Slaying This 360 Wig | Bang Mullet | Tokyo Stylez Inspired Hairstyle Ft. Aliexpress Hair

  • Posted on 19 December, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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WHAT I ORDERED : 20 inch 360 Frontal Wig Density : 150%

It came in 5 business days chile



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Hey y'all somebody, you got a little side, part side, part bonnie little free part, but hey y'all. If this is your first time doing, hi my name is emara with a y aka slim jim double i double m. Just in case a was wondering you feel me, and today i'm coming to y'all in my truest form as i prepare to transform okay yeah. So, as you can see by the title today, i'll be customizing and installing a wig. I know the girls was wait. The girls was wait for this one: okay and time's up honey. Here it is okay. So what we're going to be working with today is a 20 inch 360 wig that i ordered from aliexpress and in the the package it came with the brown stocking cap. So i was like okay, girl and honey. She is blending. I didn't put no makeup on this and nothing she already blended in. Usually, i don't do the ball cap method, because i like to take my wigs all from time to time, moisturize all that and put that weight back on, be ready for the next day, but honey. When you do that ball cap, it's harder to get up under there, i mean in the back, but i like to moisturize my entire head. I don't know about y'all but anyway, so that's what we're working with here, let's get into it all right y'all! So here i have my wig head and i'm going to give you a rundown of most of the things that came in the package with the wig. It'S little brushes and things and a little comb - and i don't know i guess, that's the edges and stuff to apply like if you need to tint the lace, actual lace of the wig. I guess that's what this is for. As i said, the wig cap that i have came in the package don't mind the lump in the backyard. That'S why i don't like straight wigs because they don't want to be protruding. You could have you a curly wig ain't, nobody gon na see, but this is the wig here. 20 inches, okay and, as i said, it's a 360 wig and i'm going to insert the style that i want to attempt. Let me give her a new style, a new hairdo, a new cop, a new color. I saw him in tokyo styles page and i wanted to try it. I noticed that the lace looks like it came pre-plucked and i'm grateful for that because honey that taking forever and i'm not that real girl. I mean i'm good i've gotten better, but i don't the lacie's. Looking pretty good y'all see that yeah and, as i said 360., so i've never installed a 360 wig, so we're going to see how this come out. So the first thing i want to do is, first of all, let me try her on my head how she looking on my head, the only thing about getting straight long hair is you got to keep black well, you got to flat iron, any straight hair, but I don't know i feel like it just takes longer: oh yeah, it's a little thick still. We got, i don't even know i'm just going straight. This is the center. Oh, my goodness. I got my combs and stuff combs and things and she still needs support. She kind of catfished us at the package making us think that she was plucked and ready to go but honey uh-uh. It'S given um middle-aged indian man. No, no, no! No so yeah we need to we go. We don't have to do a little more plug-in. I appreciate what they you know what they attempted, what they you know, but no, we don't have to put our touch on it for the one time appreciate y'all, though i'll leave a link to the wig that i purchased in the description box. So if you don't want to check it out, that's there, but let's get it we're going to start off plucking and then we're going to get into the design. Okay. So i've realized that i don't really need to pluck the hair as much as i thought i would for this hairstyle, because it's going to be a bang over here and it's going to be like a little mini bang over here. So there's really no need for plugging what i'm going to do. I have my hot comb on the stove. Yes, we old school will be a baby. We got the hot coal on the stove cooking and when she finished warming up, i'm gon na select her to the side and we're gon na we're gon na get into it. Okay, so i took the wig off the wig head, real quick just so i could get a feel for where i want this part to be, and i think i'm gon na need to pluck the part, because she's looking really big okay and we want it to Look natural to to to an extent okay, so i'm feeling right here it should be a is a decent part, and i said i'm going to pluck the part, though, because hell no point live from the gutter, all right y'all. So i plucked this part a little bit more, so it looks more open. You know i feel like i should have done a little more plucking in these areas behind the part so that it looks more scalpy, because it's as i said it's given middle age, indian man and we wanted to just we wanted to give scalp. So i might do a little more plucking and then i'm going to take the wig off the head and customize it and edit it a little more on my head so that i can get it more accurate. Because i need to get the earrings behind the ears and stuff like that, and i don't want to estimate and then be up here and don't even come down over my ears. Are you feeling me so we're gon na get that part right and then we're gon na be right back all right onto my head and i've sectioned, the area that i want to cut. So i just want to make sure this is the right width and whatnot, because once i cut it honey, that's it so i got ta make sure everything is. You know proportioned and whatnot in this clip here, i'm hot combing, the section that i'm preparing to cut for the little sideband there i go cutting it and, of course i cut it a little longer than i actually want it to be. So that's what i did there as you can see it's a little flared out, but i also re-parted the part, because i don't. I don't even remember why i just repaired it and that's why i have those extra long strands over there. So i have to cut that again. If you guys can see so just i'm perfectionist. I just wanted to look right, make sure everything is right and tight, so i noticed that it was sticking out, and i realized that i had to lift up the area and cut down. As you can see, i'm shaving down some of the hairs underneath the bang. So i can get it flat. That'S how i achieve that because at first i thought it was just gon na lay down and she was like in this clip here. I'M sectioning out the top part, so i can make the main bang uh all right y'all. This is where i left off that night. As you can see, the bang is still a little choppy the laces there. You see i buzzed off a little, but i still need you see that big, that it's a little creaky right there. But, as i said, this is where i left off. For the night, your girl was hurt. Okay, i was already getting that bed all right, y'all, it's the next day and we're back at it again. I don't know how to i slept good last night, but i woke up this morning and for some reason my neck, like i think i slept like i don't know, but my neck is like every time i try to look that way. I just got ta look like this. That hurt, i don't know. I think i um stretch the muscles anyways we're back at it again. This is where we're at with the with the hair. Okay, we have the little side design going, i'm going to cut the lace today and try and get this as flat and as slick as i can, but the bang on the side. Here we got that that going into the mullet it's a little choppy, so we got to perfect that and then we'll be. You know it's going to be back and forth a whole lot of back and forth with the wig on it. Oh and then we're gon na meet back and forth back and forth, because i can cut it better when it's on the wig head - and i just you know, measure to make sure everything's in the right place. When i put it on my head get me. So, that's why it's a whole lot of back and forth in the past couple clips, but from here on. All i really need to do is just, as i said, sharpen this up and lay it down same thing on this side and cut the lace and lay them edges. I was trying to decide if i should do a little swoop here or, if that's gon na, be too much because the original hairstyle the girl just had this and then the bang. So i don't know if i should do a little swoop, but she had the little cyber edges but yeah, let's get it. This is how she's looking on me so far. I need to bring this over. You see how i cut these. I need to trim this down a little more, so i can and then i'm gon na sweep this somehow. I need to cut it a little more though, and i need to get a little sharper. So you see there's a few things that we need to just a few more. You feel me two more touch-ups, i'm so ready to cut this lace, but you know i'm just holding on to her, because when i put it on it's easier to, you know, pull it up and stuff just how she looking on this other side for the bang. So yeah she's, coming together, she's coming together we're going to get her right, though, and then it's going to be like that, i'm gon na swoop it and i'm gon na trim it because it's a little too thick, but that's what we working with. I was also thinking about cutting the bang a little shorter because she's right on my eye here and if i wear lashes and stuff like that's gon na, be, i feel like it's gon na, be aggravating. But i feel like that lashes to hold it back, but still you see how it's curving around my eye. I might as well just cut it like right there so that it's not sitting right on top of my eye every time i look up the hair gon na, be in my eye, like it's gon na be aggravating, so i feel like i should cover the table. All right, you guys i'm getting ready to cut this lace. As you can see, i trimmed it up a little bit. I can't tell how it's looking back there. I hope she's. Looking right, i need to get you see how she's sticking out like that. We need to get her laid honey, i mean when i pull it out, like that it looks okay, but i need her to be laid. I'M still thinking about that. Spook, though i might do a swoop right there, but right now, i'm getting ready to cut this lace. She has done her job. She has served her purpose and i appreciate her this time. Y'All be ready to lay her down. I got that bang right over my eyes this. This is a good distance right here, but i hope that banging up because you still have the legs kind of even when she's flat, though i think i'm gon na be good. Okay, we're gon na cut this lace in yeah. Let'S get honey y'all see that patch right there little yeah. This thing shade is a little too hard, i'm going to use some of my fenty concealer and try and darken her up a little bit so she's not looking like where when and why because honey is looking like, we need a little bosley back there i mean We going for the shave look, but it's like see: it's dark right there. What the is going on over here hold on we're heating it right, though, all right y'all. So i cut off the lace and i laid the wig down she's. Finally, attached ain't, no more back and forth on the wig head, so all i really need to do is just fix this bang a tap it more. I think i'm gon na cut her a little bit more, but i wanted it to show like that line right. There you see that line not showing, but i mean it doesn't look bad. It'S like you know. I also need to flatten it some more. Did you see how she i don't want her sticking out further than the hair that's supposed to be behind her. So you see, we see what we're working with right. I don't know, should i get the hot comb again and just run it down? I'M not gon na do the swoop. I don't know how i'm feeling about that. I don't think i'm gon na do a swoop right there. I think that'll be a little too much, but it's cute, i'm at it. You feel me what's up with someone, i don't know if y'all ready for this one. Oh talk to me nice over here, i'm giving you a little auntie with the the heart bang. Okay. She she heart ain't, no ain't! No ain't, no see through honey. She thick she thick okay and over here we giving you a little brush cut. Uh brush cut with a line - i don't know a little liner. Oh no, that number seven. She giving you number seven on over here on this side, but you feel me: okay, i'm not with it y'all, not with her but yeah. That'S the vibe! We'Re gon na! Do a few more touch-ups and i think we'll we'll be done - we still need. We got some frizzies up here that we need to lay and other than that we bought done. Let'S get it right now. I just tied this down because this part was a little puffy, so i'm trying to hold her down on this side too. I'M gon na be lifting up, and i don't want this bang on my skin to be itchy. So that's what we doing for right now. I'M gon na do my eyebrows and get cute so we'll be back all right. So i believe this is the finished product right here. Do y'all hear her because she's speaking to y'all, she talking nasty she nasty with it. Okay, i want y'all to listen. Listen: listen closely, turn them hearing aids turn them hearing aids on change them batteries because she talking nasty, okay. I really want y'all to get into her, but don't get into her too long, because you know this ain't, we not done yet we're not done yet. Just get into her 360., your hair is uneven. Okay, bang, pixie, mullet; okay, all right! Let'S go! Let'S ride honey biscuits with agave drizzle on top like it's like honey, it's delicious all right, y'all, it's last time and i wanted to show y'all like for the past couple months. My hair has had some type of brown in it, so i've incorporated brown in almost all my lashes. I got some little brown um individuals, i don't know if you can see that, but i add them in on the sides. I'Ve been doing that lately, so i had to get me some new ones, because i still want to keep these because i know i'm gon na run that brown right brown. Oh, i know i'ma run that brown. I'M definitely gon na run that brown back. So i'm gon na hold on to these, but that's for now i'm gon na be putting these on. Okay. Let'S get wendy taught me this trick: chap okay, when the eyes get watering just dab her in the corner, because we don't need to get ain't trying to get get on him all right, y'all we're here to get it right for the one time. Okay, keep y'all cute panty when y'all doing them lashes, okay, get it right! Okay, you know i get it, but i got these um. These lashes they're not too dramatic, because i already have a lot going on up here. You feel me. I don't need nothing to do with too much. Okay, all right, y'all! Remember that keep them tips handy okay, because you might need them. You never know when you might need them. Okay, i need to get me some vaseline lips, looking a little parched. Okay, let's get back into it! I just want to share that with you all right y'all. So i added a little high line: okay, okay, that's what we give it to y'all right now, yeah! We get ready to pick out his fit, but the only thing that's kind of irritating me about this hairstyle is the fact that i tried to do like a like. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like a little up and then down and because i did that now it's not straight right here, but i don't feel like. I don't want it to be. Just straight like that, you see what i'm saying i wanted to have like a little. You know what i'm saying have that look little up and then down, but because i did that now she won't lay straight. I don't know, but it's not that big of a deal. I just wanted to point that out, though, because it's kind of irritating, but let's finish what we started, i don't know if you have to tell but we're gon na be giving the girls a little iced up vibe, okay. So let's get that one and popping! You know to go with the earrings. You feel me all right, y'all before i go, i wanted to give y'all some quick info on the wig that i failed to mention earlier. I noticed that the knots were very small, not even the knot so the net. I don't know nothing about the terminology of wigs. I just know how to put them on my head and make them look good: okay, but the the holes, the netting, the nets. What'S the girl, what the are you talking about the holes in the in the neck of the of the lace were very small, and then it looks more natural. Basically, what i'm trying to say is it wasn't giving screen in the door at your auntie house? Okay, you know i'm saying i want to point that out: it's really good quality wig the hair. It doesn't shed much well yeah. It doesn't shed much base of what i've combed and stuff like that. It doesn't shed. It doesn't tangle, but i mean it's straight so, but i mean there is some straight hair that does tangle the up, but that's more synthetic, so this is virgin hair yeah. I just wanted to point out that the knots were really small, because i didn't bleach or anything and it look. It looks like it's coming out of my scalp, so i just wanted to say that this is a very good quality wig. If you guys want to, you know check it out, you should, and it wasn't that expensive, so for a 3 16. yeah y'all should hit. You know, i feel like it's a good way. This ain't, even sponsored, i'm just i'm just looking out for y'all because i'll be seeing somebody i'll be seeing some of y'all and i'm just trying to help you a lot. Okay. We we looking out for each other. Okay, it's a one, love! Okay, it's one love! Oh look yeah, but i just want to thank you guys for watching. If you watched this far, i really appreciate you subscribe like comment, you know. Do what you need to do share to your friends. Put your friends on you know, show your friend put your friend onto that one, pretty youtuber that that that that pretty girl - you know she be doing her thing - put your friends on. They need some new youtubers to watch anyway. You know these get inside put them onto some red okay, but yeah, as i said. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate y'all yeah. We

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