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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel, I'm gon na be showing you all how to melt the lace and also customize a unit from Assyria hair. Their new packaging actually comes with a satin bag, and I love that this is 100 % virgin hair. This is the body wave texture and I'm such a fan of this particular texture. I feel like you - can do so much with it and my unit is in 200 % density, so it is thick y'all and it is 22 inches. It does come free plug, but I am gon na show you all how to make it look more refined because it's not plucked as much as I desire. This is the typical construction for most units, pretty standard combs adjustable, strap, I'm putting the unit. I want to show you all what it looked like before. I did any work to it. Yeah we got to put in some work, so I'm gon na show you all how to flatten out the top how to tweeze your hairline to make it look more seamless and customize to your liking, because, as you can see, it's only been tweezed around. Maybe the first like one to two centimeters and we need it to be tweeze much more, but the hair feels amazing. It looks amazing, so I'm excited about that. So I'm putting the unit on my mannequin head. It'S best to use a mannequin hand when doing this process, and I'm tinting the lace. Currently the knots on this unit, I don't believe, have been bleached. I don't think that they were so the Sally Hansen. Airbrush spray in this case was used to conceal the knots as well as hint the lease. So I want it to be my scalp color, so I used medium Glo for that. So when beginning the customization process, I'd recommend for you guys to use t-pins insert those into the lace so that you have more grit when you begin tweezing also, I found that wetting, the hairline in the front is going to help you to be able to get Out more here and it's gon na make the process so much easier and faster. So right now, I'm just showing you all what the lace looks like and again this is, after spraying, on the side. Hansen spray is going to give it a stoplight finish, which I am such a fan of, so what I like to do next before actually beginning the customization process is parting that here off, where I desire for it to be so I wanted a side part. So I'm parting it off on the side and now I'm pulling the lace taut and inserting the TPN on the left-hand side. Now we're going to begin to tweeze the hairline now the tweezers that I have are from Amazon and I will link those down below now. There are different ways to pluck or tweeze the hairline. What I generally see people do is parting off a section in the front and then behind that section, beginning to tweeze and after you've worked on tweezing for about a minute, or so you can begin to comb out the shed hair so that you can kind of See your work and then you just go in and keep tweezing some more and you're just going to tweeze until it's to your liking. I like to tweeze in a vertical direction going upward and I typically do this in a linear manner. So I'm pretty much doing straight lines, going upward along the right side first and then I work my way over to the middle and then to the left side. Now that I've tweeze behind the part that I sectioned off, I'm gon na pull that back and now begin tweezing. That part, because I really want to thin it out so much more. And if you decide that you don't want to part off hair first, but rather start with this particular area, first tweezing going upward, then that's pretty much okay, either way it's gon na work out and keep in mind that wetting, the hair is going to help the Process be so much easier and it also allows for you to be able to see what you've done, because when the hair is in its regular texture and form it kind of looks more bulky and dense than when it's wet so wetting. It is gon na help. You to really reveal what you've actually done, if that makes sense, so now we're just gon na move on to the middle and then we're gon na move on to the next step. I wish you would make up your mind, can tell by the look in your eyes, you're not happy with the menu standing by alright. So now that you've tweeze the hair you've got it to look. The way that you desire, and it's looking like, is your hair. Now you want to begin to sculpt and set what you've done. You would complete this process by using a mousse. I am using Giovanni hair styling mousse, but feel free to use whatever you like. I really like the blowpro, but, as I shared in another video, my dispenser was acting weird, so I haven't been able to use that so now, I'm just sculpting and molding the hair in the manner that I desire for it to flow and then after I've done This I'm gon na begin to work on my baby hair and I'm using a razor in order to cut it down, and I didn't add too much baby hair but feel free to add as much as you like and then. After doing this, we're gon na take some styling strips and we're gon na wrap it around to set it, and then I'm gon na use a blow dryer in order to dry what I've done. I'Ve been watching you and with this one so come to me, I got what you need just go I'll make you my I'll make you smile, it's funny how you came across my I can give you that good lovin. So, are you also now it's time to install the Union? I love love, love, actually styling and setting a unit before installing. I just feel like. It just makes the process so much easier. So now I'm just going to apply my gossipy glue jail and I'm doing so with the one in the yellow bottle. That'S my favorite, and for those who are wondering this is an adhesive that I found not to be damaging to my hairline. I'Ve used this for years and I still have edges and they are thriving. In my opinion, they still look great. So I'm now gon na pull the unit down over my hairline and I'm just pressing in and any areas that maybe need more glue or got to be glue rather, which is a jail. I'M gon na now use my little dryer on the cool setting to dry that area so that it becomes more tacky and then I'm gon na press down with my rat tail comb and I love using the back of the rat. So comb in order to press into the lace that allows you to really be able to get in close in order to press into that front edge of the hairline. This is another thing that I'd recommend and this is using cream foundation in order to blend the area of the lace. That'S on your forehead, that's gon na cause it to look like it meshes really well and just marry the two so that it looks like it's. Your actual hair, so if you use a cream foundation, that's really gon na help and then in the parting area, in order to customize it a bit and refine the look, you can go in with a powder foundation, but guys all of this. These are all just recommendations or suggestions. You don't have to do any of this. If you consider this to be too much work stop after you've installed the unit. That'S perfectly fine, but if you want to jazz up your look a bit, then I'm just sharing different things that I like to do. Another thing that I do is add less jam and that's gon na create the shine. It'S also going to give you a sleeker. Look - and I just feel like it just makes the hairline looks so much more juicy. I got what you need just I'll, be I'll, make you smile kiss you just ride. I love you. I just wan na talk to you baby and see what this can do. It'S just gon na be a stool re, beautiful people. This is the finished. Look. I love it so much. This hair is so luscious and it curls so good. I love the 200 % density and just how full it is because it gives me the volume that I, like and y'all know. I love big hair now. One thing I wish I had done was pulled the lace down on the right side, just a tad bit. Cuz, it is kind of bulky on that side. I don't know if it raised up well, it was um setting. I don't know what happened, but I didn't notice it until I was editing. So that's one mistake that I made, but you know what it happens to the best of us. Mistakes happen y'all. Forgive me it's not like a perfect install, but you all get the point. I was able to thoroughly explain to you guys how I went about this process. I hope it was helpful, be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe check the description box for the link and all the details to this unit. I love y'all and I'll, see you in my next video bye, guys, hey just for you promise you baby

Michelle H: That was a great tip you gave us to wet the hair when plucking the hairline TFS! And that hair is GORGEOUS!

Mary P: I love everything about this The length is just perfect. BEAUTIFUL!!!

patrice moore: This unit is so pretty , full and it looks so soft. I love this unit !! So beautiful !!

Nettie: Great job hunty Thanks for the details from start to finish

Abovetheordinary: You did it again Mary!!! I love that unit. It’s bomb!

Kimberly Peoples: Lovely video! Typically how long does the got2b glue lasts before it needs to be reapplied?

Beautyartist Selin: Just Can't Get Enough of this wig because I didn't notice so beautiful❤

Ms. Michelle Agalte: I noticed this hair did curl very easy. I didn't even notice ur hairline mistake until u mentioned it. Perfect install to ME. You rock girl!

Monifa 360: Always beautiful!!

michel marie vernet: Always beautiful! very talented woman! Jerard is more than lucky

mnwoods: I love your videos. Very helpful even though I haven't gotten into wigs yet. Feedback: are you able to slow it down a bit when you tweeze. I've seen a few vids when you do this and it's always fast making it difficult to see how you do it. Hearing is one thing; seeing is another. For those multimodal leathers like myself it would help to see you text slower and closer. Thank you.

Cynthia Smith: Hey Mary you are a wig slayergirl I barely know how to cut lace, that's why I can't wait for you to offer customizations or sale more of your wgs I missed the wig I wanted it was sold so fast the short curly wavy unit

Droosy G: Great job, as usual

Dee Chocolate: Beautiful! U did a good job yasss!

Sony E C: Gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing. Do you ever do any weaves? Can't afford all these wigs‍♀️‍♀️x

cynthia johnson: take the lace, overlap it and then pin it to make the lace taught, easier to pluck and mold hair when lace is tight.

Nancy Purter: I didn't notice your mistake. I'm nervous about plucking the hair line. I'm afraid it will look like a bald spot.. I love the unit. Does 200 density feel heavy? I think I want this unit but shorter but full. Love you BIG!!!!❤❤❤

Naomi Blacky's Diversity Channel: Beautiful wow

Natasha Waldorn: Nice job

Bre Jarmell: No need for apologies Mary. You always come through with the good wigs and techniques. Figured out how to make my spirals better from this video. You straight girl. Love that hair but 22 inches.... Chile, I’m a little too seasoned with age for that length . Thanks for the vid! You know you get me through my work day

Sharron François: beautiful like always


DJ: Can I ask where you got your necklace from? The wig came out beautiful by the way

Sheila Davis: Nice!!!!

AB DL: I jut love it...and more need it!!!bella!

Wildhoney: Msnaturally Mary you even had twin fingers Oh you're definitely gonna be having twins! You are twin all the way!

Calandra Robinson: ❤❤❤❤

Jade Barkley:

Urbanchicaful: What mouse are u using?

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