Update/Rant: All Of These New Hair Companies

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Hey what up youtube? This is t-ro coming at you guys really quickly with an update on my hair, and i decided to do an update um. That is a little different than usually what you usually see um. This is an update of the hair right after i wake up and at its absolute worst like they're, when i say absolute worst, this is you know you, you guys know. Curly hair is more maintenance than any type of wavy hair or straight hair, and so for the last couple of days, i've been hanging out laying around doing kind of nothing. And so i haven't been doing anything to my hair either and i'm getting ready to go out today so um. Hence i have on makeup and i was about to get wet my hair and put a little conditioner on it. But i said you know what let me show them what this hair looks like before um, i put anything on it. Let me perhaps, if i go in the lighter a little bit, you can see the actual texture of the hair and what it looks like you can see that i definitely need some type of moisturizer on the hair because it looks dry on the ends and you Guys will never see this usually, like people usually don't show the hair. You know when they come on the video, it's all prettied and dolled up. So you know i want to know what it looks like, sometimes without it being dolled up so this is it um raw and yet last night i slept with a ponytail. I was too tired to go. Look for something to put a bonnet on, so i just went to bed with with it. So it's tangled a little bit like here at the back of the neck is tangled a little bit and um, but for the most part, though it's you know it's still decent, it's just this. Is it unprettied? That'S what i wanted to show you guys. This is the hair unprettied, no moisturizer or curling agent on it or anything like that. I'M gon na get directly into the sun in hopes that i know i'm gon na i'm gon na be washed out, but hopefully you'll be able to see the hair a little better. So we're going to change my angle here and i'm getting directly in the sun. So you guys can see the hair so see the ends air dry, but you know some people go for this. Look i just usually don't like. I usually like to wet it and you know, make the curls activate a little more and that kind of thing. So i'm gon na go and activate the curls and then i'll be right back to show you guys what it looks like and how i like for it to look all right i'll, be back okay, youtube. So i am back really quick here with a um. You know i went ahead and moisturized the hair um. This is how i, like it um all i did was add water this time, but i usually put water and a little conditioner in so this is what this is. What i do i put a little water and it's like kind of shake and go you guys know, i'm not blending, i'm not putting heat on my hair. This install and efforts to uh do a little heat damage control because i was damaging my hair with the leave out with the um heat. So i'm trying not to do that this time and yeah. So this is what it looks like after i put a little water on it, but i just wanted to give it to you guys, raw about this hair um. What it looks like it doesn't always look pretty um when i'm on the video you do have to do a little bit to it um. This hair - i think i mentioned in the last video - is starting to shed um still no real tangles, though um like i said i have been neglecting this hair, so i haven't been doing much to it other than sleeping on it and all that kind of stuff. Even last night i didn't even put a bonnet on. I just put it in a ponytail, so yeah this is it curls are kind of are reactivated again because i wet it and you guys know the um. If you follow me on facebook, you know that i um look at that. She says dry and ooh. Lord, my hair anyways, i'm talking about my hair um. You follow me on facebook. You know that i straightened the hair out the other earlier in the week and curled it which it was really pretty um, and this is it after i i washed it again and and the curls did snap back so i did have that question with it. Could you curl it and the answer is yes um, and will it snap back the curl pattern? The answer is yes um. Is this a natural curly pattern? I nah this remember again, i said guys in the last video that they steam this hair to get the curl and again, like i told you guys in the last video. I consider that to be at that point processed um. They don't consider to be processed, but i do i might consider that to be processed because the curl you change the the structure of the hair with the steam, so it's not virgin. They say it's not virgin because they haven't put any chemicals on it. I say it's not virgin, because the way they say it's not virgin, they say it is virgin because they didn't put any chemicals on it. I say that it's not virgin because they change the structure of the hair by steaming it to this curl pattern. Now does that take away from how beautiful this hair is and how great it's been it's almost a month. I think i got like five days for a month, um. No, it doesn't for the price that they're selling it for that's exactly what you're getting it's worth. Every penny that you pay for this hair, every penny that you pay um. No, i'm not going to do that. I'M going to show you another vendor's hair that is really virgin virgin hair unaltered in any way and that hair behaves a little differently. It really does. I can tell the difference and that's why i questioned the hair when i got this hair again. Does that take away from the price that they're selling it for you and the quality of the hair? Absolutely not to me absolutely not um. If i'm looking for the virgin virgin hair i'll stick with the company that i usually do it from, but if i'm on a budget - and i want a cute hairstyle - i'm definitely going to buy it again from from vimming. So hey, it is what it is and i think it's totally worth the purchase again. You purchase it. If you want to with your money it's your money, you do what you want to do. I am not influencing anybody to buy from these people. It'S your money! You do what you want to do, i'm just kind of sharing my experience and all of that stuff, um and, and the more i think about it and all the research that i've done. Excuse me with all all the chinese vendors. I don't think any of them are virgin and anybody buying from the chinese vendors. I don't think they all had. You know i think they're you have. You have a group that are like vintage, that are honest people, uh, providing a great product for a great price. Um and then you have another group that are stealing pictures using people's names getting hair. That is not great dyeing. It curling it with chemicals, calling it virgin and sealing it. And then you get that's. You know those are the people that giving the good people a good name and a bad name um, but at the same time i don't think any of them are selling purely um virgin hair. When you see these hair patterns are so defined and so exact and so perfect no hair grows out of anybody's head like that, like i just i'm, maybe i'm just you know playing devil's advocate. That'S just me, but again does it take away from how beautiful the hair is and how great it is and what value you're getting for the amount of money absolutely not um, they can call it virgin, that's their definition, which is fine, that's their definition. It'S their definition, saying that they did not put any chemicals on it and i think that's fair, but i just think we, as consumers have to educate ourselves and not take everything that you see for face value, and i don't care if it's from all these vendors That are popping up all over the place that are sponsoring people that are giving away. I do not care where it's coming from just use. Your common sense, like my thing, is: how can you expect um? You know the companies that are going over there to india and purchasing this hair at top dollar they're. Coming back, sharing selling this hair, this premium virgin hair for hundreds of dollars a bundle. Those people are not just playing around with you. It'S like this is real good stuff. This is virgin hair. This is what it costs, and then you have all these people coming in with these deals where the hair is virgin hair for 60, 70 80, you have got to be kidding me. I just do not believe it i just don't. One of my sources is actually a family member who um he's a multi-millionaire and he's just an entrepreneur, and he um recently took a trip to india um to get into the hair business um and just the things that he said just makes so much sense about What i'm seeing in the market, which is you, know, kind of common sense? He hasn't done anything with the hair that he's bought yet, but he's just kind of you know. He gave me insight as to why this stuff, coming out of china cannot be virgin truly. Truly virgin hair now is it great quality? Yes, yes, it is great quality, it is beautiful, it is awesome, but i it's not it's not what it's not it just doesn't make sense. I don't know how they would be able to get unless they're in there robbing robbing people um killing people for their hair, taking hair off dead, head corpses um all of that stuff, unless they're getting it off of some kind of black market. It'S not really the premium quality virgin hair that that is being sold, so some other companies have justified prices because they are going over there getting the real stuff and they're, bringing it back and um. That'S just my take on it. Let me get off my soap box about this, but it's just like amazing with the milk, it seems like it's a bajillion vendors out. There is just like it's amazing, you know, and i am really happy about it because you know so many people come into the game. It also does bring the prices down. You know now that you have competitors in the market, so that was just my little update. I'Ll get off my soapbox now i know that was totally random, but those are the things that have just been going on in my head about all of these companies all over the place, um and then it's just like people ask me stuff like. I am a part of this company like no i'm, not a part of them like i don't have anything to do with these people. I like the hair, that's all it is. I like it um, i'm telling you what i think about it straight up. I think it's totally worth it, but i'm not a part of them and i'm not a part of any other company that i may have shown you products of. I just show you guys. I'Ve been doing that from day one since i've been on my channel. It'S just like, i just tell you what i feel about stuff um and that's just it. You know is use your common sense. Research, research, research, um, never take something for face value. I mean even stuff that i'm telling you like. I look at people's videos and i'm like yeah. I hear you, i hear them, but i'm not just gon na take that at face value like maybe it's just my nature, i do have i i've always been told. I had a great gift of discernment, um and so maybe that's it, but research don't just go by one person like if you just love somebody's personality and everything they say they just love it love it love it everything. I say i'm just like. Oh my gosh. I love this so much. This is so beautiful. Oh my gosh, okay, you just gon na take that and just run with it and just go, spend your money on it. No, don't do that! You know. Don'T do that, make sure you go. Do the research find out for yourself look at it just kind of feel it touch it look from ten different sources. You know not just on youtube. Go on the hair forums. Go on. You know, google them do all kinds of stuff. You got all kinds of ways to research stuff and then at the one point it's like okay, do you stay stuck like a deer in the headlights like i don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to buy at one point: you just got ta jump out there and do it whether you're gon na get the hair or not like it's like okay, i'm just gon na buy it, and if it's bad, then you just got ta chalk. It up to the game like that's just how it is you're, just gon na chalk it up to the game like right now. I just bought some hair from another chinese vendor, because i have no problem with buying hair from chinese vendors. I'Ve never heard these people before, but the price was great, so i'm trying them now. They send me a bunch of crap. Then oh well, i just took chalk it up for the game. It'S like okay, they got me, you won't use them again and then i'll put them on blast and let everybody know to stay away from them. But if they're good, i'm telling you if they're bad, that i'ma tell you so anyway, you guys, you guys know like we have a great community here, gr a bunch of great women here on the youtube showing you guys this stuff, everybody is, and i everybody that I look at frequently are, i feel, 100, keep it at 100.. Now i've seen some people that don't keep it 100 and i'm not going to say anything. But you know - because i don't get into all of that - but most people that i watch closely - they keeping it 100 and it's a lot of them out there with a lot of good great women, we're just keeping it real trying to help people sharing stuff and That is it like, that's all like, because i just feel like i don't, as i said before, i don't play with people's money and i don't nobody playing with mine. So that's why i do my research and i'm encouraging you to do yours too. Anyway. Um, i'm off my soapbox for real this time, and if you want to win this hair, see there's another way you don't have to pay for it. Here'S here's a good way get it enter all these contests that are out there get some of this hair for free. That way, you can try it yourself and if you like it again, then you can buy it, but you have an opportunity to win this i'll. Put the video link down below to find out how you do that and yeah you guys guys just do your research all right! Talk to you later, bye,

shell1328: I am still loving my World Extensions Hair. I am on my second install with same hair. Thanks for sharing. Listen Up Ladies! She giving you some good advice. It can save you money in the long run. I research Wagman Hair. They make paint brushes too. Go figure.

Thelady611 Blessed: Hi love this hair, I ordered 3 times now my co workers are as well. Thank you for your videos.

Erica Davis: The hair still good! This is y I love watching ur video's, u always tell the truth, thanks for stayin 100%

karmelb1: I just brought some hair off eBay...girl my fingers r crossed. I will do a review, when I get lol.

Priss Creative Spaces: That's right, keep 100 and no one can come back and complain if they didn't like some you reviewed. They still should do their own research.

K: Great video...telling it how it really is... Thanks :o)

Doxwifey1999: @ATTITUDEOFTHECITY I haven't had that hair before, but I have always thought that they got there hair from a CV as well. They are up front from what I remember about the hair being processed to the curl pattern. Other than that, I haven't had any experience with them....

Doxwifey1999: @MsGlamAddict It came in a natural darker brown.. I applied a rinse to it to make it black...

missqjulie: If it is a Chinese vender/ seller then they can not be trusted. Ever! they have these hair markets on lock, and are willing to do anything for you to become a repeat customer. This includes tying the hairs on your wig loose or doing half knots so the wig falls apart easily (royalmewigs), sending your some dry over processed hair that has fly-a-ways all over the wig and ends up falling apart anyway because the hair was damaged to begin with (youniquelacewigs).

missqjulie: (continued) Or who half knots the front of the wigs so all the hair falls out leaving you a bald patch in the very front (bestlacewigs). I am sick of Chinese venders. They are doing it on purpose. Its absolutely maddening!

masturKEIZZtion: great video



NaturallyGlam: ok, you creeped me out with the corpse thing!!! Ewww

Kia86: We also should discuss how other nationalities are profiting (billions) from selling "hair" and other hair products (perms) to Black people. There are only a handful of us that are in the market and the ones that are, their products are not sold nationwide. #justathoght

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