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Hey y'all, so we're about to get it started. My hair is blown out. It'S honestly been blown out for like four days now. I just been doing nothing to it. So it's time to get this head together. I have new rough like crazy. I haven't had a relaxer and maybe um, i want to say, like a little over a month, maybe even two months i honestly been accidentally stretching just because i haven't had the time to do my relaxer. I haven't felt like it so yeah. I don't know what my next relaxing will be, maybe a couple weeks from now when this gets old or maybe a whole another month. I honestly don't know whenever i get time girl the creamy cracks gon na be back, but i am about to go ahead and straighten it out and trim it. I desperately need a trim. I might even it up a little bit too cuz, as y'all can see. Like i don't know why my hair keeps doing this, but this side is just shorter than this side for some reason, like my sister cut it for me, she cut it even because it was the same thing like this. I was shorter than this side and i feel like it just grew right back out the same way, so i'm not really sure what's going on with that, but i'm gon na try to get it like a little bit more. Even i know, y'all probably can't see it, i'm a little bit a little bit of a perfectionist, but i can just tell like this side is look. Maybe this side is just more full than this eye. I don't know i'll show y'all my hair before the trim. Oh girl, um. I know you wondering the same thing i was when i was editing this video girl. What happened to? Why look like that? Why is it see through on that little piece? What is going on trust me? I was confused myself, but i had to think about it um. I did this two braids style and i left my ends. I was like a um frilly, like poofy type in style, and it was just one piece that kept getting on my nerves. On the left side and guess what i did, i cut it so yeah at first i thought like this was from the braidless sew-in. But then i looked back at the braidless sewing video and my hair was perfectly fine, like it wasn't broken off like that, and then it made me realize like yeah. It was definitely for me cutting that little piece off which resulted in a little see-through piece on my hair, so yeah, but it's okay. We don't get it together in this video, so let's get back into it. So yeah that's what we working with holiday, i'm gon na do my trim. Normally i do my trim like after i straighten it, because i have a cleaner, like look at everything, but i'm gon na trim my hair first, because i think i'm gon na do some curls for the girls today. Okay, so i'm gon na trim my hair. While it's blowing out and then we're gon na jump into some cute body curls as you all ready, i'm ready, because i have my hair done in halloween - i've just been walking around looking like this. So let's get to it. So i got my cute shears and i am ready to get this trim started. So here is where i think i realized i had like a thinning spot. I didn't realize it was that bad until i watched the video honestly, but i did realize it was there and was like okay, we're gon na go ahead and get this all evened up and get it together. So what you want to do is start in the middle and drag your fingers down. Holding that hair really really tight and holding your fingers extremely straight as to not like move the position of the hair not to curve it because you'll end up with a curvy haircut. As you can see, it's not perfect, but you want to try your best to like hold that hair really tight and keep it in the same position that you, you know dragging your fingers in. Basically, this is going to get you a straight cut all the way around. It'S definitely hard um. Once your hair starts growing like down your back, it's harder to get an even cut, but this is how i you know found out it works for me and yeah. You just want to um like basically set in your guide, which is that hair just straight down around the perimeter to get everything even and then after that's done, you go in and cut your layers, so so so so this is the part where i call slicing And dicing now this is where we're going in vertical sections pulling that hair out, and it's much easier to do, because you can see exactly where you need to cut if that hair is jaggy or you'll, see like the your guide piece, that's where you want to Cut the rest of that raggedy hair, get the raggedy hair off, see there right there, all that raggedy here guys to go, and you just keep doing that, making your sections all over um. If you're a little bit like more of a beginner, you might want to part your hair. You definitely want to part your hair, so you can have some guidance and control, but me i just kind of go wherever i see fit and pull that hair out vertical sections cut off. All of them split ends, cut off all the raggediness and yeah. So so i'm going in with my argan oil. This is my favorite serum to use when my silk presses um. I probably didn't need to use so much because my hair was already sitting for four days and my natural oils was already flowing. So i kind of feel like it made it a little bit too greasy. Then i like to use my hot comb. I love using my hot comb when i am stretching okay, because that new growth be crazy. You need to get it. You know pressed out, and so i just do my perimeter and then i'll park, my hair into like fours, and you know press it on out to the public. Ah, okay, fresh trump. What is wrong with smoking? Little fresh trout, fresh, silk and sleek honey? Yes, giving me life okay, i was gon na do curls, but i don't know y'all, i'm just a sleek girl, like i just like, especially when i first do myself press i like for it to just be sleek, and i want to see it move and swing And just you know see how my length is looking for real and i just like i don't know, i'm all for a sleek middle part. So i just i can't help myself, but yes, i am loving how it's looking nice and healthy, and all of that i did put like a little bump in it. Just so it can, you know, have some body when i wrap it and unwrap it. It will still have that nice body and bounce to it, so i'm loving it y'all. I ain't gon na hold y'all up. It is getting harder to trim my own hair because, like when it's up here, it's easy because you can see you could just like boom bam. Boo boo bam, but when your hair starts to like reach your back, it's like it's just hard to like get a clean, even cut, but everything did come out. Great y'all see my little struggle spot back here somewhere, so i cut that little broke off spot as best as i could, without compromising like too much length that did not need to you know, go but other than that. My hair is super healthy, like y'all. I love that fresh silk after that for september y'all know we on this journey to waste length, so we getting it, i'm not. I ain't giving up. Okay, even if we gon na be dealing with issues breaking spots. What else we are still on this journey to wasteland here? I think this is my second trim from the time that i decided. I wanted to really start growing, my hair out, so i'm excited, i think i got pretty good growth, so i'm really happy and yeah. Thank y'all so much for watching make sure you like, if you enjoyed this video comment down below and subscribe. If you ain't subscribe, okay and i'll catch y'all in the next video y'all know, i had to do a little so

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