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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. Im finally back with another video. Hope you guys enjoy !

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 18" Ombre Dark roots Coffee Curly Headband Wig ||


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Love My Wig from @wowigshair

It's a18" inches Ombre Dark roots Coffee Curly Headband Wig 

Wig Name: OMBRE Dark Roots Coffee Curly

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Guys and welcome back to my nope. I do not like that: hey guys and welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, haley denise and we are back with another video. I have been gone for a little minute. It'S been a while, maybe a month. That'S not too long, but it's a while when you on youtube, but anyway it's been a lot going on, but i am back with this video. We are just about to be doing this headband wig, i'm just going to show you how i installed this wig. How easy it is glueless like easy if you got somewhere to go. This is what you need right here. If you want to be real, quick and simple, but i'm just all over the place, don't forget to follow me on instagram at haley underscore underscore denise, 96 and also like and comment on this video and without further ado. We are going to get into the video okay y'all, so this is the box that the hair came in. It'S called whoa, wigs yeah. I think it's more wigs and they sent me this hair inside it came with this um edge brush. It came with two headbands and then it came with hair instructions and it came. This is what the hair came in this bag. This is what it looks like taking it out. It has a little knit on there take that off, but as y'all can see, i already drilled my edges back, so you don't have to do that, but just gel your edges back put on a cap. Wake up, that's something i literally be wearing headband ways to work out. I got ta go somewhere real, quick, throw it on. So it's gon na come with three combs in the front, one two three, and then it comes with one at the back too. This one to to put it at the back of the hair so that it will be secure. Let me go get a hair tie in my brush. Okay, so i just meant to give me a wing brush and a hair tie. So now we're just going to put this wig on sorry. There was people talking outside but anyway, so just to put this wig on what you're going to do is, of course, you're going to use the three columns that they gave you at the front of the wig. So that's what i'm going to use and then i'm going to take the one on the side and put that one inside and then this one - and this is just to secure your weight to make sure your wig don't run over okay. So those three are - and one right here right here right here, all right. So then i'm just going to do the back, pull it down and the cone is at the back of the wig. I got braids under here, so just put that in there that just gives you extra security and i'm going to take this hair tie that way. I can get the headband on the way it needs to be so i'm just going to take the hair and tie it up real quick so that i can put the headband on so just no certain way. Just okay! So now i'm just gon na take the headband on both sides. Put it down like that, as you can see now, i'm going to strap it at the back voila! That'S how fast you can put this head. Man wait! No! When i tell you these come in handy y'all, okay, so i'm just gon na take the hair out of the hair top. I don't know if i mentioned at the beginning, but this is 18 inches, so i think for as far as the style um see you can do some up create a little bun. If you want to that's what i'm going to do, i'm just going to show you all some like different styles. You can do with the ted being wig, because eventually, i'm going to brush this uh curls out, so i'm gon na show y'all the different styles. You can do do okay, i don't know what this stuff is y'all, but whatever you want to do right, you want to do that or you can leave it down and just do this down. Okay, yeah, so you can pull this dowel off. If you want to that's another style, you can do y'all, it's really simple, really cute. If you go on a workout, you can just pull it all up, because you got a headband though. So let me show you what it looks like with the headband. How many use this one is super cute super cute, so we're going to just put this headband on, of course, you're just putting it on where the black party is, but this part is optional. You don't have to put the headband on. If you don't want to, you can wear the black one. So if you want to, if you're going, maybe you need to work out and you don't have no other way to wear. So you don't put this hair up and your wig is so secure at the front and the back and when you pull it up it don't move it, don't go nowhere wearing a ponytail. You can go work out, do what you need to do and your hair won't be a problem. You can even put it in the bun if you want to, but i don't have another hair tie, but you can do a little bun style. Wear it out like that, don't have no hair tie, but y'all get my juice and then last hairstyle that you can do i'm just going to curl uh somebody's curl comb. Some of these curls out, like you, want to go for like a big look, do and you just use any wig brush that you got to brush your curls out. I don't think you like a specific one but yeah. If you want to go for a really big look, you can just comb your curls out, and then you got like this big, beautiful curl pattern going on with your hair, just like super cute, just trying i'm just playing with it y'all. So i can see what it look like. What i want to do is i think it will be super cute doing a little ponytail high high ponytail. You can wear it down like this if you want to, of course, but if you want to go for that, big look, give you some mousse to kind of tame the curls. Of course it's really big. Look like no certain style, but you know i get some mousse and put in these curls that would be so cute to wear out. You can wear this out too, like i just i just said work out, but you don't have to just wear this wig to work out. You can wear this wig really anywhere, but i think that is super super cute but, like i said, it's really high. Look! Okay, so let's see look like an african queen super cute, what y'all think y'all know it's just gon na stay. You know i'm gon na stay inside, but what y'all think about this hairstyle like? Isn'T it super cute? It'S like it's giving it's giving. I like it. Y'All, let me know what y'all think in the comment section below i really like this hair. It'S beautiful, i love the color of it. It did come this color. I did not dye it. I didn't have to do anything to this hair. It literally just came like this, so all i did was take it out of the package and put it on. It is 18 inches which i will put all that in the description box below, but you can put a headband on with it. I prefer i like the black. I don't think i like the yellow on top of these. It'S still really cute, though, with this, it's still super cute, so i think that's so cute, but y'all. Let me know what y'all think of this hairstyle, which i think of this headband wig. If you want to purchase it, i am going to put the link in the description box below that way. You can purchase this wig. It'S not that expensive. I'M not sure how much lids everything will be in the description box below y'all. I didn't find out everything, but i really do like this wig, like i said it just came just like this, so if you want to purchase it, if you need something to just throw on real quick, you got somewhere to go, but you don't really feel like Putting on a full lace, frontal like i don't all the time or you don't even feel like putting on your closure, we just throw this head and we don't have been and period you ready to go, but if you do want to purchase it put it the Link is down below and don't forget to comment, and let me know what you guys think about this video and again. Thank you so much for watching bye,

Haley Denise: I would love to hear some feedback. Y’all let me know what y’all think of this headband wig

Quinn 5: What destiny is this?

ThugNuts: Did you seriously pay for an add for this bullshit?

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