So what I'm gon na do is just do a little bit of rotation on my wrist and don't worry about the stainless the product, not the hair body, bang, if you want to do some curls, it is excellent for holding a curl but y'all. This insulation is honestly super easy, it's honestly really really fast. All you got to worry about is making sure you press the hair to your locking, but if you want to leave it kinky, you can as well and that's another thing that I do like about this texture. If I was to do a braid out or a twist out, that would be fire because of the Kink to it. So it's going to hold that curl, and this is the Shelf this. So if you are looking for an insulation, you ain't trying to get screened or you ain't trying to do too much. You just want to slap the thing on and go if your girl, like me, like honestly with me being on a workout Journey, it's crazy as it sounds. It does actually help my hair to just have this on. I just flat iron, just a little piece of leaves out that I have and that's it so minimal, leave out, and then I just get on by my way and go. But if you're looking for something that's easy to do low maintenance and give you kind of you know just a little just give you a little circle, whatever click the link in my description box, shout out to Wiggins hair for sending me this unit. This is one of my favorite units to date like seriously, I can't keep my hands off of it and I need too, but I and that is that on that, so if y'all have any questions, leave them down below, I love y'all, mocking daughter, and I'm out This piece make sure y'all check out this kinky V part unit click the link in the description box shout out to witness her and I'm out up here. Bye,

Wiggins Hair: So natural looking! just like your real hair~

L Bossi: You look great!!!! I love how the unit curls! Thanks as always!!!!! And the baby hairs being real ethnic was hilarious!! Faye, you have so much material that just comes naturally!! LOLOL Thank you for the upliftment, laughs, and giving the tutorials! Truly appreciate you!!

Ivy Merritt: That wig blends FLAWLESSLY with your actual hair!! Frankly, I think you could have just blowdried your hair and it would have STILL looked awesome!!

Tennille Bowens: Sis you look absolutely stunning! You gonna make me buy something else lol. I got my perfume and it smells amazing on me. I had to give the name to the assistant at the dentist office yesterday and I got complements galore!

alwaysJalè: Gorgeous! I’ve been a supporter of Wiggins for a few years now-I’ve never had an issue.

Purpleroyal: So natural looking and effortless. Perfect for me…

S T: Between the wig and the weight loss I didn’t realize it was you on the thumbnail! Looking great! Keep it up! ❤

Faye In The City: The products I used: -Chi Heat Guard: -Adwoa Serum: -A low cost alternative to the Adwoa Serum:

Franchesa Henderson: I love this. May not always have the time to flat iron, but it's very doable.

Tierra Sardine: Surely that unit came out beautiful ❤

Jerrena Brown: Laying and slaying this hairstyle

Janet Woodson: Faith you look great! Keep up the fabulous work.

Shá Johnson: That did blend very well!

Timothy B: Absolutely Beautiful as always

Just Shara: Very nice!

Jacci Adams: This is so GORGEOUS Faye ☺️

Whitney Brown: This is 4 Sure Gonna b so Good Fayen Happy Wednesday….

Ashley Allen: I love it!! I wanna get me onena dem bust down Sarah Jakes-Roberts had on last Sunday!! Hunny was giving alabaster box dry Jesus feet with my hair!!

Shuniece: Just gorgeous

Ivy Merritt: Looking GOOD in that dress, gurl!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

LA Slim: You look great. Hair, makeup and top is fire.

Cook_with_mE: Can you link the products used please ma'am ☺️

craftylady11: Faye, that’s is ! It looks really good in your! Werk it! ❤❤❤❤

Queen La: That unit looks really nice on you.

T Sumlin: Gurl! Beautiful! Simply Beautiful!❤

Abena: GORGEOUS!!!

Yana Martin: not the adolescent hairs this wig is beautiful though❤

Rae Johnson: Heyyy … and yes that looks good gotta get me one!

LaTasha Sherree': Yup I'm bout to check it out sis.....I'm over my TWA.....I want my hair bacK...LOL it's too cute

Carolyn: You are so beautiful!!! Love your videos.

Shelly T Halliburton: Not a LITTLE different ma'am!!! I darn well had to quint a couple times!!! Guuurrrllll!!!

Brittany Brown: You got them Sarah Jakes-Roberts inches I LOVE IT!!!

CrazyNaturalPrincess: Yasss Faye! Beautiful❤

Emily Oliver: That’s cute City 4real!!! ❤️ oh I need that girl!!!

Luigi & Friends: New subbie, I love u already like the wig 2

Ivy Merritt: That's a v-part wig!?!? DAYUM!!

The girls: U are so pretty!!!

shanzzi richards: Aunty Faye out here looking really good

Rayne Bow: ❤❤❤

Jeannine Gorden:

1 Loc Wonder: You’re so pretty

WOW Yummyyy: LIKE

Mary Sutherland: Hi cutie!! You are beautiful!!❤️

T B: Cute Now Chile!!!!

Auntie Kelli: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

OneFlyLadi Smith: Muvas makeup is fiya

Ivy Merritt: YES!! I'M FORTH!!

1 Loc Wonder: Mothhaaaa

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