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Back to my channel guess what i got with me: hey y'all, it's kathleen aka, so clean and uh. My channel is life with so clean. I do all things. Beauty, travel food so definitely check it out. Yes, i didn't jump into it, so this video is going to be nice and sweet and shut. You guys need to watch the whole video all the way through the end, because i'm going to go in detail the price where i got it from and that's going to be at the end. But first guys know i got my go-to edge control little baby brush with a pick. It'S hot pink, it's usually around three or four dollars. It'S cute, so you got a normal brush and i'm using my flaxseed um echo gel healthy blackie, castor oil, flax seed, one of these 15.99 for this whole jug yeah. Yes, good, ass price, this simple little detangler brush and a couple scrunchies. Usually i prefer using silk. Scrunchies, but for this trial i just want it nice and clean y'all and we're going to start with the part on the side. So i'm just going to part it on the side, like i said, with the leah veins. Oh, that was easy to park her hair. I'M just going to put the comb there, so the part stays in place. Let'S apply the echo gel. This does have a little bit of castor oil. I'M gon na do a good, healthy amount. You guys, and i'm just gon na apply it right to almost on the scalp, so her flyaways go in with the ponytail. Her ponytail is gon na be a midway ponytail, so it's very comfortable when it's too high girl that'd be giving you a headache. So we ain't having that no um. What type of hair do you have? Is your hair usually dry or greasy? It'S definitely oily at the scalp but dry at the ends, because it's wavy okay, so about this little ponytail you guys it has a built-in clip clip. So i could just like clip it right onto her hair and make it blend in or put her hair in a little bun. It matters how much hair you have, and then it has like a little neck thing inside has a little ombre color. This is 18 inches long beautiful and i love the layered look yeah. The cool thing is you can actually flip it two ways you do like this. If you want it more like poofy up top, and then you flip it like this, if you want it down, so that's the trick. I'Ll put the link down below where i got it from and the price is unbelievable, i'm still not going to tell y'all, but you can't believe the price i'm like damn. I hope it's any and i think it's more on their website. So yeah there's a lot of options all right, so you got really healthy. Edges girl! Oh, i don't really dye my hair, so that's probably why boom boom boom so to hold this we're gon na hold this in place like this, so we can get that swoosh going on that forehead like boom, i'm seeing it already all right. So that looks like it's set really well, you guys we're gon na go in with that little baby cone and we're just gon na swoosh it foreign perfect, with a hand if you guys, like the top i'm wearing today, is from sheen. I have a sheen haul. Coming really soon and the detail of that and this black thing that's showing underneath it is these special like booty panties, it lifts up your butt and i think they're sold out. But i might put the link of that on my page underneath the video you guys because man, it's the business, it's the business instead of paying all that money to get a booty job just for some panties. But this is the booty panties that don't have the cushion. This is just it does like a scrunch around your butt yeah and it has like a cut out. So it kind of makes your back go to that area. It works all in your favor boom. All right, you can let go it's coming along cool, so we just applying the gel right here. We got. We parted some hair right here and we're doing the leah veins, with a little swoosh got ta get that detangler brush and then she's gon na grab that hair you see, move go behind the ear. Let'S do that cool cool all right, um turn around for us. Girls, i want to show them how to put this little point on there and then all right, so now that we slipped our hair in a nice ponytail, we just just goes around it like that. You guys see, i'm clawing it. You see right like this from the top part, and you could put like a couple bobby pins. If you want and we're going to use the detangler brush just to get those flyaways, does it hurt? No, it doesn't hurt at all and it blends in with her hair. So much look at that camera girl, looking like ariana grande, oh shoot. So the last touch you know, because this is the urban thing you know we got ta put a little swag in there. We'Re gon na get that little baby hair right there with this little baby brush like this, make sure you have a good, healthy amount of gel because it will dry. The good thing about this gel does not flake up you're gon na get that pick and you're gon na. Just like this, we're gon na make sure we get those tips, we're gon na hold it back and we're gon na get that nice j low pearl. I was just listening to j.lo. Today too, i love j.lo yeah she's, so like on a whole nother level like pretty yes and i'm feeling cassidy right. Now too, i love her too, and she posted some really great pictures. This is like throwback, 2000 y2k vibes. Yes, that's what i'm talking about y'all? Where are we going? Where are we going we're going to lunch, we're going to brunch, you guys dang, and this ain't frizz girl, i'm gon na, have to see the other side? Oh yeah, chin, um. If your hair is long, this little hair right here can go all the way to the ponytail and you can wrap it around the ponytail and you could do with safety pins, but for her hair, it's a little medium length, so we're gon na just let it Hang behind her ear and if your hair is shorter, this definitely will work even better than this. So we got one little last piece to go all right there. We go yes, yes, yes and uh. I know you dig in this style. Thank you. I love it. Thank you um. If you want, you can braid it too and do like a braid bun and make it look nice and fuller. If you guys want to see more styles with this great ponytail, i mean, if you wanted, to see it higher or lower in a bun um. If you want us to actually wet it and give it crump and rollers and all kind of crazy style leave the comments down below that's cool, i love it see you next time, don't forget, hit that subscribe. Button hit that subscribe button smash it. You don't miss out, you

Kendra Productions: Yes for that baby comb and Eco gel! It made her hair slick and swoop yasss ma’am! Come through Shein, your top is cute and your friends ponytail came out really pretty!

Andy Appleseed: Your more than beautiful the long Ponytail is a vibe ❤️

Life with Soklene: It’s the editing for me! I love the music!!!! It’s the ombré ponytail for me it’s the Aaliyah pic for me!!

Sam I Am The Superhero: Hey sis I'm here with you. The blue top from Shein is cute and right on time for spring. The ponytail is cute too and it has nice volume and color to it. ❤ ❤ ❤

Hulda's Journey •: I love the ombre the hair looks very sleek! Looking forward to the Shein haul

Intermission ♡︎: QUEEN!!!! YOUR OUTFIT AND BODY ARE AMAZING!!!! I love the ponytail, very chic and classy!!

Simone Love: So glad I subscribed to your channel. My hair is incredible now. Thank you!

🎀Ms. Cherry🍒: Oh wow, affordable, easy and cute ok then

Simone Love: Please post more vids about different ways to wear that ponytail. You vibe well with your co-host!

chinwe Izukanne: Is beautiful i love it... nice one you made it so easy to achieve ❤

Lawson Chicago: Another great video

Mische Taylor: Your hair is getting long love it. I tried your last DIY and it really help my hair look heather and shiner. Thanks ❤️

Raul Gonzalez: Nice video

Chablee Hair Journey: Love it

Robin Love: Omg love it

Chablee Home Design: Wow another great video. I really enjoyed watching this one and I think I’m going to invest in a ponytail. Man that is a really good price. How long do you think it will last?

Simone Love: You are always coming with FIRE vids. Love it!

hahihihi 333: ナイス

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Shelly: I looking forward too seeing more videos of you to

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round 11 run:

Eureka Bell: Not.


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