Her Hair Grew Ten Inches In 365 Days!

My Friend Ericka is back and her hair is 10 inches longer!


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Hey everybody and welcome back. We are here on a Monday today I usually post on Sundays, but the Grammys was on yesterday and I was like. Let me just let folks enjoy the award show and I'll see y'all today, starting with the satin Shield heat protected. I'M just going in and I'm rubbing it all throughout Erica's hair today is a follow-up video. A lot of people are like. Can we see what this person's hair is doing now, with this person's hair doing now, so I decided to bring back Erica. If you don't remember Erica Erica is my friend whose hair I had to cut into a Robert and Robert is what I named the long version of a bob, because Bob is the nickname for the name Robert, for whatever reason don't ask me why that's the nickname? I have no idea um, I'm assuming like that the B and rap you know what I'm not even going to do all of that today, trying to figure that out, but nonetheless, look at this, I had to cut Erica's hair off. It went through a lot during the pandemic and a lot of people's hair did, and so we just decided to start over. She did. It was hard for me, but you know it is what it is. It'S not often that you get a client, that's like just cut it all off. You know, so look how healthy and full it was after we cut it, and now we were on the road to recovery and I'm gon na show you what happened today. So I'm going to go in I'm just detangling that first section and I'm going in with the Rev air dryer. I know you've been seeing it on the last few videos. The Rev air is here to stay. I'M not saying it blue, my red blow dryer out of the water, but I mean I haven't used it since, so it is what it is. This is not a sponsored video. I will leave the link below where you can get this dryer. If you want one, but every time I pull this dryer out whoever's in the chair, get really excited like you want to use that on me today, everyone's so hype about the Rev air being used on them just to see how it works and as you see It works perfectly fine on Erica. I got a lot of questions on. Does it work on longer hair and it does it's a great great dryer, and it was good too for Erica, because since she's on a hair growth journey and hair care and a health Journey for her hair, the extra low temperatures in the litter really no tension Helps so much so she's trying to achieve like butt length hair, so I feel like the rep air is a good addition to her regimen. You know just to help her achieve that see how long it is now y'all saw in that video, where I cut Erica's hair right under her shoulders now. Look how many inches are y'all are y'all with me here. Look at that now. That'S how much she wanted to trim that little fingers. She just showed that's what she wanted, so I'm getting my 22 titanium. We have a set if you don't have either or you want both. You can go on deeper inhere.com I'll leave the link for that too. 22 Titania and Peggy Sue in the color signature Royal and I am going to go in and I am going to press Erica's hair straight now, Erica likes to get her hair pressed in chunky pieces, so it can have weight to it. But this first section I always do is smaller because we all tend to sweat there. It gets wet in the shower and you just want to give it a little fight back. So that's why I do it a little thinner on the first section. As you see, the second section is a lot thicker now I just want to talk to you a little bit. It'S been about exactly a year since we cut Erica's, hair and her hair has grown 10 inches 10 inches is an accurate number. We did the math, don't worry about it sweetheart. So what we're going to do today, that's different than usual, when I do a follow-up video and show how much the client's hair has grown is today I'm going to give you a bunch of Erica's tips from her hair care regimen. I know these tips to be true. I am here for them, I have been here for them and I'm just going to drop all of the things that Erica does and Erica uses that helps her now. You know for a fact that I know that hair growth has a lot to do with the hereditary side of things. However, we are still going to give you these tips, because that doesn't mean that you can't retain more length from some of the tips that she has. So, let's go in with what Erica does all right so tip? One Erica is a heat girl, but for the most part, also loves her natural curls. She wears her silk press all winter and Embraces her curly hair. During the summer months we live in LA so sometimes our summers are a little longer than our hometowns on the East Coast. So just keep that in mind tip number two. She washes her hair with Organic Brands, grow poo, clarifying shampoo and their hydration conditioner called the condition and always uses a microfiber towel. I will put the links for all of these things below tip three. She is always gentle with her detangling process. She understands that the hair is weakest when it's wet and being rough and impatient will just cause unnecessary breakage in every strand counts, tip. Four, we use sand Shield heat protectant as a barrier between her hair and high temperatures before the use of the blow dryer or the flat iron between Salon visit. She braids her hair in big detangled sections with the heat protectant lets it air dry and then styles with the curling iron tip five. She gets her hair pressed in double, sometimes triple the sections, meaning the bigger the sections, the less concentrated heat that will be able to break down the texture of the hair, which will leave her hairs density, heavy and full. She always reminds me before we start key. Remember I wanted like Dora, Yes, Y'all Dora, the Explorer tip six. During her silk press, we put a thin coat of scalp remedy 101 on her scalp, it's an oil, so we use a tiny bit, so it won't weigh her hair down too soon tip seven. We trim her hair every nine weeks since we cut it so blunt last year, all we've been doing is giving it a dust and it totally works for her tip eight after heat styling, we seal it with the glass brilliant shine. This holds Erica's hair in place, controls her flyaways and also gives her hair a natural amount of topical oil until her natural oils generate from her scalp around day, three or four and tip nine, she wears a satin scarf every night to help generate those scalp oils And keep her hair in place not wearing the scarf, will dry her hair out and cause breakage foreign Erica's tips can help you and again, I'm gon na put a link for everything that I mentioned below, see how heavy her hair is now we're just going to Go in next and give Erica a trim now she just had one nine weeks ago. You see that line looks like she doesn't even really need one and then over here on the right side is a little shorter than the left, but she will not. Let me even that out and I'm not going to harass her and make her do it, but you remember, I cut her hair right under the shoulders. Look at all those inches that Erica now has retained, so I'm going in and I'm just dusting. It almost looks like I'm not trimming at all, but I am taking off every little straggly piece on literally the tips of her strands. Literally, the tips only is just basically cleaning it up. That'S what we call a duster, so that's what's happening right now, I'm going to add a link, so you can watch Erica's video, the first go-round when we gave her that Robert haircut and then you could do some comparing you'll just see how thin it was and Everything and why we really had to cut it. You also could see that kind of In that clip that I put in the beginning, but um, I'm so glad her hair is just back in better. She said her hair hasn't been this long. I think, since she was a teenager or a kid so just going in, and I'm that little short side that you saw I'm just going in making sure it's even around the front, even though it's not necessarily even around the back and making it look. Nice and straight look at that, it's so good, it's so good! When we was in the shop, we was in there talking about real estate and breaking generational curses and all kinds of stuff, and you know he's talking about. I was like you know, the Bible say: train up a child in the way that this should go and when they grow up, they won't depart from it. She'S like and that's it that's the quote. I want so that's why that's Erica's quote in the beginning of this video. She chose it. You just saw her before and after look at all that progress in just one year, and I hope that everyone could take at least one or two things from this video um. Just this Erica's before and after she's, happy and beautiful in both - and I just want to thank you all for watching - please subscribe, tell a friend to watch my channel thanks for all of your support. I really appreciate every single one of y'all and I will see you next time. Bye,

Isha O: Tips from what Ericka does: 1) Wears her hair straight during winter and curly in the summer 2) Uses Growpoo shampoo and The Condish from Organibrands, and dries her hair with a microfiber towel 3) Is always gentle with detangling process 4) Uses Satin Shield heat protectant before blowdrying/flat ironing. Between salon visits she braids her hair in big detangled sections with the Satin Shield and lets it air dry before styling with curling iron. 5) Gets her hair pressed in bigger sections - heat is less concentrated and this preserves density 6) Uses thin coat of Scalp Remedy 101 on scalp during silk press 7) Trims hair every 9 weeks (just a dusting) 8) Uses Glass Brilliant Shine after heat styling 9) Uses satin scarf each night

Lauri S: She really does have beautiful hair. Her natural curls are so thick and healthy, and her straight hair is just gorgeous.

HrhSophia TheFirst: Beautiful job and beautiful hair! I am relaxed but I do the same things with my hair and I am peeking at mid-back this summer! Breaking generational barriers is so fulfilling, when I bought my first house I stayed up all night and just looked at the walls. My mom died never owning anything and here I am on my third home and one of them was a vacation home! Seek and you shall find!

nessa N: Her hair is incredibly gorgeous! Curly and straight, so beautiful

Brandi Reichert: Ms. Kee, we have watched you for the last 7 years. I am 69 and my husband is 76. You have taught us so much. God Bless you and your family/ followers.

Tiffany T: I'm at this length but it took me longer to get there bc of an iron deficiency. My hair transformed when I started taking iron and vitamin D supplements! Other tips: 1) Deep condition every 2 weeks 2) Protein treatment every 4-6 weeks 3) Manipulate and style once a week (low manipulation in between) 4) Detangle in sections on wet hair with lots of conditioner 5) Trim regularly (I trim every 4 months and I have fine, high density hair). Mostly wearing natural styles, minimal heat styling in between. 6) Clarify every 4 weeks, moisturizing shampoos only the rest. 7) Love your hair no matter what! It's unique to you and beautiful just the way it is

RunninChic620: This is lovely, there is something to be said about her diet, her attitude and how she releases stress from her life which will also impact your hair. May we all have peace and health in those areas as well as bomb azzz hair maintenance regimens!!

Kim Smith: My hair is close to my butt right now as you can see in my profile pic, I agree with these tips. The only thing I do differently is I don’t straighten my hair. I had it straightened just to get it trimmed in October and it was the first time in several years. I wear it curly and in a puff 99% of the time.

Natalie S: I enjoy you more than the Grammys just saying!! ❤️

T Mom: Your voiceovers for me are EVERYTHING! The hair tips are excellent and the proof is in seeing how quickly her hair grew!! Thanks soo much for sharing!! Stay blessed!!

Nikki Baby: Thanks for sharing her progress and the TIPS were definitely an appreciated bonus. Kee, on a personal note. I've been following you for awhile. Your hands are golden. The knowledge you share is also greatly appreciated. You are a MASTER of your craft. Your words of encouragement in your videos are priceless. Thank you.

Thursden: I’m so glad you mentioned genetics, cause I feel like I do everything and more and have to work 3x harder to get length makes so much sense now

Jennifer Brook: i have hip length 3c-4a hair and i wish i had someone like you to trim my hair, amazing job on this! her hair came out so beautiful

Alexis Shelley: I love my revair! The price is worth it if you style your own hair. I notice my ends are less raggedy and my last trip was over 4 months ago. I can finally just ‘dust’ my ends. I also flat iron my hair in large sections

Yashira Alambares: Loved it! I had a bob cut done at the beginning of 2020 and what truly made my hair grow was limiting heat. I only use heat once a month. I use to be addicted to my iron lol. Now my hair is long again.

JadeFoxx: Her hair is gorgeous! Nice and healthy and I'm happy to see that she wasn't afraid to cut it off to achieve her healthy hair goals. That's how you get the hair healthy from root to tip. It's so thick!

Tanya S: Her hair is beautiful! Her tips are doable and it shows. And yes, I remember the Bob… I had just subscribed to your page and was so impressed with your work. Thank you for teaching us so much. I personally learned so much/

vaneshcaa: It’s crazy because I actually saw someone comment on another YouTuber’s page that you tend to “cut too much hair off” but you really don’t, you cut off what needs to go. And the proof is in the pudding because in a year her hair is longer than it was before you cut it! People love to hold onto straggly ends for the sake of length and wonder why they don’t retain any. Love your work ❤

Elle: I always love seeing how much they love the finished product ❤

Anonn Nymous: Her hair is gorgeous. I hope to have my hair as healthy as hers. I’m currently trying to let my hair grow out from having it in a fauxhawk cut. Like my sides and back of my hair was buzzed to the scalp, so it it was bald towards the hairline. The middle i kept long enough to show off my natural curls (so about down to the tip of my nose length . It’s been about 5mths since i last cut it. The middle of my hair is now a bit below my chin and the sides are longer than the tip of my earlobe (about 2inches now). I when from being bald on the sides and back to 2inches long in 5mths. So i’m curious on how long it will be by the end of this year.

chantillyviolin: That is gorgeous hair, both curly and straight! I love watching your vids and listening to all your tips. It's very soothing.

Tacara Jones: Ericka is so blessed! Her hair grows extremely fast the average is 6 inches a yr

C. Robb: Wow, her hair is absolutely gorgeous. I will be adding these tips to my hair regime. And thank you, thank you, thank you Kee for sharing these tips & thank you for all the knowledge you freely give. It has helped a lot.

C Foster: Girl, that Revair is EVERYTHING! I think every stylist should have this available as an option.

Sandrea White: She’s very beautiful. Wow 10”. Hair usually grows 1/2 inch per month. She’s on the right regimen and good genes. Also, shes blessed with a lot of hair.

Joy Deja King: Yes to all of Ericka's hair growth and tips!! Beautiful results as always

Mary Elizabeth: I love follow up videos. Go Erica!! ❤

Torie Anderson: Love this! I will try some of these techniques. My hair has grown tremendously since I’ve gone natural. My hair is at my bra strap level or under my armpits. I’m trying to reach the goal to butt length! Thanks for the tips! ☺️

Classically Mish: My hair grows 8-10 inches in 6 months. I stopped perming it 20 years ago & I never use any heat on it. I cut 5-10 inches off twice a year because I don’t like it past the inside of my elbows.

Aisha 2Luv: I've learned that stress would definitely stunt hair growth. I'm praying for us all

Al J Bonner: I love your videos and your message!!! I be on YouTube LOOKIN' for them. You're whole personality, outlook and demeanor is a vibe and I'm here for it!!!

Crystal: Wow, that's amazing! I would love it if you could show her with her hair natural in the summer because it looks like she has glorious curls!

KAM: This video is right on time! I plan to have a conversation with my hairstylist in April. Every time I get a trim every 3 months, it seems I am losing my new growth and I start from scratch. It’s upsetting me. Can you PLEASE tell me how much time passed between that trim and this video? Did she get any trims in between? Thank you!

Sonovia V Horace: Wow, Ericka hair looks healthy and beautiful! Well done!

Simply Designs: I wish I could have my hair taken care of by you! I would totally trust my hair in your care!

Ms Ms: Erica's hair is stunning, I loved the swing. We have to keep our routines simple/make sure you're getting enough quality vitamins from food then hair will flourish.

90s baby: My hair is mid back length now, but my problem is I get restless and always cut it cause “I want a change”. Lol! Trying to stop that cycle so it can actually grow to this length!

Natasha Raisor Glam: Her hair is beautiful. I love watching your videos. Thanks for the tips

Country Hix (Darren & Deloris): Wow! That's a lot of beautiful growth in a year!

mintkandi22: I wanna have hair like Ericka's when I grow up!

Anna Inspain: I absolutely LOVE the new background music! It pairs beautifully with the ASMR aspect of the video. When I started to watch I was worn out and annoyed, but this really relaxed me.

Maralina Allen: OMG she got some pretty thick hair like mine! I can't wait to get my length back! I've had short to neck length Bob hair since 16 & I'm 43. I'm waiting to have long hair again! My cosmetologist said my hair is growing! I got a relaxer Christmas Eve & a month after, I noticed it look like I neededa touch up. I NOW USE a heat steamer. I have scalp massager. I Still air dry my hair before curling... I have done so for years. Since I have porous 4a/4b hair, it can retain a lot of product, so I use a clarifying shampoo. When I stopped using a clarifying shampoo , I would have contact dermatitis real bad. I change &/or wash my scarves everyday Whenever I wear a hat, I wear a satin scarf underneath.

FortheloveofK: Wow I’m on a growth/retention journey myself I’m at armpit length. I would love to achieve that much growth in a year so amazing

Terri A. Lucrisia: I wish I could find a hair stylist like YOU here in Seattle. I have had 3 shoulder surgeries, and can no longer do my own hair! This brings so much anxiety! Just don’t know what to do with my hair. Cant blow dry, and flat iron anymore. The best I can do after washing is split down the middle, and put into two braids…Even that is very hard! Do you know of anyone that does hair to your standards in Seattle. ❤

Niesaschannel84: Wow her hair grew so fast! Beautiful

Inspire Strength: Thanks for the update. her hair looks amazing xoxo

parkjibuns: I don't care about length anymore. I just want my hair to stay healthy and happy. When I learn the products to consistently do that, then I'll try to grow it longer. Also, I wear a satin bonnet and I also bought a satin pillowcase to replace my cotton one. My hair dries out quickly and I hate touching it when bone dry because the breakage is devastating

alexxdaye1: You DID THAT!!!! Her hair is soooo gorgeous!

Cleocatra: I just checked into this channel last night to catch up and this is so awesome. She has beautiful hair and and I enjoy your philosophy of loving your clients hair no matter the state its in upon arrival and making long term hair health the goal.❤

B: Beautiful! This inspires me to take better care of my hair.

ReeRee: My hair has grown about 10 inches in my life and I’m not young. Beautiful hair Ms. Erica!

Ericka J Stevens: Her hair looks beautiful, healthy and strong! ‍♀️❤️ Excellent job! ❤️

DIY Dame: Hey Kee, your video this week reminds me of a question. Not all people’s hair will grow indefinitely. Some people (including me) the hair reaches a certain length and then it completely stops growing. Mine will grow only to the middle of my back. My mother-in-law, he hair would only grow to the top of her shoulders and no more. What causes this?

Brandy Yolidio: Absolutely possible for a lot of ladies, keep that heat to a minimum, trim the ends routinely, and take GREAT care of your body and mind and your natural hair growth will do what it is suppose to! I'm not a butt length and don't want to be, middle of back is enough with A LOT of density/thickness!!

Kelley Cornwell: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for the length retention tips. I had so much cut off last year, due to menopause and heavily mineralized water when I was living in Indianapolis, and I love your channel. What do you guys think about these Facebook reels. I see some of these cuts, and cringe. Good luck everyone with their hair journey!!

Judith Williams: Liking this video giving more insight into the personal journey. Isnt it funny how there is always one snaggily bit of hair that doesn't grow at the same pace as the rest of the hair. What are your tips on thinning hair to get back to a thicker hair?

Plush Furr: Yep her hair grow really fast. So beautiful

inessrene: It's also the love you pour into every touch on your clients head!!

Eva Suissa: Love these client updates!!!! Gives me hope for my own hair lol

Asimina: That hair looks just amazing natural.and straight.

Brooklyn Vibes: Absolutely beautiful. I love the care you take with your clients.

Leah Mason: Awesome results. I remember the "Robert", she's had amazing growth in one year. Beautiful natural hair

LYNNSTER1971: The light of her spirit just radiates from her!

Shameka S: I love my Rev Air! I used it on my little niece and felt like it was so manageable.

Barcelona Delacalle: She is lucky to have you! Her hair is beautifully maintained as well so her effort shows! Gorgeous

M K: i loooove the education i'm getting in all your videos, this truly is my favourite youtube channel and you are SOOO talented

Sori Yazz: What a beautiful head of healthy hair!! All of her tips are great. Let's not forget genetics

CC§Gemini: Fabulous results and great tips

Dawn Easter: Her hair is gorgeous. I am going to try that thicker section tip when pressing my hair out.

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Jingles: I got a tapercut in 2018, and my hair is now mid back length. Here's what I did. 1. Pick 1 style that will last 3 weeks to 1 month. My go tos are mini twists or a blow out. Sometimes, I'll do bantu knots, leave the knots in for 3 days, and then let the curls hang for 3 days. 2. Drink fenugreek tea. Get a bag of the seeds and let it seep in hot water for 5 minutes before drinking. 3. I use a wide tooth comb on wash day in the shower. Apply leave in/grease of choice with flex detangling brush. 4. Dust ends every 2 months.

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