This Is A Wig?! Most Natural Burgundy Everyday Wig For Naturals! Ft. Curls Curls

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Wig: Auburn Ombre Olivia

Curl Pattern: Natural Curly (3a/3b)

Length: 18"

Cap: medium

✅Protective style for the edges.

✅Most affordable human hair wig

✅Natural and popping style

$5 off coupon code " Amber "

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- Ethnicity: Belgian and Ghanaian

- I live in Belgium, Europe

- I have an accent because English is not my first language, Dutch is.

- Hair type: 3c, 4a

CONTACT (business inquiries only)


[email protected]

Hey what is up welcome back to my YouTube channel, it's your girl, Amber and in this video I'm going to show you guys this super cute style that I got from curls curls and what I love the most is the color girl. You know I have a weakness for burgundy hair. My own hair is dyed burgundy, so yes definitely keep on watching to see all the details, because you don't want to miss out on this. One, like I said before this is in collaboration with curls curls and they actually have a Black Friday sale coming soon. So there are ton of stuff to win. There are a lot of discounts, so definitely keep an eye on their website. You know their website is super cute. They have a ton of different options. I love the glueless everyday wigs that they have girl. There are different styles, different curl types, different colors, different shapes like there's something for everyone, so definitely click the link in my description box to check them out. Okay, so back to this unit that I'm gon na rock and style today. So this is how it looks straight out of the box and I'm gon na shampoo and condition the hair first, because that's what I always do with my curly units, you know to get the most beautiful results and I'm just going to use these Flawless. Curls shampoo and conditioner from Tresemme, and you can see Wild shampooing. The hair dye is transferring a little bit, which is completely normal. You know my own hair is dyed red as well the same color. That happens every time I wash my hair. There'S like red water everywhere, but that doesn't mean anything okay that doesn't mean that the dye is fading or anything. The color is just as vibrant as before. That'S just the thing with: if you dye your hair hair red right, as you can see, the color is still popping super cute. So definitely don't worry about that. That'S just a thing! If your dye, your hair in a certain color, it's always going to be like that. Don'T worry about the red transferring or staining your clothes or anything okay, so I'm obviously going to condition as well, and I just needed to finger detangle this unit because it was tangle free. It was super soft super easy to manage, and this is how the hair look looks after it's been detangled and conditioned so now on to styling. I love curls girls units because they're super easy to style. Okay, you don't eat much product, there's no Tangles, no frizz. Whatever I'm just gon na use this like um curl activating gel, that's it no leave-in or cream; no, nothing, just a gel to activate the curls to make the curls pop to define those curls and that's it. That'S the only thing that I used on this hair and the curls will pop and Trust misses. You won't see okay, so I'm just going to use my tangle teaser to detangle the hair a bit and to make these curls Clump together and pop, and I'm just so in love with this color like this is my absolute favorite color, like I said before my Own natural hair is the same color and I just love it there's something about wine, red burgundy hair, like burgundy curls, that I love a lot okay, I just have a weakness for this color. It'S my favorite color, ever okay, so yeah. This is how the hair look looks after I've, fully styled the hair in less than 10 minutes, and now it's time to air dry. Okay, you can see those curls are just so beautiful from top to bottom. They Clump zero frizz. It'S just a look okay. So this is how the hair looks when it's fully dried. This is the next day and the curls are looking super natural as well with these units from curls curls, the everyday wigs you don't have to worry about, leave out or your edges or anything. This is like a 100 protective style because you can protect all of your hair literally underneath this wig cap and call it a day. You can just put this unit on like I'm doing now. It takes 30 seconds, make sure it's well adjusted in the back um. The wig is going nowhere, it's secured on my head, the wig is going nowhere and you can just literally walk out the door like this, but me personally, I like to shape the hair to my liking. So I'm just going to cut the bangs a bit because they were a bit too along for me and I'm going to shape the size of this unit a bit to match my round face, and that's it guys. That'S the only thing I did to this unit and I'm good to go okay. So these everyday glueless units from curls curls, where bangs are literally my favorites like girl, they are so easy to style to manage to install. What do you want more? It looks Supernatural the color is amazing. They did an amazing job with the color. It looks super natural with the dark roots and everything so yeah. I think they did a great job with this one. So let me know down below what you think of this unit. So I'm going to rock this unit, definitely in winter time, because it just fits in the whole fall and winter season. Vibe and yeah definitely check out the links in my description box for their Black Friday sale and thank you for watching this. Video and I'ma see you in my my next one: bye, bye,

JANICE HOWARD: I love this wig. Looks beautiful!

Cristina Cabello: Only people who dyed their hair in a reddish colour would know how similar your shower is to a crime scene whenever you wash your hair

bethany burton: amber are so beautiful inside and out....and so is everyone posting before and after this post! smile everyone! have a beautiful night!

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